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Gustakh Dil 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rina asking Barkha to give away few clothes, as her cupboard is over loaded. Barkha says yes, I did not wear many. Rina says you did not wear it even once, it has the tag, its so branded and its beautiful. Barkha asks her to keep it if she likes it, as she did not wear it as she did not like the color. Rina says thanks and takes them. Barkha gets a call and says really, I will be there. Barkha says she is going to hospital and gives the keys of wardrobe. She leaves. Rina thinks its golden chance and she should not miss it. She sees Barkha has gone and locks the door.

She makes the keys impression and smiles. Lajjo talks to Sagar. Sagar says Jasmine has ruined my name, she acted cheap and blamed me. Lajjo also thinks about Jasmine’s obsession. She says she knows Jasmine

is trying to creating fight between her and Nikhil. Sagar asks Lajjo did you think that what can be done. She says what can we do, Nikhil is blindly trusting Jasmine and she joined course with him and comes home any time. She says I can’t do anything, and you know Nikhil, he is under her favors as she has saved his life, he does not know her intentions. Sagar says I understand, she will do what she wants. Lajjo says yes, I can’t forget that blame and can’t show this pics to Nikhil, as she will say she was joking and remind him Agra matter.

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He says we have to show Nikhil her true face and we have less time. She says yes, I will clear the blame on your name and also remove doubt from Nikhil’s heart, but what can I do. Saraswati is in kitchen. She sees the key impression wax and thinks its silver stamp. Rina comes and asks what was she doing. Saraswati says your purse fell and I was keeping the things back. Saraswati leaves. Rina thinks she should be careful else her game will be spoiled.

Ayesha talks to Barkha and asks is she ok. Barkha says yes, tell me about Adhiraj. Ayesha says he is very disciplined, I feel he is my strict school principal and I m student who makes mistake all the time. She says there is good news, he got a good offer from a magazine. Barkha says how lucky, I m very happy. Nupur comes there and calls Ayesha Didi. Ayesha gets angry seeing her. Nupur says Saraswati has sent this coffee for you. Ayesha says I m not your Didi, and don’t you have any manners to come inside without knocking the door. She scolds Nupur and asks her to get out. Nupur gets upset. Barkha looks at her and takes the coffee. Nupur leaves.

Ayesha asks how can she take coffee from her, did you not get angry on her. Barkha says truth won’t change if I get angry and how far will I run, Nupur lost her mum and she is alone, its not her mistake, she has just her father Inder now. She asks Ayesha to understand her. Ayesha looks at her. Nikhil studies and Lajjo comes to him. She hugs him and says she has a holiday plan. He says good you planned it alone. She says I wanted to give you surprise, we are unable to give time to each other, I took 4 day holiday from Sagar. He says even Jasmine planned for our assignment, we decided to devote time to it. She asks can’t you do this next week. He says we have deadlines and Jasmine took permission at the heritage monument for us. She gets upset. He says we will go next time. She says fine. Lajjo thinks Jasmine is one step ahead of her always but she will fail her. Saraswati doubts Rina. Rina sees her watching her and calls out Chaya. Saraswati says she will help her. Rina thinks she should run before anyone catches her. Lajjo comes to Nupur. She thinks about her words and tells about her journey in this house, when she came here for first time, everyone disliked her, and then she thought its her house and they are her family, and she helped them and won their hearts.

She says they have accepted me, they will accept you too. Nupur says don’t know when will that day come. Lajjo asks her to be positive. Ayesha comes to talk to Lajjo. Lajjo asks is she annoyed with Nupur. Ayesha says no, I don’t have any relation with her, why will I be annoyed. She says she is not my sister and not daughter of this house, and she is not related to us.Lajjo says this relation can’t change if you don’t accept it. Ayesha says can’t you see my pain, you feel my anger is wrong. Lajjo nods yes. Ayesha is shocked.

Inder asks Nupur to stay in hostel. Barkha says no need for Nupur to go anywhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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