Gusthak Dil – SWASAN (second last part -11)


Gusthak Dil -SWASAN SS
Part 11
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Soo here is the second last part ….


Sanskar pov:
It’s been a one week, one f***king week she had not talk to me ….moreover she and nisha left to singhania’s mansion too…she is not lifting my calls ..not coming to office …I know I blo*dy know it was my mistake….but I should be given atleast one chance ….*arghhh this is not fair god*…
I am missing my baby, my little doll..Thank god, swara reasoned my doll that me and swara are playing some sort of game as swara wanted to win the game so shifted to singhania mansion… and my doll wants me to win too…
Little did I know it’s my entire fault I shouldn’t have ignored swara …. I thought little prank would work for me but it backfired me…*wanna know why did I ignore swara soo let’s me tell you that day when I and kavitha were discussing about our life’s and many things..where as swara thought something and I can really see the jealousy in her eyes*

We talked about casual stuff which is related to work our personal stuff as me and kavitha had after many years …
K: soo my bestiee has finally fallen for someone huhh…she teased me …
I: kavitha stop it…I blushed crimson red yes…
Then I saw kavitha smirk at me god …if she wasn’t my bestiee I would have killed her for sure …for smirking at sanskar maheshwari..
K: ooo soo my sanku is blushing all red haa …she is giving me a tease look
I know this was coming …she is such a tease she doesn’t leave anystone to embrace me …this girl is just *arghhh*
Then she asked me whether I confessed my feelings to swara ??
I simply nodded in no.. and explained her the whole scenario how wedding happened and how , I wanted swara to take her own time to accept me as her husband ….i didn’t want to force swara…
After I told kavitha …she was just shocked..her mouth was wide open then instantly she made herself comfortable then she spoke
K: sanku …I am soo proud of you ..”I wish raghu have this quality’s” she said all blushing
I: now I can see my tomboy is also blushing harder ….
My simple comment was enough she was all beetroot red…kavitha is getting engaged to long term boyfriend raghu who is also good friend of mine..she beat my arm playfully
K: I think swara loves you sanskar.. being a girl I know that feelings sanskar .. I can see that clearly In her eyes..
K:I think you should make her realize that she loves you then she explained me her plan of swara making jealous …I didn’t agree at first but later on agreed with kavitha ,just out of curiosity to know her feelings…

Later after few days when swara made a plan of going on drive..At that time I was really busy for presentation lined up next day it has huge consequences politely refused her sayin I was hell tired …at that time kavitha came into my cabin were working on multiple projects together I think she heard the conversation soo just winked at me while entering ..which went unnoticed by swara …then immediately I agreed to whatever she said…actual truth was I was working late hours in office ….i saw disappointment in her eyes and jealousy too …soo I thought it worked for me..
Later when swara’s leg got sprained, I was guilty that I failed in my responsibility of takineg care off her…it is all because of my stupid palns,
She is going through a lot …I was not even able too meet swara’s eyes…the guilty took over me … I was there near her but I made sure swara didn’t notice me …I thought to tell her the truth and bare consiquenseses ..
I made mind to tell her the truth..before breakfast I got a call from office that one off my deal was called off …I was already frustrated then when swara overreacted on kavitha …kavitha was genuine I thought plus including all my frustration …I lashed out on her …which I regret know …
I apologized to everyone over there after swara left … I told them the situation…though they were disappointed a lot from me…
After that swara left to singhania’s mansion ….she is soo upset with me she didn’t even give me chance to explain…

Flash back end;

I have been trying to talk with swara but all went in vein …right know am in our room …I am missing her a lot
Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na phone pe bulaoge
Na shaam ki karaari chai, labo’n se yun pilaoge
Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na din dhale sataoge
Na raat ki nashili bye se neendh mein jagaoge
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, yeh raat baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, saath baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye
har baat baaki hai
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun
I remembered how we met for the first time.. I liked her the instant I saw her…nisha was not the reason for the marriage I wanted to marry her and be with her…her smile ,her eyes which speaks a lot ….
Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na dooriyaan dhikhaoge
Na thaam ke woh josh mein yun hosh se udaoge
Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na jhoot se sunaoge
Na rooth ke sirhane mein, remote ko chhupaoge
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, yeh raat baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, saath baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye
har baat baaki hai
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun
I remembered how desperate I sounded to just call her …I disturbed laksh at late night to get her number…then how I tricked her to do skype call and I was just proud of myself for doing that …that doesn’t mean I don’t love I love my doll too I am her possessive father too
Aankh bhi tham gayi, na thaki
Raat bhi na bati, na kati
Raat bhi chherti marrti
Neend bhi lutt gayi, chiin gayi
Raat bhi na sahi, na rahi
Raat bhi laazmi, zaalmi
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, yeh raat baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, saath baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye
har baat baaki hai
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun
I remembered how she told me trust me …when I was least expecting that from her ….she told she would give chance to our relationship…how I was on cloud nine after listening to that …how we became close in past one year …how we played pranks on others…and that fateful day where I hurt her the most..i curse myself for doing that…
Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na phone pe bulaoge
Na shaam ki karaari chai
labo’n se yun chhudaoge….
I wish I could tell you swara …I am missing you a lot…I am sorry for whatever happened …I wish you would give me one chance

End of pov;

Swara’s pov
It’s been one week I left maheshwari’s mansion …. I miss being sanskar around…he has been trying a lot to talk with me but I was adamant …I was only thinking about his happiness if he is happy with kavitha then I would free him from the relationship and mine and nisha responsibility’s too ..sooo I thought of divorce with sanskar ….

End of pov;

Sanskar’s pov

I was in meeting when laksh messaged me that swara is thinking to divorce me …I was just numb I was all shocked …then I decided to talk with swara I abruptly left the meeting and went to singhania mansion …
I barged into her room within a minute of time… I just saw her standing near window…I went near her pulled her by her arms too face mee …
After seeing me she tried to move dejectedly …I held her by her shoulders tightly such that she can’t even move a bit..
I: swara what is this ??? why do you want to divorce me?
Sw: sanskar it’s ok I understand you don’t love me…you love kavitha it is totally fine with me and regarding your responsibilities I would like to free you by giving divorce…*she smirked at me but I didn’t notice *
And don’t worry about nisha I would handle her …..but I cut her off by placing my lips at her soft lips to stop her not to talk further I can’t handle those words … I can digest …I just kissed her too make sure she is with me …
The kiss was slow yet passionate I was nibbiling on her lower lip to taste her …but she was adamant she didn’t budge mean while my hand made their place around her tiny waist she was catching my shoulder..I pinched her waist she gasped the very moment I took opportunity to relish her taste …we broke the kiss when we were out off breath… I smiled at the moment just took place..
I was still holding her by waist …then I made my way towards her face..then spoke slowly when she opened her eyes..
I: I love you swara . I love you….
I never loved kavitha she is my bestiee…I am sorry I shouldn’t have lashed out at you ,explained everything the plan to make her jealous each and every bit…then I told her how much I missed her ..then I was shocked after what she did ..
She just hugged me and said
Sw: I love you too sanskar…I love you too..
We had a bone crushing hug ..we hold each other tightly to assure everything was just perfect not some dream ….(you can say I was assuring my self )
When we broke the hug …she saw my confused expression and started laughing …I frowned at her
Then she explained this was her revenge plan to make me confess before her…I was dumb folded …then she explained how kavitha came yesterday and explained everything and then how she made this plan ..then there was silence for sometime around us ..
Then we burst out laughing ….then eventually the space between our faces decreased then we kissed …then this time it was slow yet passionate…we both were fighting dominating in kiss..we parted away with content smile on our faces
Again I took her in bone crushing hug…then slowly I started nibbling her earlobe with my teeth and kissing her, then slowly moving further I started giving her a wet kisses on her neck and nibbling there and kissing her hard which will leave a hickey there …swara moaned my name in pleasure which took me courage to move further …before I could move further I was interrupted by some sound of giggling and squealing….
We both parted away…swara has beetroot red …
That was my doll whom I have not met for two days …I took her in my arms.
I: how is my bacha..
N: Ill alm glood pappa…(I am good pappa)
I kissed her cheeks…then she saw swara she asked something which I was shocked..
N: ..what happened mumma (she pointed at hickey )…hlow this boww clame
(what happene mumma …how this bow-injury happened)
Swara was all beetroot by now and gave me glared at me..and I smirked..
Sw: mosquito bite bacha… nothing happened.. she covered off…
Then me ,swara and nisha started playing together…meanwhile I tried a lot to kiss swara but at times glared sometimes hit me play fully…
And our baby was happy too know that game was tie and we both won the game..

End of pov;


Sooo here I end this part…hoping you all will like it..

Thank you duaa for cover 🙂 it means a lot to me 🙂
Thank you duaa and deeksha for helping me 🙂
Thank you every one for liking my ff and sparing your valuable time for reading it and commenting on it 🙂
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