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Soo here is epilogue of my ss..?

3 years later…
Night time at Maheshwari’s mansion:
In swasan room
Swara’s pov:
I was trying to wear sanskar’s shirt. As I was missing his warmth….but I am not able fit in it …because of pregnancy and that too 8h month …I have become soo much fat I am missing sanskar soo much now a day’s he is coming late than he usually comes…
I think he doesn’t love me anymore …that’s why I am not able to fit in his shirt…
I know I am overreacting, over thinking….but I can’t help this mood swings ….
I was in urge to cry …..
When I saw sanskar entering in room…I know I am bothering him a lot, if sees me crying he will be hurt…I tried to hide my tears from him but all in vein…
He was now worried about me …I can see in his eyes..he made me sit on the bed slowly
“Baby what happened? Why are you crying?” he asked me worriedly..
“Nothing “ I said and hugged him tight…
“Swara please tell me what’s bothering you?” he asked me while he cupping my face…
Then when I told him why I was bothered and the whole scenario…I saw him suppressing his laugh…
“What’s funny in that?” I faked anger…turned on the other side..
“I am sorry “he made a puppy face ..
I immediately hugged him and he hugged me back…
Then we discussed about our baby’s name…but it was already declared that nisha and ashvik will decided the names for babies…
Did I tell you ashvik is son of ragini and laksh .he is 3 years old.
Nisha sleeps in separate room now..Though I miss her sometimes at that time sanskar becomes my cuddly bear …
We slept hugging each other …
End pov;

Sanskar’s pov:
Someone is shaking me constantly and shouting my name constantly and I opened my eyes too see my wife calling me out ..I got up I saw the time ..It was four o clock in morning…
“What happened swara?” I asked..
“Sans lets go eat puchka come” she squealed like a excited baby..
“Jaan ..I will take you out tomorrow to eat puchka” I tried to convince her finally I had to make puchka for her…
She ate happily making baby faces …
“I love you sans …you’re a good hubby..” saying this she smiled at me..
I pecked her forehead
“ I love you too jaan.”
Then we slept in each other’s embrace …
After one month
I was in meeting when I got a call from ragini ..that swara had a labor pain and they took her to the hospital..I reached as soon as possible to the hospital
Swara is in labor ward….doctor came and congratulated me and every family member has congratulated me…we already knew it was twin babies…
One boy and one girl …
Me ,swara, nisha and my babies …life seems to be perfect and complete..
I went into the ward were swara was ther kissed her forehead and said
“This the best gift of my life…thank you swara”
I bent down took her lips into mine and kissing her gently…
“I love you swara”I said while kissing..
“I love you too” she said and smiled at me while kissing back..
We both smiled at each other…
Later at namkaran my doll named my babies as
Aryan sanskar maheshwari
Naira sanskar maheswari
Few years later…
A girl of sixteen year was getting ready to school…she applied mascara, kajal and very little lipstick and was getting ready . she saw her little sister was trying to copy her …she smiled at her and said…
“naiyu baby it is not for you keep that aside” she told her sister while taking the lipstick from her baby hand..
“You’re also using it, nishu dii” the little girl complained and pouted cutely..
Suddenly one boy came whose age was same as the little girl..he pulled her hair…
“ayuu….”naiyu shouted and run behind him…
Yes they are Nisha , Aryan and Naira…
They were jumping around and fighting ….
“I’ll give you chocolate if you both stop fighting “ Ashvik announced as he entered nisha’s room…
Both Naira and Aryan kept quiet and went to the hall to play..
Meanwhile ashvik suspiciously watched nisha’s whole attire he knew something was different in his sisters attire….
“DI , is something special ?” he asked her
“Nothing ashu and please you don’t have to become buddy and pappa detective” she said with irritated voice
“And if you say something about my attire or anything to pappa and buddy I am gonna tell them about maya” she warned ashvik…
They reached dining table area for breakfast..

On the other side
Sanskar pov
What happened to swara …she is behaving weirdly…from yesterday she Is glaring like I had done some major mistake…It was not that I forget important dates. It is not her birthday, not our anniversary ,…nor nisha/Aryan/naira/ashvik birthday..what is it ….
I shrugged my thoughts and reached dining area to have breakfast..I tried talk to her but she is now ignoring me….
When our doll came to dining area along with ashvik..
“Looking beautiful my doll “ swara said while hugging my princess..
“Thank you mumma” nisha said and sat beside me to have breakfast
Ragini was feeding Aryan ..and Laksh was feeding naira…while swara was serving us the food …
I along with kids left home …. In whole journey I was observing my doll was checking herself in mirror I felt it weird but shrugged off…”
I dropped them to school and went to my office…
In evng…I and laksh was discussing about some presentation…when laksh told me about valentines week … he asked me whether I wished her or not,that is when I realized why swara was glaring me at morning and ignoring me… but suddenly I remembere even nisha was behaving weirdly…I then explained everything to laksh…
We immediately left for her school as soon as we reached there …. I saw some boy of the same age was giving nisha a pink rose…
My blood boiled in anger I reached there and took nisha aside and warned him to stay away from my daughter…
When I looked back at nisha she just turned her face away in anger ,off course she my daughter nisha sanskar maheswari.. while driving I saw my doll sobbing …it pricked my heart but I was not able to understand the reson behind it..
We then picked all the kids and reached home..
End of pov:

Swara’s pov:
I am happy with my life… marrying sanskar was best decision of mylife… sanskar and whole maheshwari family treated nisha as their child after ashvik,naira and Aryan too…they considered nisha as priority and their own first grandchild…nisha knows the truth but she considers sanskar as her pappa…their bonding is different …sanskar becomes over possessive when it come to baby has grown up and now is sixteen …
Nisha was very excited for first valentine’s week and today she was looking pretty and was expecting her crush to give her rose …I ,ragini and maa knew this because we know that teenage crush feeling …
My trance broke when I heard nisha sobbing …she directly went to maa and hugged her..
“Nishuu doll what happened? Why are you crying? “maa asked cupping her face ..but doll was still sobbing
“Nisha my child ..your crush didn’t gave you a rose? It’s ok my child sometime the person we like may not like us…” mom said to nishaa
To which sanskar, laksh were giving shocked expression…while me and ragini saw this and giggled..
“NO dadi he was about give rose when pappa and buddy came there and ruined it all and gave him warning not to come near me and moreover from now on no one will come near me “ she said while seeing them accusingly like little hurt…
While sanskar and laksh were about to say something …I and ragini stopped them by glaring at them..
Mom asked nisha to go to her room and she will handle both laksh and sanskar..
“You three know about this ?” sanskar asked us
“You didn’t even say this to us ?” laksh continued..
“Because you would react the same way you reacted now “ ragini said
“Because I didn’t want you guys to ruin my daughter’s valentine’s week” I said pointing at both sanskar and laksh
“Now you both go apologize nisha “said mom sternly…
“But mom…” I cut sanskar in middle
“She is teenager sanskar please don’t tell me you didn’t had crush on anyone…I know you gave pink rose to kavitha soo please “ I said glaring at him…
Later they realized their mistake they ruined nisha valentine week ..
After 3 hours
While me and ragini were consoling my princess when naiiara and Aryan came up with a beautiful sorry card and teddy bear and gave it to nisha…
Then ashvik came along with a beautiful dress along with brand new makeup kit and note stating that
Come down wearing the dress
– Buddy and pappa
When we reached down …hall was beautifully decorated …all the friends of nisha were present then along the boy who was my princesses crush…
That boy came near her and gave her the rose and pecked her cheeks…
To which laksh and sanskar got furious but controlled their rage…I controlled my giggling …
Nisha smiled at him…
Then all were engaged in party when I saw sanky and laksh approaching towards nisha..
“I am sorry “ sansakar and laksh said while catching their ears ..
“It’s ok “ my princesses said to them smiling at them..their faces fell as nisha sisnt show her excitment
She hugged laksh an sanskar and said
“You both are the best” she squealed …sh e broke the hug…
Sooo are you happy asked sanskar
“Yes…I love you pappa “ she said hugging sanskar …
“I love you too princesses” sankar said kissing her forehead..
“We will go on long drive today “ nisha said ..i tried to say something but sanskar cut me off and said
“As you say my princesses” he said
“yayy “ she squealed
Later me,laksh, ragini,ashvik,naira and Aryan hugged each other…
My babies were happy…All were enjoying the party..

Finally I got my soul mate and nisha got her father figure she was missing and we were happy with our life’s
End of pov;
The end
So here is the epilogue of this SS.
Hoping you all will like it❤❤?
I have written humsafar and destinied to be together prologue…
I will write both my stories simultaneously but little later as I am having cold and fever with little headache soo …I will take some time to post those ff
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