Gusthak Dil -SWASAN (part 1)

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A person Is seen sleeping peacefully under the quilt covered…he got up lazily by hearing alarm sound…
he slowly stretched his hands…then went to the balcony to breath fresh air …his lip widened and gave a lazy smile too the nature …then went to gym and did his daily chores….got ready to go to the office
He was in rush …as he was getting late…he entered dining area…quickly wished everyone…was about leave when he heard his mom
ap: sanskar were are going …haa..that too without having your breakfast..
As she asked sanskar immediately turned towards his mothers direction and said
s: mom ac..actuaally…I ..i..have an…a… important meeting lined up (he fumbled a bit)
ap: so what is it a rule that you don’t have to do breakfast..come sit have your breakfast goo where ever you want go..
sanskarr was about to retort but he went quite when he saw his mother’s glare..he sat quietly..
while he was having his breakfast …his father said

dp:beta I think …you should think about your marriage beta .. it’s a peak time..
s: dad not again..he was about to say something but was cut by his own mother
ap: sanskar your dad is right beta ..think about it..(with concern)
sanskar gave a gave a glance at both laksh and ragini who were giggling..
laksh winked at sanskar..he thought for a while and said..
s: mom I am ready to get married..if you choose the girl tell me I’ll meet I’m gng getting late for office..
All were happy knowing his decision ..finally he would get married..
laksh was about say something but ragini stopped him…seeing them murmuring …
dp: what’s going on ..come on speak up…
l: dad mom actually I wanted to tell you that I have found a perfect match for bhai( brother)..
ap: ohh…who is beta..
dp: haa..betaa who is that girl?
l: know her
ap&dp: we know her…say it clearly laksh..
l: It is swara …ragini ‘s friend swara..

ap: do you even know what are talking about it..
dp: yes laksh it can be possible…
l: maa..paa.. why ? she is nice girl…well cultured girl..beautiful.. and more over she is perfect mother..
you only said once you wanted a bahu like swara right soo why not..
ap: It’s not like we don’t like her..we like hera lot but society will not accept it ..
l: maa…please you don’t talk like this… please think about it…once..
dp: ok beta I am very happy to make swara as bahu of this family..
ap smiled looking at dp …and blinked her eyes giving approval to the marriage…
ragini hugged ap as she was very happy..
ap: laksh …who will talk with sanskar about this proposal..
dp: ragini you will talk with sanskar..
r: ok papa I will talk with him
(sanky and ragu share a great bond)
whole family dicussed about some random stuff..

Sanskar was in a foul mood as the meeting which was to be held got postponed..he was well prepared for that meeting as it was important to his career…and that clingy employees he was fed up with them..he needed peace of mind ..
sanky pov:
As I was driving back too home….i saw a park…I parked my car aside and went inside I seriously need a peace of mind ….i saw some children’s where playing…some youngsters were talking and giggling some where.. it was peaceful environment around…I sat on a bench near where kids were playing…I closed my eyes too feel this environment for a second…I heard a sound sobbing sound ..i turned towards that little girl( around 2 and half year) side and said
s: hiii
she gave no reply again I poked her shoulder with my index finger..said hii..
s: hii …you don’t talk?

g: noo…mumma tolld nolt to talk wilth stlangels(mumma told not to talk with strangers)
s: ohh then…I am not a stranger ..if we become friends..soo friends
saying this I forwarded my hand she immediately gave her hand in mine and nodded..
s: my name sanskar you can call me sanky
g: my name is nishaa..(she learnt it swara taught her)
s: soo nishaa baby why were you crying??
n: I was missling dada…see that rithu I playing with hel dada..
s: where is you dada should I call him..
n: mumm saly(says) that dada ishh neal(near) god…he canln’t come..
I felt pinch in my heart..

s: come on I’ll play with you ..i told her
we both played with each other for a long time…I enjoyed playing with her…I forgot all my stress..
I heard some old people calling her name..she told that she will play with me afterwards as her grandparents are calling her..she said byee to me and gave a kiss on my cheeks.. I too did the same… I stood there to see the retrieving figure…

soo here I end this part..

Thank you every one for commenting on prologue..i am soo happy with your response..
i hope you didn’t get disappointed by first part

• It’s a short story
• I will try to update long parts..but pls I don’t wanna ruin the concept by writing long part or dragging it
• I will try to update regularly..

soo hoping you guys will understand..
pls do comment how is the 1 part of the story …
love you all a loads …


  1. Crazy


    |Registered Member

    Its really an awsm story dear..
    No worry don’t drag it
    BT plz b regular
    Coz many a times the story I like r akwys stopped n mid
    Hope u won’t disappoint !
    Btwn really loved this concept
    Good work

  2. sweety

    awesome yaar….i really loved the concept….and cute nisha too….waiting for next update…… Post asap dear…. 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.