Gustakhi maaf kar de….(part-2)

Aab kya karoon,yaa phir maroon??(Now what to do?or die?)Shivaay was just standing there with a horrifying and confused expression on his face.
“Aap toh hain hi tadibaaz,aapko to sirf badi badi phekna aatahe,air kuch nahi,are kya zaroorat thi itna bada drama karne ki?(You are a tadibaaz.You just know how to do big talks.What was the reason to do such big drama?)Annika screamed.
“I was just trying to make you realize how much we love each other.I can’t leave without you.I thought if I do this drama,you will return back to me.)Shivay gave explanation to annika.
Unknown person from the crowd:Ab toh voh nahi Mani,ab apna nerves kato na…(Now as she didn’t get convinced,please cut your nerves)
Rudra:Haan,bhayiya,aap apna nerves kato na,Bohot mazaa aayega.(Yes bhayiya,do it.It will be fun)
Shivaay:Kya rudra,tu bhi chahtahae ki main mar jaun?(You also want me to die rudra?)
Annika:Shivaay,aap vaise nehi hain.Pyaar ki khatir Jaan dene me Jo lagtahe na,voh hain saccha pyaar.aap mere liye apna Jaan kabhi nehi de payenge,kyunki aap mujhse pyaar kartehi nahin..aap toh phuski bomb hain,Jo kabhi bhi phus ho jaye…(Shivaay,you’re not like that,giving life for your love.Because to do that ,you need to do true love.But you won’t be able to give your life for me,because your love is fake.You don’t have guts to do that)
Shivaay:Aisa nehi hain annika,Main tumse saccha pyaar karta hun…That’s not true annika,my love is real.)
Annika:Then can you give your life for me?Can you???
Shivaay:Yes,of course…
Annika:This is not funny at all,shivaay…You know,if something happens to you what will happen to pinky aunty,Dadi.Omru won’t be able to bear it….
Shivaay:And you?Won’t it affect you if I die…..?
Annika:Shivaay stop playing with my emotions…
Shivaay:You didn’t answer my question yet,what will happen to you after I d..
Shivaay suddenly felt a burning sensation on his face…Yes she slapped her..he just couldn’t figure out how to react..
Annika was teary eyed.When shivaay mentioned about his death…she just got blanked.She cannot live in a world where shivaay didn’t exist…So she felt so angry in shivaay…And as a result,The SLAP was on shivaay’s face and it was evident from his face that he was very shocked.
Annika left from that place and only after that the crowd got cleared except for omru..They just stood numb and from their expressions,it was not hard to say that they were shocked.
Shivaay’s POV:
What just happened just now?she slapped him?her annika slapped him?But in this way at least she touched him..Her touch after 3 months.Those three months were like hell.I can’t live without annika.Yes,I deserve a slap..not just one.After all,I have hurt her.
Thinking of all this,suddenly his vision blurred and he was gasping for breath.He was slowly falling down when two pairs of strong hand supported him.
“Bhayya,aap thik toh hai na?aap ko much hua toh nahi?Aap kyu let’s gain itna stress…”
He couldn’t complete the sentence but there was a sound of weeping.
“Nothing happened to me,I am fine..”
“Shivaay, let’s go to your tent.”Om said.

After a while.
Shivaay was just lying down on his tent..and thinking of his today’s drama.Nobody doesn’t know yet that why is he doing so much hard work for bringing back annika to home.Annika was right he was selfish then and he is selfish even now.As he realty isn’t doing all this for annika.He is doing this for himself as he want to spend his days with annika and omru and ofcourse with his family.He want to spend all the days happily.He jus wanted to love the next six months to live with annika.As he only has six months.His last days in this world.And all he wanted was annika.Was he too selfish?

Sorry for such a small chappy.please comment,silent readers please comment.I want not at least 20 comments.Love you all.

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  1. Archisha

    Those last line made me numb. Have you planned to make shivaay suffer from vancer or some disease ? Dont kill him. And it was an awesome update. Post soon

    1. Taasfia

      Okay,I will try to post it asap.And don’t worry about shivaay…The is a twist at the end…take care

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice… Please don’t make shivaay died…

    1. Taasfia

      Thank you.and chill,nothing is going to happen to shivaay..???

  3. Anitaaa3

    Kyaaaaa…..yeh kya likha hain 6 monthssssss……Nahi ??? plzzzzz…

    1. Taasfia

      Don’t be angry sweety.Thanks for reading and commenting..???

  4. Nithu

    Last 6 months!!!!! What happn to shivaay bhayya

    1. Taasfia

      Its a twist darling…will be revealed later.thanks for reading???

  5. awesome
    luved it
    update soon

    1. Taasfia

      I will try..take care???

  6. Swetha Kannan

    What happen to shivaay

    1. Taasfia

      Can’t say anything now about the plot…keep reading and thanks for commenting???

  7. Awesome. But plzzzzzzzz don’t kill shivaay.

    1. Taasfia

      Thanks for reading sweety☺☺☺☺

  8. Sagithya

    Awesome…. Wat r u making shivaay to die in 6 months…pls don’t do that….

    1. Taasfia

      Thanks dear for reading….

  9. plz don’t do this
    killing shivay not in dream also
    shocking rocking one
    post nxt asap

    1. Taasfia

      I will try dear.keep reading and commenting……..

  10. What is this???? Is shivaay is suffering from???? Don’t do like that……Plz Plz plz plz plz…..

    1. Taasfia

      Keep reading darling…I won’t disappoint you???

  11. Sairish

    I was enjoying and laughing while reading this chappy ..but at the end how can it be possible….plzz don’t kill shivaay…?????plzzz …is he suffering from cancer and any other hazardous disease…
    anyways pls abide by the request
    take care

    1. Taasfia

      Of course..I won’t disappoint you and will try my best to fulfill the request of yours.anyways,keep reading and commenting and you take care too sweety


    1. Taasfia


  13. Alekhika20

    Loved the update

    1. Taasfia

      Thanks sweety.keep reading.

  14. Lauren

    Amazinggggg updt… loved it …. plz dont kill shivaay it’s a request… I can not even think of dat in mah dreams…. post nxt soon

    1. Taasfia

      I will try..keep reading..???

  15. Hey!!! What is this!!!!!!!!! Only 6 month….. Don’t kill him yr… Btw Awesome epi…. Waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Taasfia

      Thanks dear..don’t worry.You won’t be disappointed.keep reading and obviously commenting.??????

  16. Ankita27

    Amazing update…

    1. Taasfia

      Thanks dear???

    2. Taasfia

      Thanks dear???keep reading

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