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Gustakh Dil 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sagar being angry thinking of Kabir. He is about to drink and sees Lajjo reminding him his promise. He says I remember, but just one. She says first one and then many. He scolds her and says do you know me well. She says no, who am I to know you better. I came here to become a star and asked you to leave wine. Sagar keeps the wine. She says fine, drink it, if you feel you lost. Sagar says I lost my everything. She says yes, you will lose everything but drink now, your name and fame will come back drinking wine. She says wine is not a solution for problems, it’s the biggest problem of wine.

He says I forgot whom am I talking, you are Lajjo who solves everyone’s problem, tell me then, we are losing to Ratri despite being better, is there any solution for this. She says

see this, there are many ways to tackle problems, He is shocked to see it and says this is unbelievable. Now Ratri won’t be able to do anything.

Lajjo says we are back in the competition, now the scores are leveled, I made her delete the pics, now we have one chance to show our talent. Sagar is glad and says this is amazing Lajjo, you brought so good news and you are not happy, are you annoyed that I was drinking. She says its not a small thing, you promised me that you will make me star and won’t touch wine, I won’t be there with you forever to stop you, think about Mili, I did not know you are so weak, we find the strengths and weakness in bad times. She leaves.

Its morning, Nikhil gets ready for office and sees Ayesha wondering. He comes to her and says good morning Ayesha di. She starts leaving. He stops her and apologizes to her for calling Adhiraj on lunch. He scolds him and says she is not related to Adhiraj, she is getting married now and she is not interested in Adhiraj. He says fine, its clear, I m sorry you will get hurt meeting him. She says I hate him. He says I don’t think so, you don’t hate him. She says what do you mean, that I love him, no one can love an animal like him.

He says I know my sister, she gets angry on those whom she loves. He says tell me the truth once. She says the truth is I can never love him, love does not have any place in my life, mum wants me to marry Karanvir and I will marry him. She says don’t interfere so much. He says don’t do that mistake which I did, afterall its your life. Sagar says Anjali everything what Lajjo did with Ratri. She is surprised and says did she do this, she has something in her. He says we are back in the game. Anjali thinks about Lajjo’s background and asks Sagar about her husband and in laws.

Sagar says she said she is married and I did not ask her anything else. He asks why what happened. She says just like it, we know she loves her husband a lot but she did not say the name. he says I will find out if you say. Anjali says no, but where is she. He says she should be here for rehearsals and thinks did she get annoyed. He calls her and can’t connect. Anjali sees him worrying and asks what happened. He says nothing. She says any problem, tell me. He says no, I have some work, call me if she does not come, I will go her home. Anjali thinks what is Sagar hiding, whats going on.

Is Lajjo avoiding to meet me, is she Nikhil’s wife? The manager tells the man that Nikhil won’t do any mistake, he is a fool, its hard to get an innocent and honest man. They put the diamonds in the bag and gives it to Nikhil asking him to do the delivery carefully. Nani comes to Barkha and meets Gunjan. Gunjan says Barkha went out. Nani asks her why is she worried. Gunjan tells about Ayesha. Barkha comes home angrily and Gunjan leaves. Nani understands why is Barkha angry and asks why is she angry.

Nani asks any bad news and tells her about her kitty party and she came to know about Ratri. She asks about the auction painting. Barkha asks what auction. Nani says you told us. Barkha says yes, don’t ask me, I m upset. Nani smiles and thinks she knew her plans backfired, I will see how you make Lajjo lose. Sagar comes home and asks Anjali did Lajjo come, I went her home and she is not there, every day is important. She has to rehearse. Anjali says what you did last night, who is responsible. Sagar says yes, I was wrong, I should have kept my promise. Anjali says she is upset and we should give her some time, she will come.

Sagar says I can’t sit here and wait, where will I find her. I will call her. He could not talk to her and is worried. He says Lajjo where are you. She says calm down, she is not irresponsible, she knows what this competition means to you. Nikhil is at a hotel and there is a raid. The manager says police feels there will be a smuggling here and no one can go out, the man came to buy drugs but don’t know who came to sell drugs.

The raid officers come to Nikhil and asks him to get his bag checked. Nikhil says I have company sets, I m a manager waiting for my client. They check my briefcase and does not get anything. The man says cut the flabs and check. Nikhil says I did not do anything. They check and Nikhil is shocked.

Sagar brings Lajjo to show her Trishna’s pic on the hoardings. Lajjo is stunned seeing it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. I just love this serial 🙂 Finally Lajjo and Nikhil is going to reunite 🙂

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