Gustakh Dil 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 7th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kajri telling that your fate has become bad, that curse is on you, now nothing can happen. Kajri’s sister comes to take her and thanks Lajjo. She asks Lajjo to go home. Lajji looks on. Ishaana meets Nikhil at a restaurant. She says Lajjo made a place in everyone’s heart. He says it does not matter. She says I did not know Samrat takes Lajjo’s side so much. Nikhil says what do you have to do wuth my family, its sufficient that I love you. Ishaana thinks about Lajjo’s words. Ishaana smiles and says we are still talking about her, she is between us even now and will be always.

Lajjo talks to her mum and tells her about the flu in the village. She says I will go to the clinic. Her mum asks her to help her in cleaning clothes. Lajjo says fine, but I will

help somewhat. Her mum asks about the city and where they dry the clothes. Lajjo tells them about machine which dries the clothes. Her sister says I came to know for the first time. Lajjo’s mum scolds her and asks her to work. Lajjo says mum…… She asks what did you wear, think about Nikhil’s status atleast. Lajjo says I have to go to the clinic, my time is getting wasted. They talk about Lajjo’s childhood and have a laugh.

Her mum says I m your mum who loves you a lot. Lajjo says why are you saying me. She says you have changed, you are hiding things from me. Lajjo says nothing. I m not hiding anything. Her mum says you look worried, did you fight with Nikhil, tell me. Lajjo says its nothing like that. Lajjo hugs her mum and laughs. Barkha and Nani think of talking to Lajjo’s parents. Barkha says who cares about them, I want their divorce. Nani says first take Nikhil’s sign. The lawyer says I suggest out of court settlement, it will save our time. Barkha says I want the divorce at any cost.

Inder and Samrat are shocked hearing about the divorce. Samrat says why the hurry. Barkha says I m in hurry, I want it to happen soon. Ravi comes. The lawyer shows the papers to Ravi. Ravi talks about compensation and alimony. Nani says they will deman much, they are greedy. Samrat feels bad. Inder says we want Nikhil’s happiness but we should think about Lajjo too. Lajjo comes to doctor kaka o treat some patients. She talks to the patients that she gives them medicines for free.

Doctor kaka comes and talks to Kaka. He says the situation is getting worse, everyone is getting the flu. Lets make a list of the medicines which we will need. Lajjo says I will help you. He says till when will you help me. She says till I can. He says then you will leave after four days. Lajjo looks on. He says Nikhil will come and take you with him. Lajjo says I m not going anywhere. He says what. Nikhil tells Ishaana that the divorce papers are ready but he is feeling this odd. She says don’t blame yourself, this was Lajjo’s decision, she left you, not you. Don’t think she left, think I came back in your life.

Samrat comes to Nikhil and Nikhil ends the call. Nikhil says please, I know what you came for. Samrat says I want to hear it from you. Nikhil says I won’t bring Lajjo back. Lajjo’s mum asks her husband to go to Nikhil’s house and find out what is worrying Lajjo. She says if Nikhil does not come to take Lajjo, I will die. You please go and find out. Nikhil says Lajjo left me, she is not happy in this house and with me. Samrat says develop understanding. Nikhil says its not possible, we are different. Samrat praises Lajjo.

He says there is a reason why she left the house, this marriage matters to her, she won’t be happy if this marriage breaks. Samrat says give the marriage some time. Nikhil gets angry and taunts Samrat that even his marriage broke. Samrat is hurt. Nikhil says you married by your wish, but I was forced to marry. Why did you not save your marriage, tell me. Samrat is silent. Nikhil says don’t feel bad, but don’t advice me on marriage in which you failed. Lajjo’s mum tells her husband to lie to Nikhil’s family that he came just to meet them and not do any check. He agrees.

Lajjo’s mum comes to meet Barkha and Nikhil. Barkha tells him that we did not ever accept Lajjo as our bahu. He is shocked. Nikhil looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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