Gusthak Dil -SWASAN (part 2)

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Sanskar reached maheswari mansion ..He was engrossed in his work ….
As planned ragini went to the study to talk with him..
r: sanskar
She called him..He turned around to see his bhabhi and smiled at her..
s: yes ragini bhabhi… he stressed the word bhabhi..
Ragini gave a angry look..and said
R: sanskar how many times should I ask you …not to call me bhabhi..Just call me ragini.
S: okiee ragini.
R: sanskar actually I wanted to talk to you about something
S: yes ..i’m all ears on ..
R : sanskar..Actually…she fumbled looking at sanskar how would he react..
Sanskar gave a wide smile and gestured her to say …what’s the matter
R: sanskar ..we got an alliance for you…swara my bestfriend ..she is very nice girl…. she really admirable person,innocent,beautiful,simpatico…and over all a simple girl BUT…
sanskar was listening keenly …he don’t why he felt connected when ragini was talking about that girl…
When ragini said BUT.. He felt a rush off restlessness… and said
S: BUT what ragini..
R: she is widow and she is having a daughter with her first marriage….
Sanskar just hummed and then asked her for some time to think about it…
Ragini just gave a smile and left from there she knew he would choose the best..

On the other side …

Laksh reached Singhania’s mansion with chocolates and teddy bear for his lill princess..
Nisha got excited seeing her laksh uncle …she loved him aa lot as he always gets her chocolates and her favorite things too,she jumped excitedly and squealed his name in happiness and ran towards him,even laksh saw her coming towards him,he kept all the bags near the table and picked her up..
N: budly wlat dild you bling fol me?(buddy …what did you bring for me)
L: here you goo princess!! showing her the chocolates, teddy bear ,some toys to her ..
nisha jumped,and started playing with toys around..
Meanwhile swara came there gave him water and asked him to sit .. she was about to go when he called her and told her he wanted to talk with her..
L:swara …I want to ask you something .can i?
swara just nodded in confirmation ..
L: I have a alliance for you swara and wanted to know about it
sw: but know I can’t marry anyone *and looks at nisha*… she my responsibility and I don’t want to be a burden on anyone.
L: swara I know your worried about nisha,uncle and aunty..but you should have someone to share your loneliness too..
swara was about to interrupt but laksh gestured her to listen to him..
l: think about nisha swara ,she needs a father figure know…I know you can take care of her ..but she is too small swara ,she can’t understand your situation swara..she will be diheartend if she gets to know about her father this early and this not too late think about starting a new life with afresh..
The guy is very nice person swara,he may be tuff for the outer world,but his heart is softened from inside..he will be the best father I can assure you that…
swara looked puzzled at him..
L: Because he is my brother Sanskar Maheshwari…
sw: But laksh..
L: please do think about it swara..
There after laksh played with nisha..while playing he made her understand if her mother gets married to a person , he would be his papa and asked her to promise her not to tell with anyone..After sometime laksh left…

swara and sanskar did their daily chores and finished their respective works…

Abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi
Jagi dhadkan nayi
Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi
Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha mera
Ab hai saamne
Issey chhoo loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loo’n zaraa
Mar jaaun ya jee loon zaraa
swara was caressing sahil’s photo ..why did you leave me … I am all alone know..
mama..pappa wanted me to get married what do you think … why me god …why always me questioning herself..then her gaze fell on her daughter..


Ho o.. abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi
Ho.. dhoop mein jalte huey tann ko
Chhaya perh ki mill gayee
Roothe bachche ki hansi jaise
Phuslaane se phir khill gayee
Kuchh aisa hi abb mehsoos dil ko ho rahaa hai
Barso’n ke purane zakhm pe marham laga sa hai
Kuch aisa rahem, iss lamhe mein hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha mera
Ab hai saamne
Issey chhoo loon zara
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zara
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loo’n zaraa
Mar jaaoo’n yaa jee loon zaraa
she caressed nisha lovingly gazing at her..and remembering that how she came near her and asked her were is her…why he is not there to play with like other fathers do ..
swara took almost halfday to convince her..she was really upset with some friends bullying her

Dor se tooti patang jaisi, thi ye zindagani meri
Aaj ho kal ho mera naa ho
Har din thi kahani meri
Ik bandhan naya peechhe se abb mujhko bulaaye
Aane waley kal ki kyun fikar mujhko sata jaaye
Ik aisi chubhan iss lamhe me hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha mera aa
Ab hai saamne
Issey chhoo loon zara
Mar jaaoo’n ya jee loon zara
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loo’n zaraa
Mar jaaoo’n ya jee loon zara

then laksh words came into notice…she has to think about nisha and not to be selfish about herself with that she slept beside her daughter ..taking in her embrace …


on the other side..

sanskar was gazing at the moon from his windows …as in he was in the deep thought
he was recollecting ragini’s words…he was thinking about pro’s and con’s of this marriage…surely he was not in love with anyone, he believed ragini she would always think about his welfare he thought…then suddenly he remembered meeting the little girl at the park ,how she cried as he doesn’t her father to play with her, he felt pinch in his heart ….he slept thinking about nisha and his connection

Both of them got up with the strong determination …
They both informed their elders that they would meet each other and will see
about further and as decided ….

As decided maheshwari’s reached singhania’s mansion
Mr &Mrs .Singhania welcomed them warmly ..All took a seat in the hall..
Mr.singhania: she is not my daughter-in-law but my daughter maheshwari ji
Mr.maheshwari: I know singhania sahab we too like swara a lot..
mrs maheshwari& singhania gave a knowing smile..they talked for sometime..
Then ragini brought swara to the hall…till then sanskar was busy seeing her and there..when he saw swara he was dumbfounded with her beauty..she was wearing simple purple saree but she was looking elegant ,as their eyes met…he just fell for her that moment..her eyes looked soo innocent and she at this age is very young..
His trance broke when he heard a cute little voice…he recognized in instant that is nisha..
N: sthoo santhky fliend you ale my papa? (soo sanky friend ,you’re my papa?)
she squealed in happiness and hugged him..


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