Gusthak Dil -SWASAN (last part – 12)

Part 12
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Soo here is the last part of this SS
Finally after spending lots of time …they bided bye to singhania and duo (swasan) promised them they would come again and visit them…
In car:
Sanskar and swara were stealing glances at each other.. nisha was in swara’s lap and was talking lovey dovey ly to swasan..
“I wlant to ealt ilce cleam “ nisha announced ..when swara was about to say something to nisha but before she could say something sanskar declared that they would have their dinner outside and go home…
They ordered food and were having happy time when the manager of restaurant declared the couple dance…
Nisha got overexcited and declared her wish to see her parents dance…
They happily agreed to dance with each other…
Na wo akhiyan ruhani kahin
Na wo chehra noorani kahin
Kahin dil wali baatein bhi na
Na wo sajri jawani kahin
Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koi

Sanskar put his hand around her waist and another catching her hand…swara shivered a little by his touch and she smiled widely when she saw her husband comforting her by his little gesture…they were lost in each other and danicing in sync …
Then slowy sanskar started rubbing her back lightly to gesture her to be comfortable with him…she smiled knowing it …

Na toh hansna rumaani kahin
Na toh khushboo suhani kahin
Na woh rangli adayein dekhin
Na woh pyari si nadani kahin
Jaisi tu hai waisi rehna
Jag ghumeya thaare jaisa na koi
Swara caught hold of his face in her hand and started singing the lysrics and with an eye contact and moving around and danicing with passion …
Baarishon ke mausamon ki bheegi hariyali tu
Sardiyon mein gaalon pe jo aati hai wo lali tu
Raaton ka sukoon..
Raaton ka sukoon bhi hai
Subah ki azaan hai
Chaahaton ki chaadaron mein maine hai sambhali tu
Kahin agg jaisi jalti hai
Bane barkha ka pani kahin
Kabhi mann jaana chupke se
Yun hi apni chalani kahin
Jaisi tu hai waisi rehna
Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koi
Then sanskar twirled swara ,now swara back was touching sanskar front , sanskar was holding her hands and wrapped around her waist he sung the lyrics…. started kissing her earlobe swara stiffened a little to that proximity…and tilted her neck a little where sanskar saw the hickey a smile apperead his face then he kissed hickey soothingly and giving wet kisses ..
He twirled her again now both swasan are facing each other sanskar has is hands around swara’s waist and swara’s hand on sanskar’s shoulder…sanskar hold her tightly and closely he bent down and placed his face in her neck crook and started kissing her…
Apne naseebon mein yaa
Hausle ki baaton mein
Sukhon aur dukhon wali
Saari saugaton mein
Sang tujhe rakhna hai..
Sang tujhe rakhna hai, Tune sang rehna
Sanskar realized and moved little back thinking swara would not be comfortable…when he was about move she hugged him tightly assuring that she wanted him and was comfortable to the proximity
Meri duniya mein bhi
Mere jazbaaton mein
Teri milti nishani kahin
Jo hai sabko dikhani kahin
Tu toh jaanti hai marke bhi
Mujhe aati hai nibhani kahin
Woh hi karna jo hai kehna
Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koi
Sanskar hugged her back tightly and they were moving according to the rhythm …their souls responded to the music…
They broke the hug when they heard loud claps and hooting…
They finished their dinner and left for maheshwari’s mansion…
As they reached maheswari mansion …they were warmly welcomed by everyone in the house ….
Nisha was super excited to share everything she missed to tell them in past one week ….and she engaged everyone in her cute little talks ..
“ ylou klnlow dalddi mumma glot boww over her …she removed her hairs and showed her neck part” said cutely…
Swara was hell shocked ….she instantly covered her hickey giving a glare to sanskar
“dloes mluslqluiooto blite liklee thlish?” she asked innocently
Swara thought “what do I do with this girl”
Both sanskar and swara were blushing and were beetroot red ..
And others were suppressing their laughs…
Sanskar smartly excused himself saying he has some work and swara also excused herself as she is tired and need to rest and both went towards their room

In swasan room
As soon as swara reached room …some one from encircled his hands around her waist and he placed his face in her neck crook and started giving wet kisses …
“ sa…san..sans…sanskar..” swara moaned his name..
Then he came in front of her and cupped her face and started rubbing his thumb on her cheeks..they had and eye contact they were lost in eachothers world..
Then sanskar slowly started caressing her lips with his thumb ,later his thumb was replaced with lips…then he started kissing her smoothly and swara started to respond his kiss…they broke their kiss when they were out of breath…
Then sanskar slowly picked swara in bridal style moved towards bed and placed her on bed and sat beside her and again started caressing her face from forehead to chin to cheek and then he finally started tracing his fingers on her lips…
When he was about to kiss her again …he heard a squealing sound and detached himself from her and settled himself…swara’s breath was uneven…
“pappa..pappa” squealing she entered the room
“slee naa tell bulddy tlhalt I walaant tlo sleep wlith yolu “ she said when sanskar took her in his arms..and said laksh that nishaa would sleep with them..after that laksh left…
Sanskar slept on bed placed nisha on his chest in sleeping postion and swara beside them and her one arm on them …sanskar started telling story and his both beautiful ladies slept peacefully..
When he completed his story ,he saw swara snuggling into him and sleeping peacefully … later after admiring his beauties for some time he also slept smiling …
Next day…
Swara was first one to get up and she admired her husband and daughter duo looked soo innocent while sleeping she thought
She kissed nisha forehead and saw sanskar in deep slumber ..
Swara caressed his facial expression and slowly she bent down and pecked his lips
Immediately she shied away, completed her daily chores and went down joined kitchen to help ragini and ap where they were teasing her and she was beetroot red …
While ragini and ap went to puja ghar for preparations and swara was doing last moment checking of breakfast…
Suddenly someone encircled his arms around her waist and face in her crook…she knew his touch…
“sa…sans..sanskar” she moaned pleasantly ..
When swara realized their position and their place..
“ san..sans..kar …le..ave…m..e” swara stammered
“huh…uhm..uhuu..” sanskar nodded and nuzzled into her more..
“anyone can come here sanskar” swara said to him..
Then sanskar turned swara and hugged her facing each other and nuzzling into her neck and pinched her waist little …
“ let’s complete what you started in morning sweetheart” he said still nuzzling into her and giving wet kisses
Swara’s heart beat was getting faster…she breathed heavily..if sanskar would not have catch hold of her she would have been fallen..
She caught him tightly and opened her eyes only to see her husband admiring her…
Their moment was broke when they were called for the pooja…
And every one dispersed to their respective works..

In the eveng..
Sanskar was eager to meet his darling wife ,he wrapped up his work soon and reached maheshawari’s mansion only to get disappointed..
He got to know that all the ladies went to shopping…
“here I am dying to be with her and she is happily shopping” sanskar thought..
He started playing with nisha …later swara returned from shopping…
As soon as she entered the room only to see how desperately sanskar was waiting for her…
“ I missed you” sanskar said taking swara into bone crashing hug…
Swara hugged him back..feeling overwhelmed ..
But their moment interrupted by laksh as he wanted to discuss something with sanskar and asked him to meet at study…
He half heartedly agreed, swara started giggling..
“You’re giggling a lot ..haan your laughing on my state” stating this he started tickling her….
“ sa…sans..sansk..sanskar…st..op” she said while laughing …
He smooched her to calm her nerves …
“ miss me “ saying this he winked at her and left…
While she just blushed with his comment ..
It was almost 12 when laksh un necessarily kept him busy..he cursed his brother…
When he entered hall sanskar was shocked to see the hall decorated and all hooted at a time
“Happy birthday sanskar”
“Happy birthday pappa “ nisha wished going near him…
Later he cut the cake and fed everyone …all dispersed to their room and nisha was sleeping with raglak..
“weird” sanskar thought
As he entered their room …he was beyond shocked…
The room was beautifully decorated by flowers ,scented candles and more over his darling wife was in red saree …
Swara went near sanskar encircled her hand around his neck ..she raised herself a little and kissed him…
This is the first time she took intiative step.. he was overwhelmed by her reaction…
Sanskar started kissing her back …he sucked her lips hard blood oozed out from it…still they kept kissing and enjoying each other’s taste..they broke while they were out of breath…
“Happy birthday hubby” she said and hugged him
He smiled at her gesture and thanked her ..
“Do you really want to take this step” sanskar asked her
He took her lips in his and started exploring her waist …
“Make me yours sanskar “ she said kissing him back…
He took her in his arms all while kissing he never left it and placed her in the bed he started kissing her neck crook and then he gently started kissing her cleavage while his hands roaming on her thighs ,her feminine parts and rubbing his hand over there sensually. While swara was moaning his name taking deep breath…soon they were naked and were in each other’s embrace …moaning..Gasping..Around …when the climax came the had become finally one ….physically, mentally..They had their intercourse till early morning…
Swara was first one to get up…she saw sanskar sleeping beside her naked and the room was scattered with their clothes …flashes of last night came in front of her…she took his shirt dressed herself with his shirt and stood near window welcoming the sunrise…
Sanskar was missing his warmth and his cuddling bear …he woke and saw his standing near window…he wore his boxers took the blanket covered himself and went near swara covered her with blanket too … by hugging her from backside…she turned towards him and hugged him tightly
“I love you sanksar “she said while kissing near his heart
“I love you too swara “he said and kissed her forehead…
They stood their seeing sunrise and welcoming new life in each other’s embrace
And they lived happily ever after…

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  1. anu

    awesome.. please give epilouge of this.. and dear sorry for asking if u give season2 of this ff it will be very nice… please give epilogue… awesome ff.. all parts are really nice…. loved this ff lots..

    • Shruthis


      thank you dear 🙂
      yes dear surely post epilogue ,once they accept it 🙂
      no dear i am not planning any season 2 if case if i cum up with a story 🙂 i will surely write 🙂

  2. Sree

    Ooh.. Feeling bad as u stopped writing this ff.. I was simply in love with it..was an amazing love track of swasan.. Now gonna miss it dear.. Hope u will b giving an epilogue of the same.. Waiting..

  3. Juan

    Awesome. Feeling bad that the ss is finished ?
    But pls give an epilogue nd also pls write another ff

  4. AnuAnn

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    Awesome dear alrdy read it in fb .. And reading again .. Want epilogue and if u can plzz season 2 too

    • Shruthis


      thank you dear.surely i will post 🙂
      i have not planned any season 2 i am sorry ..if i come up with story will surely write 🙂

  5. Paru

    Wow superb Dr..want epilogue with her preganancy period 7 or 8 month welcoming new member…
    Wonderful fiction with happy ending loved this….

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    Nice… Plz update epilogue soon… And try to make season 2 or write any other ff on swasan… It’s a request..

    • Shruthis


      thank you dear.surely i will post 🙂
      i have written humsafar and destinied to be together 🙂
      please check out and comment dear 🙂

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    Wow,awesome, amazing, superb, fantastic……loved it!

    And ofcourse, i would love to read an epilogue…actually i want few more eps?

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