Gusthak Dil – SWASAN (part 8)

Part 8
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Sanskar’s pov
We broke the hug when mom called swara for mooh dikhayi ka rasam. Later I went to study as dad called me there to discuss about office work..
I was lost in thoughts that conspired btwn me and swara…I was soo lost that finally laksh shook my shoulder and I came back from swara land probably *wink* …
After that dad and laksh pulled my leg for sometime then we went back to our work discussion…
End of pov..
In mooh dikhayi :
Swara was asked to sit in middle of the hall as one of sofa and the hall was decorated with flowers…
Swara was sited in the sofa with veil covering her face soon one by one realatives ,neighbours came and see her through veil and giving gifts…
While on the other hand nisha was playing around..with ragini and other little children..
Mean while one of the relatives went near maa(ap) and said..
1st lady: why did you get your son married to this lowclass girl..
2nd lady: and moreover she has a child with her first husband…
Ap: it’s not like that she is also my daughter and my grand daughter
1st lady : when you wanted to get sanskar married you would have said I would have suggested you nysh ristha
2nd lady : if you have told me ..i would have married my daughter meera to sanskar..dont say that she has trapped your son?
Ap: we chose swara we wanted our daughter in law to be like swara and we are proud of our swara and let me tell you clearly she didn’t trap sanskar …and now you can leave I don’t want to anyone here to disrespect my daughter –in –law (sternly) …
Swara ‘s pov:
I heard the talk of lady’s with mom.. I somewhere knew this would happen..
I never wanted me and my daughter be a burden on someone..
I knew majeshwari’s are kind hearted…they were one of the richest person ever they deserve this kind of taunts …my trance broke when mom came near me and caressed my face ,I could only see the motherly affection in that,
And mom said..
Ap: beta I have no regrets getting you married to my son …I always wanted a daughter –in-law like you beta..
How could I think that mom would think that I am burden on them I am ashamed of myself …mom clearly stated those words as she understood from which turmoil I am going through…

I: I am sorry maa…I said to her and hugged her tightly and mom took me in the motherly embrace …
Soon the function got over …soon after dinner maa and pappa retired too their room and nisha declared that she would go sleep with maa and pappa.. we decided to make a bonfire as we didn’t get time to send with each other…
All were seated near bonfire and were talking about random stuff and masthi we did in our college days
I got to know that sanskar was seriously a studious guy and very focused regarding his carrier, he is stubborn and adamant ,he will make sure if he wants something he would get it by hook or crook..
I was all while smiling around..then ragini started telling mischevious …I was like seriously pleading her not to do soo..
But this girl really..she will not listen too me..
End of pov
Sanskar’s pov
Me ,swara ,laksh ,ragini arranged bonfire and were talking about random stuff…
Then ragini told about swara how she used to be like a tomboy if anyone dared to propose her she would just kill him at that spot…
R: you know what sanskar once swara was bored in financial accouting class and she slept off … I tried a lot to wake her up but at that time she was really a sister of kumbkaran (name),when mam went near her and woke her up ..
Finnaly after umpteenth attempt she woke up …when mam asked her why is she sleeping in class hours… Am I singing lullaby to you …still swara was sleepy …soo she said to mam that please don’t stop your lullaby I always sleep peacefully in your class daily…
Then teacher throwed her out… and she also used to sneak out of hostel just to go to eat chat coz madam always was hungry at odd hours …she pointed swara..
And swara glared at her…
This nothing sanskar spoke laksh on our wedding day while jhutha chupayi rasam was there …swara wore my jutha..and all our side members were worried about the jhutha and how much naike she would ask…but swara asked dairy milk ,temtations and a pizza treat she was such a foodie.. and later at our first night swara got ready same like ragini and sat veiled at my room …when I saw it was not ragini I was shocked to see swara she started teasing me…and finally ragini came to my rescue and while leaving us alone and when I went to close the door …she took a dig at me saying that if I tried to hurt ragini at any time …she would not mind beating me like blue..
And later we went to our respective rooms…
Sanskar and swara hit the bed as soon as they reached their room as they were hell tired…they slept making sure they would have some distance ….just to cuddle each other at the end…


Sooo here I end this part…hoping you all will like it..
Thank you duaa for cover 🙂 it means a lot to me 🙂
Thank you every one for liking my ff and sparing your valuable time for reading it and commenting on it 🙂
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    shruthi it’s nice. i think you are also tomboy. leave that just for fun . okay very very nice buddy

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    superb….wish swara starts falling for him soon. knchm regular ga upload cheyava plz. chaala nachutundi

  3. anu

    nice update soon.. give some swasan nisha scenes and only sanskar nisha scenes… love their bonding

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