Gustakh Dil 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 9th October 2013 Written Update

Laajo’s Room:
Epi starts with the two of them outside by Nikhil’s jeep at the location where Nikhil went to pick up Laajo. She apologizes for having bothered him but says she had no option but to call him…
When they arrive home he again repeats the same about having to leave something important to come get her…She apologizes again and again and eventually just grabs her ears and asks for forgiveness that way…Nikhil says okay, I forgive you but next time tell me if you need something or have to go somewhere please let me know first…Laajo then reminds him about the important work he missed and says aren’t you going?…He gets ready to leave but Laajo stops him and says you have something on your shirt, are you going to go out just like that…Nikhil looks down and tries

to wipe the stain off (in the process he puts his phone on the coffee table), the stain doesn’t come off so he goes to his room to change forgetting his phone…Laajo’s still in her room and all of a sudden the loud sound of a police siren starts going off, poor Laajo gets scared and runs to hide and then thinks to herself, why should I be afraid of the police , I didn’t do anything wrong (this girls antics truly kill me). Anyway, she soon realizes that the sound is coming from her room and figures out that it’s coming from the phone. She picks up the phone and sees that it’s Ishana calling (her pic is on there and she recalls the convo she had with Gunja when Gunja told her that Ishana was just Nikhil’s friend). She says to herself, “oh it’s his friends call but what’s this? He made her ringtone into that of a police siren?” The phone continues to ring and she figures it must be an important call so decides to take the phone to Nikhil but at the same time is getting annoyed with the police siren not turning off so I guess she tried to turn it off but instead picked up the call. Ishana is saying hello but Laajo has no idea that she’s on the other line or that she’s turned the phone on and she wonders off to Nikhil’ room to hand him the phone…

Nikhil’s Room:
Nikhil is in his room changing his shirt (he only has his undershirt on and is in the process of putting on a new shirt) when Laajo barges in (mind you it truly isn’t barging when the door’s wide open to start off with. Anyhooo, she runs up to his door and starts to say your phone was ringing…when she notices Nikhil in his half dressed state (to me he’s fully dressed so I don’t see the big deal here but as it’s innocent Laajo I can see why she would think so)…she quickly turns around so she can’t see him (meanwhile unknown to LaKhil, Ishana can hear their whole conversation). She slowly turns around again and enters his room while keeping her eyes covered and says to Nikhil your phone was ringing and you left your phone in my room so I brought it to you. Nikhil sees her in the mirror, holding her hand over her eyes, & says to her, “Laajo, I’ve put on my shirt you can look now”. (Poor Ishana, having to hear this conversation, a wife averting her gaze while her husband is putting on a shirt).
Laajo slowly removes her hand from her eyes and says who uses a police siren as a ringtone anyway? She says it scared me. Then she starts laughing…Nikhil asks her what’s so funny…She says you put your shirt on inside out…Nikhil comes back with it’s my style…A Dehli style…You won’t understand it since you come from Sonvarsa…He says it’s called “Tashan”…He’s unable to keep a straight face any longer and starts laughing…Ishana is very heartbroken hearing the two of them laughing together…

Ishana’s Room:
Ishana has been listening to the convo between LaKhil and is distraught…After hearing the two of them laugh she recalls Nikhil’s promise, the one that he made that every Oct 7th @ 2:45 he will always make her laugh just like she was on the day he made the promise, yet there she was all alone…and in tears and heartbroken…LaKhil were the ones laughing…She says to herself that “maybe he didn’t come today because he didn’t remember today. He’s forgotten his Ishana. He doesn’t love me anymore…everything’s finished, it’s all over…”

Laajo’s Room:
Gunja and Laajo are talking and Gunja asks her “weren’t you afraid when you got lost”? Laajo says no, why would I be afraid, it’s not like I stealing or something, why would I be afraid. Then she continues saying actually there are lots of things I can do that you can’t. Gunja says really, like what. Laajo then goes on that she can climb trees super fast, swim across the river and cut down lots of sugar canes all at the same time. She says can you do all this? Gunja says, you do all this? Laajo says of course that’s what I did in my village. Gunja says I don’t believe you until I see you do it with my own eyes. Laajo says but you’ll have to come to my village to see this and Gunja says for sure, she’ll definitely go with her the next time she goes. Laajo is really happy hearing this. Gunja leaves her room saying her dad will be arriving home soon.
Laajo lies down going thru the events of the day. Then all of a sudden she hear’s Laajo…She gets up from bed but covers her head. Nikhil says why did you put up your gungat? Laajo says did you need something, weren’t you about to leave?…He says no, I cancelled that program. Laajo says why? Nikhl says because I had to say something to you…As always I came to say sorry…I scolded you a lot today…I was really worried about you after getting your panic call…He slowly starts walking towards her (him and his lopsided smile). And then there’s poor Laajo still covering her face and head from him

Ishana’s Room:

Ishana is having flashbacks of the moments in her life that she spent with Nikhil. She looks towards the mirror and there she is seeing all kinds of flashbacks, mostly of her and Nikhil but she also sees Laajo (the one and only time she saw her when she found out who she was) and hears her laughter.

Laajo’s Room:

Back to LaKhil scene…
Lovely background music is playing and Nikhil slowly turns Laajo’s face towards him and then proceeds to remove her gungat, Laajo is acting all shy, keeping her face downcast the whole time, he slowly raises her face up and to face him and Laajo hesitantly opens her eyes to look at him, Nikhil then carresses her cheek with the back of his hand and then holds her face with both hands and slowly pulls her towards him as if to give her a kiss, Laajo does the typical Indian heroine move here and runs away and stops in front of the mirror…Nikhil follows her and with his hands on her shoulder looking at her through the mirror says “I’m your husband, it’s my right (sorry don’t have translation for huck). He then proceeds to hold/hug her from behind and turns her slowly towards him as if he were going to kiss her…Then we see Laajo smiling to herself while DAYDREAMING and she comes back to reality with a thump (literally) …by rolling/falling right off the bed (Lordy, lordy, what an active imagination Laajo has). She looks so shocked, she keeps looking around and finally realizes it was all a dream but even still she’s happily smiling to herself…she runs over to the mirror and smiles to herself then slowly touches her face where she had imagined Nikhil caressing her and of the imagined hug and almost kiss. (I think Laajo needs to stop seeing films, first it was the salsa dance and now this…can you imagine the actual romance if the dream is like this???).

Ishana’ Room:

Ishana is still distraught and is having flashback after flashback about her life with Nikhil interspersed with Laajo’s laughter that she overheard on the phone and the image of Laajo when she first saw her and found out that she was his wife. She keeps seeing these images not only in her mind but she is also visualizing all of these images in the mirror. She throws something at the mirror and she shatters it to pieces. She grabs one piece and recalls Nikhil saying to her “We’ll always be together, and when the end does come, we’ll go together…this life is incomplete without you”. Ishana is once again seeing this memory as an image on the mirror and she says “bye forever Nikhil… although in this lifetime you were not mine in the next you surely will be…”. She’s so overcome in her grief that she decides to end her life…

Nikhil in his jeep:

Nikhil is on his way to go see Ishana, he says to himself…Sorry Ishana, I’m late but promises that he’ll make it up to her…

Ishana’s Room:

Ishana is starting to feel light headed and recalls another memory of herself with Nikhil (It’s one where she is sick with a fever and Nikhil promises to stay with her until her mom comes home. She wants him to promise to stay with her even after her mom comes home and to make sure of the fact she ties a scarf like a handcuff to herself and Nikhil (Nikhil says what, you don’t trust my word?.. She says, but I want to sleep peacefully.. where there is no fear of you going. She closes her eyes and sleeps holding his hand.

In reality, she falls unconscious on the ground. Her mum returns home and searches for her. She is shocked when she finds Ishana unconscious on the ground, and blood flowing from her wrist.

Precap: Shreya calls Nikhil to tell him that Ishana is in hospital and she cut her wrist.

Update Credit to: Parm

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