Gusthak Dil – SWASAN (part 9)

Part 9

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Soo here is next update 🙂
Next morning..
Sanskar was the first one to wake up ..only too see his beautiful wife snuggling into him …she was looking heavenly beautiful…then he got up to get ready as in he and swara have to join their work as the project they are working together…sanskar directly went to gym …swara to got up after some time…went to wake up her daughter ….
Nisha on the otherside woke up early and was playing with ap and dp….ap decided that she will freshnup nisha and went to kitchen to prepare milk for nishaa by the time ap reached kitchen both swara and ragini had taken charge of kitchen… ap went near them all got busy in preparing break fast..

Sanskar’s pov
I was in gym to work out now a days I am not able too doo.. while someone squealed …I looked up towards the entrance there stands my angel with a teddy bear in her hands…I smiled at her and immediately she came running towards me and hugged…did I tell you I was on my knees when I saw my angel..
N: goold morling pappa (good morning pappa)
She wished and I kissed her cheeks and my baby kissed me back ..
S: good morning doll…
N: pappa wehle welre you…I wlas sealching fol yolu..
(pappa where were you I was searching for you and she pouted)
She pouted..soo adorable my princess is …
S: ooo my angel was missing me …
I smiled at her …my angel sheepishly smiled
N:yelss..(yes) she squealed at me…
Then me and my little princess went to main hall and we were playing where laksh and dad to joined with us…
Meanwhile ,
Swara ,ragini mom came with tray which contained glass of milk….then swara announced that it’s nishaa to drink milk but when I saw the tray it had four glasses.

As usual my doll was cribbing about she doesn’t want to drink the milk…
Sw: no baby you have to drink this milk no cribbing..
N:noo mummaa nooo …
And my doll pouted..All were adoring her…I was about to confront swara that my doll would not drink…
There my mom announced that we all maheshwari men’s will also drink milk…
All maheswari’s men shouted at same time; whatttt..
We were shocked…did I tell you that we all maheshwari men hate milk like anything…
R: yes doll see pappa, laksh buddy and dadu will also have milk …you wanted to be strong like them right see..They drink daily milk baby..
My doll made an innocent face…then we men were asked to drink milk along with my doll ..
We gulped the sip of milk and my doll saw that we took a sip she also started taking sip seeing us…
With lots of difficulty….
All the maheshwari’s womens were suppressing their smile …with difficulty…
Then we all dispersed to get ready …
End of pov…

Day passed on peacefully …they enjoyed in eachothers company…in the evening came early only to play with his doll..
Later at night after dinner all were dispersed to their rooms…
In swasan’s room
Sanskar was busy in reading the file as he had presentation …nisha was sitted on bed and swara went to change in night dress..
Sanskar’s was involved in his work he didn’t even notice …that nishaa went near couch and placed a cockroach(unreal) and silently went and sat back in the bed..
Suddenly sanskar saw cockroach and started shouting and panicking…meanwhile swara returned came back changed….she saw sanskarshoting and asked him whats the problem ..he hust showed swara the cockroach ..she also started shouting and panicking …
Both swara and sanskar were hugging each other..and telling eachother to remove the cockroach…
By hearing the shouting sound all the family members were rushed to swasan’s room and the scene made them shocked ….
Nisha was giggling around..and swasan were hugging eachother…
All the family members suppressed their laughs..
Laksh went to remove cockroach and said
L: this cockroach is play toy …
And all burst into ughing and giggling except swasan the glared at each other as they could not find out it was play toy and tricked by their own daughter ..
Then nisha apologized very sweetly for her prank and all dispersed to their rooms ..
And the day ended on happy note..
Swara’s pov:
{A/N: ISHQBAAZ serial song I liked this track music soo using it..}

O jaana..
Khoya khoya rehtha hai..
Dil tadap ke kehtha hai..
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah…
Oo jaana..
I woke up early today and I was seeing the most impotant persons in my life were sleeping peacefully ….
It’s been nearly a year to my wedding with sanskar…In few days it will be our first anniversary..
In this one year things has changed a lot and for good .. me and sanskar bonded well as friends …we even played pranks on other’s…mostly on raglak can say me and sanskar are partner in crime *wink*….
Sanskar and my doll bond well than me…I am proud of sanskar he was a great father indeed and all the family members loved nishaa as theirown family member…
My nishuu is soo lucky i thought and caressed her face..
Then shrugged the thoughts away and did the daily chores of mine…
Ishq hai aashu..
Ishq hai naagma..
Ishq se tu hai rahat hai..
Ishq hai sehra…
Ishq hai daariya..
Ishq junnoon hai sehmat hai…
From past one year it has been a rule that all the maheswari men would drink milk along with nisha…they all got ready to do their respective works
After breakfast as usual took nishaa bag and his brief case but suddenly…..
A girl came running towards sanskar and hugged him tightly…like it been ages …
She pulled out and sanskar smiled widely at the girl and said
S: kavitaa..
Who is she and why is sanskar smiling at her…I was annoyed seeing this…
But y was I annoyed..

Sooo here I end this part…hoping you all will like it..
I’m sooo sorry I was stuck up with work and was busy soo couldn’t upload sorry really ..
Thank you duaa for cover 🙂 it means a lot to me 🙂
Thank you every one for liking my ff and sparing your valuable time for reading it and commenting on it 🙂
I request every one do comment and tell how is this part 🙂
I request Silent readers to comment 🙂
Love you all a loads :*
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  1. sweety

    Awwww….sooo cute yaar…….just loved it……..cockroach scene was awesome….. Hahaha…..

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    I was waiting for ur FF!!! Please post regularly and daily if possible.
    Coming to the chapter it’s awesome as usual!! I loveeee nishuu

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    Hi diii
    I’m ur silent reader but ur ff is making me cmntntng…so now onwards i will write my cmnts

  4. Shree

    Ohoo… It was tooo cute nd adorable.. I love their bond with nisha.. Pls update regularly dear..

  5. Tulina

    Hey you told ki u will not show any love triangle between them……..then yeh cavity ki entry kaise ho gyi

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    Plzzz…plzzz…plzzz…guyz wch swaragini next week. N if possible try not to miss a single episode. M doing all dis so dat next week trp bcms high n crosses d digit 2 which now seems impossible. So frnds let’s cnvrt dis mission impossible to possible.

  7. anu

    awesome.. please give next update soon.. i think swara also fall forsanskar when will she reveals it/….

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