Gusthak Dil -SWASAN (part 3)


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swara pov:
I was all tensed…I was worried he will accept my daughter or not…will he be able to adjust..
will he just think we are burden on him…I don’t wanna be a burden on anyone…then laksh words were ringing in her ear… sanskar maheswari I have heard a lot about him from ragini..he is not that kind of person…I was least interested in seeing that person look etc etc…then ragini came to me and took me too the hall…
I was only worried about my daughter will she be happy with him…will sanskar accept her give her his name..
Then when nisha returned from school ..The moment she saw sanskar she jumped in happiness..he too reciprocated the same way he took her in his lap and started talking with her..his smile looked genuine to me..

end pov

sankars pov:

when nishaa squealed in happiness and asked me whether I am her papa..i felt really happy in that moment I decided to get married to swara ..i know it’s too early to decide that too without talking to swara….I immediately took princess in my lap and she started talking..
end pov,

N: I’m sloo halppy pappa…
she kissed his cheeks and sanskar too kissed her cheeks in return..then nishaa suddenly
remember she has to show him soo many toys,her room..
N:I’lll clome and she ran in a jet speed..

Meanwhile swara was sitted near sanskar’s parents they were talking in general . they knew swara as a person very well… Annapurna announced that swara and sanskar should talk in alone then they will decide further.. swara was asked to take sanskar to backyards garden..
swara was uncomfortable and was hesitating to talk….sanskar observed this and thought to initiate
s: swara I’m ready to marry you…
sw: what !!
sanskar gave a confused look
sw: I mean how can you decide that too this early…she fumbled with word…
S: I know it’s very early too decide that too without talking to you ..
sw: see …I wanted to tell you that you can say no for this marriage.. I don’t want my daughter and me be burden on you and if you’re feeling pity on me and my child then don’t do this marriage, I can manage everything .. she was about to say something when sanskar pulled her by arm and turned her to face him…

sanskar’s pov:

What is she talking about … .I should say no for this marriage just because she thinks I am being pressurized , burden on me and more over I feel pity…what does she think of herself…this was enough what I heard and then I just pulled her by arms and said
I: what do you mean I said yes because I pity on you, then you’re wrong swara i said yes because I liked you the very second I saw you…I am marrying you because I want you and nisha too be called as MRS.SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI AND MISS .NISHA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.
Get that clearly in your mind and yes… I don’t want to repeat myself again
sw: But sanskar..
I : no if’s and but’s swara..
I was still holding her by arms…I saw her eyes and was lost in it…it spoke a lot to me..
End pov

As they were lost ….their trance broke ,they realized their position and straighten themselves….
N: pappa ..mamma youll hele I wals sealching fol you..
( pappa…mamma you’re here I was searching for you..)
sanskar picked her up..
s: ohh my princess was searching for us? why baby..
N: I wanlted to sthow you mly nelw thoys and youl …
( I wanted to show you my new toys)
Then nisha took sanskar to her room and showed her toys and started playing with sanskar…later on laksh went to nisha’s room and said..
L: pappa is here toh forgot your buddy very bad nisha making a sad pout..
N: noo bulddly it’s nol lilke thalt …sthee I am sthowing the gilfth yolu bloght for me..
(no buddy it’s not like that ..see I am showing the gifts you brought for me)
and kissed him on his cheeks…but he kept angry face
s: laksh don’t irritate my daughter and your buddy was joking …
N:alww.. I am klatti wlith you( aww… I am katti with you)..she made a angry pout ignoring laksh she started playing with sanskar..
L: I’m sorry princess. Please forgive you buddy …he said holding his ears…
nisha was unaffected …and made a angry look.{how can buddy tease her she thought and didn’t want to talk with him..}
sanskar saw this awww my princess looks soo cute in this angry look he thought..then he said
s: princess…see buddy asked you to forgive him by holding his ears see ,I think you should forgive him..
N: okthay pappa .. (okay pappa)
she went near laksh pecked his cheeks and hugged him tightly and the trio started playing again..
this was watched by four pair of eyes that was ragini and swara they were here to call them to hall as all are waiting for them…
swara picked nisha and followed the trio ….later on Annapurna and mrs.singhania asked their decision
sanskar immediately nodded in yes …all were waiting for swara decision ..
swara nodded her head and said yes..she hesitated a bit while saying
swara pov:
I wondered why sanskar said yes …But when he said he wants me and nisha called by his after name…then when I saw nisha and sanskar’s bonding I was revealed …I said yes because my daughter is happy being with sanskar..
End pov
swara felt someone had hugged …But immediately as she said yes sanskar just hugged her tightly making sure nisha was not hurt.. they were lost..
their trance broke hearing fake coughs ..and giggling
the person who was giggling that was….


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  1. Awww……so sweet episode yaar…….I really like ur ff alot dear……and loved sanky & nishu’s bonding…… And yes the hug was unexpected yaar 😉 ….
    A small request yaar…..please if possible give us a bit longer update….. If not then even i m happy with this much too…..and too good concept…..
    Waiting for next update 🙂

    1. Shruthis

      thanks thank you sooo much sweety it means a lot to me 🙂
      yaa while writting even i was shocked too for hug thing 😉
      I will try to update longer parts but dear i don’t wanna you people i’m dragging the story line 🙂

    1. Shruthis

      thank you soo much for commenting maryum 🙂

  2. So sweet n so nice.the bonding between him n nisha is cute

    1. Shruthis

      thank you soo much for commenting shiksha :)..
      I”m happy to know you liked sanskarand nisha’s bonding 🙂

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      thank you again 🙂

  5. Soujanya

    Awesome…. So cute

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  6. So sweet dear… I loved your concept

    1. Shruthis

      thank you soo much Anu ann it means a lot to me 🙂

  7. aww…so cute.Plz upload soon. Was dat nisha who was coughing?

    1. Shruthis

      thank you soo much vyshu for commenting 🙂 i’ll try to update soon 🙂

  8. Abirsha

    Awww so sweet loved it…..

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  9. Very cute ending 🙂

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  10. so sweet……..

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  12. awesome..

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  13. SwaSanFan

    Amzing..loved it..continue soon

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      thank you sooo much swasanfan for commenting 🙂
      I’ll try to update soon

  14. Nice dear especially nisha and sanskar bond love it.

    1. Shruthis

      i’m happpy to know sista you liked the bond <3 🙂

      1. You have full right to be happy sister as its your post only just kidding. Love you

      2. I mean di

  15. Harshitha

    Sorry for the late comment dear I was on a vacation so coming to the episode it’s awwwww I loved sanky and Nisha bond alot and Nisha dialogues they were so cute I loved it ff alot ❤??

  16. Shruthis

    It’s ok dear 🙂
    thank you soo much for commenting harshitha 🙂 <3
    i'm glad you liked their bonding : *

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