Gusthak Dil -SWASAN (part 5)

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Whole day sanskar was lost in his world….
As he entered office premises all were shocked to see their boss whos was smiling continuously…who is ruthless arrogant man in the office…
Simultaneously swara was also lost in her own world…she knew sanskar is a good person..maheshwari family is very nice accepting swara without any doubt but why he is marrying for the first time …he would get better girl for him … how will society react…and moreover if nisha finds out sanskar is not her real pappa…and what not…

Swara’s pov

I was soo engrossed in my thoughts. My thoughts broke when my colleague priya poked me as my boss was calling..our company is a small firm…we were assembled for the presentation and tasking..then I was I would give the presentation …then I left and did my work ..suddenly a thought came across
Will sanskar allow me to job? I didn’t ask him and do clarifications with him on this matter….

End of pov

As promised sanskar reached singhania mansion too pick her little doll and play with her…soon he entered the mansion too only see his daughter ..
Making her daddi run after her to make nisha drnk the milk…nisha making weird faces running from one end to another …seeing sanskar nishaa ran towards him ..sanskar took her in his arms and sat on sofa..
Soon Mr& Mrs. singhania greeted him..he signaled Mrs .singhania he would make her drink the milk…

Sanskar’s pov

Surely if lucky would have been her ….he would tease me to the hell..

End of pov

S: doll why don’t you wantdrink milk..

N: I doln’t wanna dilnk sulcks..(I don’t want to drink milk it sucks)..she made a pout

Sanskar tried to make mrs.singhania understand
S: aunty let it be na …doll doesn’t want to drink toh ….his was cutted by Mrs.Singhania
Mrs.s: call me mom like swara calls me..
She smiled at him and even Mr. singhania asked him to call dad …and sanskar just gave a smile and nodded in response..
S: mom let it be ..
Swm: no beta she always cribs over this matter…she didn’t even have her sancks..
{Swm –swara’s mil,swd-swara’s father in law}
He turned toward his doll..
S: doll come one let’s eat our snacks then we will go to park and play …then we will eat icream while coming back
N: yellayyy (yeah) she squealed in joy…
Sanskar and nishaa bid byee …went to park and played a lot …they enjoyed in other’s company…the day ended soon…
One week passed ….sanskar and swara started their daily routine….they were kinda adjusted with other…every day sanskar visit his doll and plays with her…they Skype every night by this time swara got habituated to his stories and sleeps along with nishaa…In this one week swara presentation got successful which was associated with maheshwari and co..and sanskar has no objection over her working… swara and sanskar had to work together for next 6 months for the concerned project…
Mean while they got engaged ,,,it was a simple ceremony with little guest who were very close to both the families… and the marriage was fixed after two weeks ..
All was going smoothly

On the next day …

Nisha came home after her school finished….she was continuously crying she just wanted her mumma .. Mr. &Mrs. Singhania tried to calm her but all in vein..helplessy they called swara ..she immediately left from office ..
She reached mansion soon and saw the scene was heart wrenching to her her little princesses was crying badly she immediately took her to in arms to comfort her..
Sw: what happened princess why my doll is crying??
N: tlaht lrilthu thlaa..t s..a..n..l..k..y p..a..plp..a ish n..ol..t m..y lr..eal pappa ..(that rithu said that sanky pappa is not my real father)all she could say to swara and sobbed again,,
Sw: NO doll it’s not like that .sanskar is your real pappa.
N: lreally mumma she half smiled..(really mother)
Nisha then got engrossed in playing with swara…but little soul was too hurt..
Sanskar was not able to make out too meet nishaa.. he was relieved that swara was with nishaa unaware of reality…
Later nishaa got fever due to her continuous crying ..when ragini called swara ,she told her about nisha fever and both the families were worried for little princesses …
Sanskar got to know about nisha’s illness through ragini and he was furious at swara …he immediately reached singhania soon as he reached the mansion he rushed inside swara’s room …
He greeted everyone and glared at swara… he then sat near his princess caressed her hair ..nisha slightly opened her eyes ..squealed little..
N: pappa..
S: yes doll ..pappa is here … he smiled at his doll and then he kissed her forehead..
N: pappa ..youl my lreal pappa naa she asked quietly ..
(pappa you are my real pappa naa)
Sanskar was confused but he shrugged he would ask swara about it
and said
s: yes doll now you take rest …pappa will be right back after talking to your mumma..
n: othkay..
sanskar and swara left for another room as soon as they entered sanskar pulled swara by her arms and made her face him ..
s: how dare you …didn’t tell me about it ..that nisha got fever..
sw: I thought not to bother you ..before she could say something sanskar just cut her
s: you thought you would bother me telling me my daughter is not just remember she is my daughter ..she is my responsibility too get that…and tell me why did she ask me real pappa ?
swara helplessy explained everything to sanskar ..sanskar was furious at swara just left the room ..

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage
Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage
Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage
Swara was thinking about sanskar’s behavior just a while back..
How he skipped his imp meeting just to play with nishaa..
How he claimed nisha as his daughter …how authoratively he spoke about it..
How he was concerned about nishaa…
Little did she knew she has accepted him as her daughters father but as her husband it would take time
Chhod kar na tu kahin bhi door ab jaana
Tujhko kasam hai
Saath rehna jo bhi hai tu
Jhooth ya sach hai, ya bharam hai
Apna banaane ka jatan kar hi chuke ab to
Baiyan pakad kar aaj chal
Main du bata sabko
Sanskar was liitle worried about his little doll …he went near her caressed her…
He thought how could anyone dicuss it with their children …he was furious on nisha’s friend parent’s…nisha is my daughter no one has right to tell her this things he thought …he would made sure to deal with this matter …
Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage
Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage
Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage

little later sanskar made nisha eat her dinner…all the while swara tried to talk with sanskar but all went in vein…sanskar decided to stay in singhania mansion at night he took permission..
later sanskar placed nisha above his chest and started telling the story …meanwhile swara sat near them …and both nisha and swara dozed off …sankar made swara and nisha sleep nicely…
swara and sanskar both slept on the either side of nisha…


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  1. Tulina

    As usual nice episode……. love the bond between sanskar and nisha……..just a request please don’t bring any love triangle please………

  2. sweety

    Soo happy that u updated…..I was literally missing for ur ff dear…….
    Well the episode was aweesssoomme……oh yaar I’m just loving sanskar and nishus bond…..and sanskars care, protection and love towards little nishu…awwww..loved it yaar….waiting for next episode… Plz plz update asap….

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