Gusthak Dil – SWASAN (part 7)


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Next morning :
All were sleeping peacefully ….with a sudden moment nisha got up with a jerk was about to cry when she saw her pappa and mumma sleeping peacefully she then started poking sanskar ….

Sanskar’s pov :
I was in deep slumber when I felt someone is poking me and I woke up and saw a beautiful wife was snuggling more into me and sleeping..then I sensed someone is still poking me …then I saw towards the poking direction and that was none another than nisha…she saw me with aww and then she kissed my cheeks and I placed a kiss on her cheeks and wished her
I :good morning doll..
N:glood molning (good morning pappa) she said in excited chirped tone..
Me and nisha were talking giggling around as in we were the first one’s to get up…then suddenly I realized that swara removed her hand around me..then I saw her opening eyes registering that she is maheshwari mansion she frowned a bit,then she got up lazily stretched herself she was still sleepy I can see that she is tired …she saw towards us and smiled widely ..then suddenly I remembered I was angry hope she understands soon I just made a fake smile ..she frowned at me like she understood my fake smile …she wished us(me and nisha) then my liitle doll wished her back and jumped into her mother’s lap I saw them both koochochi kooing and giggling happily…then they went to freshen up ,even I went to freshen up and we reached down stairs with my doll in my arms accompanied by swara my love…
End of pov

Swara’s pov:
Me ,sanskar and nisha reached downstairs ..i saw anapurna aunty ishh maa and durgaprasad uncle ishhh pappa along with laksh and ragini seated in the hall and were having tea for soon as i went near them took blessing of maa and pappa ..and hugged immediately like assuring eachother that all is good and going to be fine…
Seeing me my doll jumped from sanskar’s arms,she went near maa and pappa bent down toched their feet like I did then she went to laksh and ragini bent down and took blessing from them and she came near sanskar and bent down too take blessing from him …I smiled widely with proud ..while I can she his moist eyes..
End of pov

Sanskar’s pov:
When my doll was taking blessing from everyone I was in joyous and she came near me and took blessing’s of mine.. I just picked her up kissed her forehead and took nisha in my arms my respect for swara increased being a single parent and her upbringing :)…
My trance broke when pappa was saying something
Dp: look learn from my daughters and granddaughter learn some manners you both pointed at both of us …
While my maa chuckled at us and said
Ap : actually your dad is saying right ..and taking nisha in her arms from mine..
We means me and laksh took blessing from our parents..then moved towards dine ..on the other side swara was asked to make a sweet dish immediately gaining everyone’s attention from my mother’s lap where she was seated ..she said
N: I wlant clholcolatlle eaclair …( I want chocolate éclair )
Sw: no baby it’s a ritual I can’t make is ritual to make a sweet like halwa…and more over you cribbing a lot while eating soo noo chocolate éclair
N: mumma pleaaasshh ..i wlant ilt (mom please I want it..)
My little doll was pleading continuously while I took her in my lap then what I hear was enough for me and making my doll cry
Sw: no means noo nishaa (sternly)
S:if she wants to eat chocolate éclair means she will eat chocolate ecliar only and that final(glared at swara angrily )
Whereas nisha was beaming happily..
Later on it was decided that swara would make gajar ka halwa as per ritual and chocolate éclair …
End of pov

Swara’s pov
I was asked to prepare halwa and chocolate éclair both I went to the kitchen and prepared it and I served everyone the halwa and chocolate éclair both coz everyone wanted to eat with my doll..
I saw sanskar feeding nisha lovingly ..with lots of giggles in between but after breakfast sanskar made sure she would eat a proper lunch which I gave her to eat that too without cribbing and my doll agreed to his condition…
After breakfast ..all were seated in hall discussing about muh dikhayi ki rasam…and other preparations..
Then sanskar’s pa came over there and handed over somepapers to him ,he seemed soo happy about it ..he approached towards me and handed over the papers I was confused and looked at him…he understood that I didn’t get the point…then he said ..
S: this papers state that nisha would carry my name along with her ..this is legal adoption papers…moreover she will never been asked who is her real father …my doll will be called as nisha sanskar maheshwari and she is mine 🙂
Don’t take me in wrong way we will tell her about sahil when right time comes but she will be called as my daughter to the society..
I was soo shocked and overwhelmed by hearing this words…I was soo guilty I soo mistook his love towards nisha …he was genuine about her and then I signed the papers ..and sanskar just hugged me tightly and said thank you…
The day passed with the preparations and sanskar was mostly with nisha …
In the evening before mooh dikhayi rasam me and sannskar were in sanskar’s room ishhh our room … while nisha was with raglak …I grabbed the opportunity to talk the thing and sort out our issue …he was busy searching something then I called him..he turned towards me though he didn’t react ….but I continued..
I: sanskar listen I am sorry..
He gave a look why am saying sorry to him..
I: I know you’re hurt by nisha school incident that I didn’t tell you about her illness am sorry for that.. you were already tired by project and works at that day thought not to disturb you that’s only the reason I didn’t tell you ..i am sorry for that ..and I trust you being my nisha father..

I then held my ears and said I would not reapeat this again …
Making a puppy eyes..
End of pov
Sanskar’s pov:
I was soo happy that she finally understood I truly loved nisha…she said she trust me being nisha’s father then and she cutely asked for sorry by catching her ears and making a cute pout …
I went near her catching holdof her hands and removing it from ears and hold her hands in between my hand and said its ok
Sw: sanskar you’re the great dad nisha..i accept you as nisha father..but …(she hesitated a bit and said)…I know sanskar ..i have to give you the rights husband that husband has but I will take time to accept you as husband sanskar…
I mean sanskar you have become a good friend of mine whom I can trust …you are a good father with whom I can rely …It will take some time to accept this relation..she tried to explain further..i cut her off..
I: swara I can understand whatever you’re saying ..We will take our relation slow and I am ready to wait for you for lifelong don’t worry..
I just went near her kissed her forehead and hugged her and she to reciprocated to my hug..
This hug was heavenly for me…
End of pov :
Sooo here I end this part…hoping you all will like it
Thank you duaa for cover 🙂 it means a lot to me 🙂
Thank you every one for liking my ff and sparing your valuable time for reading it and commenting on it 🙂
I request every one do comment and tell how is this part 🙂
I request silent readers to comment 🙂
Love you all aloads :*
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  1. Hey shruthi!!!!!! How are u dear…….awww chocolate eclair… reading this even I got a desire to have it 😉 well the episode was as usual cute and awesome one…….ur ff is really portraying the reality of this world where some cute nishu’s needs lovely fathers like sanskar of ur fiction…… Good work yaar 🙂 ………well now I’m more excited for further episodes…… Update asap……lots of love :)…….tc….

    1. Shruthis

      Hii sweety I am good how about you dear…I’m sorry for that ? u made my day by commenting dear ? ?will try to update soon ☺love you to dear??

  2. Crystal

    Amazing I am in love with ur ff

    1. Shruthis

      Thank you crystal it means a lot to me?

  3. Deeksha

    Awesome dear… Want more swasan parts…..

    1. Shruthis

      Thank you deeksha ? surely dear will try to give more swasan ??

  4. awesome… its really very nice ff… please continue…. dear its ff or ss.. please clear my doubt.. because i dont want this ff end soon. the bond between nisha and sanskar shown is very nice.. . its really very nice… i want to ask you who is playing nisha character but tdy i saw cover pic its anjali aka ritvi jain.. so thought she is nisha in ur ff… i’m correct? i really love her she is so cute even sanjana of ssk aka tvisha jain is also good… i love those kids.. once again thanx its nice ff.. sorry for my bak bak… continue soon..

    1. Shruthis

      This is ss anu .it is anjali who is playing Misha ?i will continue dear three more parts are there ..thank you soon much anu it means a lot to me ???

  5. AnuAnn

    Awwww! Too cute yaar loved sanisha bond..

    1. Shruthis

      Thanq anuann ?it means a lot to me??

    1. Shruthis

      Thanq dharani ??

  6. Such a sweet ff……….loved sanskar s love and care for nisha

    1. Shruthis

      Thanq tulina ??

  7. Awesome episode dear especially nisha sanskar and swara sanskar bond.i like when n they ask sanskar and laksh to learn some manners from you sista.I mean di.

    1. Shruthis

      He he sista …love you dear ??

  8. aahaa..loving ur ff dear

    1. Shruthis

      Thanq niti it means a lotto me??

    1. Shruthis

      Thanq s ??

  9. Tamanna

    Awesome…. Waiting for next episode….. Plz update soon and try to make it longer one…..

    1. Shruthis

      Thanq tamanna?will try to update long part ??

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    Very nice….

    1. Shruthis

      Thanq shan ??

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    1. Shruthis

      Thanq maryum??

  12. As usual it’s awesome story

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      Thanq shiksha??

  13. Hey dear its awesome …really u r great writer…. i have doubt plzplzplz clear it how do u manage to write both in fb and tu ….can u plz say me plzzzzz

    1. Shruthis

      Thanq. Tanu.. I am not great dear …its your appreciation that motivates me to write good content ….
      I write the update give it to dua in fb and I post it in Tu too…
      It means a lot to me???

  14. Sumeeta

    I love this part most like choclate eclaires

    1. Shruthis

      Thanq sumeeta it means a lot to me??

    1. Shruthis

      Thanq afra

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    awesome….loving sannisha bonding so much

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      Thanq vyshu it means a lot to me??

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    super shruthi dear. sorry to comment last just now i saw your ff . sorry……. plz . nice swasan scenes

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    Its OK dear …you commented that what matters to me ..thanq it means a lot to me??

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      Thanq dear??

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    Awwwww!!!! Such a sweet episode Nisha I loved her sooo much and swasan them are the best ❤❤❤

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      Thank you soo much dear?it means a lot to me …updated next part dear??

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