Gusthak Dil – SWASAN (part 10)

Part 10

Heloo people..
How are you ??…Hope you all are doing fine …
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Continuation of swara’s pov..
S: kavithaa..
After breaking the hug ..this girl really wrapped her hand around sanskar arm like she owns him. *Aaghhh*
While introducing kavitha to me she is still stuck up with sanskar like chewing gum …huhhh
I was least interested in her talks all have mingled up with her later I got to know that kavitha was bff of sanskar they knew eachother from ages …sanskar went to drop nisha and he would directly goes to office from there today kavitha accompanied him… and he forgot to inform me while going I was hurt …I know kavitha is his bff that doesn’t mean to ignore his wife and moreover I am his wife he should pay some attention to me…
Wait what am I thinking ….why should I get effected I shrugged my thoughts aside and went to office

There was another shock waiting for me …my husband is siiting with his bestiee inside the cabin from almost two hours and I was also not allowed to interrupt them ufff sanskar aaaghh
A week passed like this sanskar is totally ignoring my presenceses…
He behaved normally with nishaa he spent time with nisha as usual…but he is ignoring me what the hell is going on it ‘s such a mess in my life…

Right know I am sitting in my room and making my cribbing princess sleep coz know she has been habituated the way sanskar makes her sleep…not on my doll but I am also missing stories….
I am missing his stories or missing him …noo I don’t miss him I miss his stories I finally concluded
I am here restless and he will be enjoying with his bestiee kavitha in pub…
Flash back:
Khoyi khoyi si hoon main
Kyun yeh dil ka haal hai
Dhundli saari khwaab hai
Ulja har khayaal hai
Saari kaliyan murja gayi
Rang unke yaadon mein beh gaye
Saare gharaande reet ke
Lehrein aayi, lehron mein beh gayi
In evening: (same day)
I was bored eating the same food and I thought it would be a great change for me and nishaa and we will be able to spend some time together and made a plan of having dinner outside and go for a ride but when I asked sanskar about dinner …he told me that he was heck tired and would want to rest ..,
But but when kavitha came to his cabin when I was discussing with sanskar..when she asked him like would he accompany her to pub as they could not hangout much he instantly agreed …
I felt a pinch in my heart…
Few minutes back I asked him about dinner plan of our he denied …
Then why did he accepted to go to pub with kavitha his bestiee..
I excused myself and left them alone..
I was hurt am I not important to him..

Raah mein kal kitni chirag the
Saamne kal phoolon ki bhaag thi
Iss se kahun kaun hai jo sune
Kaante hi kyun maine hai chune
Sapne mere kyun hai kho gaye
Jaage hai kyun dil mein gumm mere
Saare kaliyan murja gayi
Rang unke yaadon mein beh gaye
Saare gharaande reet ke
Lehrein aayi, lehron mein beh gayi

Na na na…
Few day back when I accidentally slipped from stairs while sanskar was in office ….i had sprained my leg I was not able to walk …sanskar was busy with the clients and he had very important meeting he couldn’t come but later on I got to know that he was busy with kavitha and spent a quality time with her …just wished get well soon..
I wonder he is the same sanskar who left all his important meetings and his biggest deal just because I was ill and he was there for me few months…
Is he changed what??

Kya kahun kyun yeh dil udaas hai
Ab koi door hai na paas hai
Choo le jo dil woh baatein ab kahan
Woh din kahan raatein ab kahan
Jo bhi dhakhal hai ab khawab sa
Ab dil mera hai betaab sa
Saari kaliyan murja gayi
Rang unke yaadon mein beh gaye
Saare gharaande reet ke
Lehrein aayi, lehron mein beh gayi, beh gaye …..
Flash back end :

Why I am I getting effected by his behavior …why can’t I let it be..
This kavitha has come into my life just changed everything my equation with sanskar…
I don’t what she has done to nisha she also likes her as sanskar was not enough my baby is also talking a lot about her forgetting me…
Both father and daughter are same forgot me just for that kavitha..
What am I thinking ??
Am I jealous of her?…. Nooo I am not …
Yes I am jealous cause she is the reason behind sanskar ignoring my presence.. his wife’s presence…my love for him he is not able to see..
Not only her but any other girl …. I can’t share my sanskar because I love him and I only have right on him..
Wait what I am thinking …do I love him …

Yes, yes I love him …
A lone tear escaped my eyes but I immediately shrugged my thoughts and slept off…
I was in deep slumber when sanskar came home…
Next morning
I woke up very late in morning just to see
sanskar was making nisha ready while he was tying tiny ponytails arranged with beautiful clip perfectly fixed in nisha’s hair …
I gave a weak smile to both when they saw me ..Then I went to freshen up and when I came back when I saw
sanskar and nisha were having pillow fight ,my doll was laughing her heart out…
A lone tear escaped my eye I immediately rubbed it …turned around without their notice and left the room
I know how desperately wanted to be part of that pillow fight but I couldn’t…
I know how much It is hurting to be without him…I need his attention …his love ..his care …his priority to be me not anyone …may be he is not interested in me any more …
The mere thought he doesn’t love me anymore is hurting me a lot…
I can be away from him …I have to tell him that I love him…
While everyone was seated at breakfast even kavitha was tagged
Nishaa was cribbing that she doesn’t want to eat aloo partha and she want chocolate éclair..
N: mumma pls nlaa il wlant tlo elat chlocltlate elcair ..
No your eating aloo partha that’s final I said sternly
She gave me puppy looks I ignored …I know I hurt my baby but it is for her health she has to eat everything other than chocolates and ice creams..
Only to get interrupted by kavitha

K: let her eat what she wants swara she is kid..wait nishu baby Ill make chocolate éclair…
I: let it be kavitha she will eat aloo parantha …I am her mother not you soo don’t dare to come in between …you don’t teach me what should I do …get that clearly it’s my family matter you are guest be like guest..
I snapped at her …though I didn’t want too..but what can I do…then suddenly
S: swara …how dare you behave with kavitha like that…be in your limits.. and apologize right know to kavitha (sternly)
He shouted at his high peach he never used It on me …for god sake I am his wife and he is concerned about outsider…
I was in urgeto cry I controlled it and I ran upstairs to our room …before anyone could say anything …
End of pov;


Sooo here I end this part…hoping you all will like it..

Thank you duaa for cover 🙂 it means a lot to me 🙂
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  1. Wow
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  8. its awesome.. now swara realise her feeling… why sanskar ignored her this much and he even shouted and scold her fr his bf … hope all will fine between them..ok she is his bff why he ignored his wife and gave time to kavita more? even he didnt went with swara fr dinner he didnt think about nisha? is it his plan or anything clear and please update soon…

    1. swara hurted so much.. poor girl… update soon… show nisha swaa bond.. or send swara &nisha to her mil home fr sometime where she lived with nisha before mrg.. or want swara nisha in restaurent and sanskar came with kavita he see them alone only two…

      1. I agree wid u… i knw its his plan of making her realize abt her feelings towards him… bt dis is not d way its hurting swara alot…hez jus spnd tym wid kavita al day goin to pubs n al tokin rudely wid swara n not even caring when she slipped…. i agree wid anu’s suggestions… she shud go bck to her mil home or sumthing… sanskar shud rlze he hurted her alot n apologise bt nw swara shud not forgive him easily…

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    Awesome…. I know Sanskar is doing all this just to make swara jealous but he crossed his limits…. Swara shouldn’t forgive sanskar easily…. Though swara’s words to kavita is bitter but its truth…. A mother knows what is good for her daughter…. Update next part soon….. Pls dr….

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