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Gustakh Dil 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo greeting Nani and asking if Barkha told her that she is in Delhi. Nani says no, I m her mum and understand when she is hiding, I had a doubt that Lajjo is around and Sagar is hiding Trishna, Who is Lajjo. Lajjo asks how did you know. Nani says I used my mind, I heard Barkha’s talk hiding and came to know that you are Trishna and will do great thing in Sagar’s show. Lajjo says so Barkha sent you to convince me to go to Sonbarsa, as I failed. Nani asks what are you saying. Nikhil brings Ayesha for lunch. She asks whats the reason. He says why, can’t I bring you. She says yes, you can, I will order my fav food. He says I m expecting a special friend. She asks who is it. Adhiraj comes and greets Nikhil. They see each other and react in anger.

Nikhil looks on. She

says if I knew he is coming, I would have not come. Adhiraj says I would have also not come. They start arguing and Nikhil laughs. Nikhil asks them to cool down and have a talk. He says I know there is some problem, but we can have lunch. Nikhil asks Adhiraj what will he have. Adhiraj says Indian food. Ayesha says I will not eat Indian. Nikhil says fine. Adhiraj and Ayesha argue again. Nikhil says relax, stop fighting, I will order food of both’s choice. He orders food for them. Ayesha asks what will you eat. Nikhil says I will share Indian food with Adhiraj.

The waiter says thai food will take time. Nikhil says no problem, Ayesha can try paneer. She says I won’t eat, its high calories. Adhiraj eats licking his fingers. She asks is this civilized way to eat. Nikhil says what can I say now. Ayesha and Adhiraj argue again. Nikhil is amazed seeing them and says why did I bring them here together. Ayesha says I can’’t have lunch with this mad man and leaves. Adhiraj says did she really go. Nikhil thinks he is a fool to get in between them. Adhiraj asks Nikhil did he talk to Ayesha about book. Nikhil says forgive me, you talk to her directly.

Lajjo tells Nani everything what Ratri did and cries. She says no one will believe me, how will I tell Nikhil the pics are wrong. Lajjo says I was very close to victory but Ratri made me lose, now I have tp start from beginning, I want to go sonbarsa to meet my parents. Nani says no, how can you lose so soon, you will make Barkha’s plan work, no you have to win this competition for Nikhil and your love. Lajjo says so you want me to win and Barkha to lose. Nani says yes, this time I won’t support Barkha, as this time what she is doing is wrong. She wants to kill Nikhil’s happiness, she is wrong, well I won’t let this happen. Lajjo says but its late, we withdrew. Nani says you will win. Lajjo says Ratri will defame me. Nani says even she has some secrets, give me some time.

Lajjo says fine, I will wait. Nani smiles and says you will be successful my child, just give me two days. Nani comes home and talks to Meera saying she has some gossip. She says I planned a chariry event for her paintings auction, if everyone comes, the money will go to charity, you also come for some hot gossip. Meera asks what is she hiding. Nani does not tell her. Inder hears Rishi talking in his room and asks whats this. Rishi says I was seeing football worldcup. She says if Barkha knows this, she won’t leave you, shut the laptop. Rishi says ok. Inder asks him to sleep well and leaves.

He comes back to Rishi again and asks the score. Rishi smiles and checks the score. Gunjan sees them. Inder asks how is Rishi seeing match on laptop. Rishi tells about Tata sky. Inder says teach me this too. They have a talk of tata sky mobile site where they can see everywhere tv. Gunajn asks why are they making so much noise. She joins them in the football match. She smiles leaving the boys have fun. Lajjo thinks about Nani’s words. Rancho talks to her. Lajjo says Nani has changed so much. Nani meets the women and gossip about Ratri, to know about her past. The women tell about Ratri’s past. Nani says we don’t know Ratri, Barkha invited her in Gunjan’s birthday party. The lady says keep Nikhil away from Ratri, as she did drugs scandal, she changes boyfriends in two hours, she is drug addict and was caught in the party with drugs, her father used his contacts to save her. Nani smiles.

Nani calls Lajjo and gives breaking news about Ratri’s past. She tells about Ratri’s drug case and she was arrested on being drug addict. She tells everything what the women said. She says just think, if we give this news in press, before competition. Lajjo says but we don’t have any proof, Ratri will not be scared. Lajjo says we want prove to make Ratri delete the pics. Nani says I can’t ask Ravi, as he will tell everything to Barkha, my children are only after their status its my wrong upbringing. Lajjo smiles. Nani says I will use my contacts, I promised to help you, I have an idea. She tells it to Lajjo and smiles. Lajjo says its dangerous, what if we get caught. Nani says we have to take risk. Lajjo agrees.

Lajjo and Nani get some proof against Ratri in the police station.

Update Credit to: Amena

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