Gusthak Dil -SWASAN (part 4)


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The one who was giggling was nisha their little princess….
nisha’s pov:
I will nlow sthoww that rithu mly pappa is althsoo thelre..
(I will now show that rithu my pappa is also there)
End pov
All were amazed to see their princess giggling and a small smile appeared in all the faces…all were seated discussing out about the engagement …the maheshwari’s told them that they would share the marriage work equally and will talk to panditji(priest) about engagement date and let you know…
While they were leaving nisha poked sanskar said
N: whele ale yolu thoging…pappa yolu wiill nolt sthay wilth uls?
( where are you going ..pappa you will not stay with us?) and she pouted
S: I have to go princess I have work ,I promise I will meet you daily and after mine and your mumma marriage you will come and stay with us..
N: othkay(okay) …she smiled sheepishly …..
And they left to maheshwari’s mansion..
Later on in the night ..
In laksh and ragini’s room
Laksh pulled ragini by her waist and they were lost in that moment…their trance broke when they heard a knock ..they parted away..
Laksh opened the door and saw sanskar was eagerly waiting for him..
L: heyp bro ..what’s wrong you here at this time ??
S: actually I’m to ta.k..e sw..a..r..a’s numbers(fumbled with word)
L: wohh …someone is eager to talk with his would be fiancé..he grinned..
Sanskar hit his shoulder
S: lasksh …give the number
And then laksh gave swara’s number wishing eachother they went to their respective rooms.
Sanskar’s room
His pov
Should I call her..noo noo…bad idea I think I should call her after all she is my would be wife….But if misunderstand why I am I calling her…if she thinks I am desperate I can’t let it happen..BUT…
Finally giving up he dialed her number…next when he hear a cutie voice and smiled widely..
S: hello princess this is pappa…
On the other side..

Swara pov
I was trying hard to make he lil baby sleep…she is cribbing and nagging around not going to bed …she was ranting continuously that she wanted to talk with her pappa…and I doesn’t have his number..
Sw: princess listen to me …I don’t have your pappa number ..
N: I wlant to talk wilth pappa..( I want to talk with pappa)
Suddenly my phone started ringing and my princess went to the phone and picked it up
N: pappa..She squealed in happiness..
I wondered how did he get my number…dumbass how could you forget ragini gave him my number..huhh..tch…my trance broke when my princess called me and gave me the princess was seeing me dreamily ..
I: hello
S: hello swara..Sorry to disturb you ..i hope you’re not sleeping
It’s night time everyone will sleep only..Unlike you she thought and said
I: no..Not like that..
S: did I disturb you..
You disturb me and ask me did I disturb you she thought..and said
I: it’s not like that I was just making nisha sleep …
S: ohh…
He then asked me do you have skype account and I just gave it to him ,he asked me to come on skype …
Whatis going on in my life we just met today and he wants to skype..god help me she thought…
I went online to the skype and made nisha sit near her..
He started vedio chat …I did the same..nishaa seeing screen suealed and started touching the screen..
S: hello princess
N: yeloo papa..
Sanskar totally ignored me while vedio call..he and nisha talked a lot..later he started telling the story to nisha and eventually she slept but the thing is I also slept while he was telling the story I felt soothed and I opened my eyes when some was calling me …I opened my eyelids..
S: sorry to disturb you..I think you are tired and I should have called..
Wahh realization soo soon I thought…
We wished eachother and dozed off
End of pov..

Next morning…
Sanskar’s pov..
I was sleeping peace fully and sunrays were disturbing my sleep ..I tossed to another side of the bed..
Then I felt someone is caressing my hairs slowly and I groaned…then I heard a voice …It was some girl’s voice..
G: sanskar get up naa
S: please let me sleep…he heard this voice somewhere …then again the girl said
G: sanskar listen get up naa..
This voice is swara’s..
G: she suddenly tilted her head little down …brushed her wet hairs on him…
Before sanskar could catch hold of her she left…and said
I woke up with jerk and said swara…
I looked here and there and came to conclusion that it was a dream..
I ran my hand through my hair and smiled widely …
End of pov


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