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Gustakh Dil 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasmine giving the spiked drink to Nikhil. Nikhil drinks it and feels dizzy. Chaya talks to Lajjo and says Rina lies a lot, don’t trust her, it looks like she has something in her mind. Lajjo says I feel you are jealous of her. Chaya says why will I be jealous, I m old, and I will always work with her, Rina is strange. Lajjo says Shaila was also strange. They laugh. Nupur comes to them and says sorry to disturb, I need water. Chaya says she will give. Nupur says I will take it myself. Lajjo thinks about Nupur’s words. She says she will teach her cooking and makes her light and busy. She shows the recipe and asks Nupur to try. Nupur tries it. Lajjo says doing great and asks her about her friends. Nupur says no, I always stayed in different hostels and after mum died, I changed


Lajjo says how, you should have friends, I have many friends in my village. Nupur says I don’t have any friend, I m alone. Lajjo says friends are necessary, life is nothing without friends. Nupur says she is unlucky. Lajjo says you have a good family, everyone here, and we too. Nupur smiles. Chaya asks what to make in sweets. Lajjo asks Nupur what will she have. Nupur says dad said everyone likes caramel custard here. Lajjo says yes, Nikhil loves it, lets make Rina do it. Chaya says fine. Lajjo laughs. Jasmine asks Nikhil is he feeling better. He says I don’t know how did this beer hit me. She asks him to finish it.

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His vision starts shaking, he sees Lajjo in Jasmine. He smiles. He then sees Jasmine. She hugs him. he is shocked. He moves her away and then sees Lajjo signing him to come closer. He says we love each other so much, then why did you do this with me Lajjo. Jasmine is shocked. She hugs him and says I love you Nikhil, I promise everything will be fine. He says you promise? She says yes. She takes their selfie and sends to Lajjo, while she is waiting for Nikhil. She thinks Nikhil went to meet Jasmine.

She thinks of Jasmine’s challenge and is worried. Saraswati comes to Lajjo and asks why is she worried. Lajjo says for my shows and work. Saraswati says she trusts her and Nikhil a lot, I have seen your love, but husband and wife relation is delicate and has to get love and trust, you both still busy, if you both don’t spend time, it will bring distance. She asks her to spend time with Nikhil. Barkha is upset and thinks about her and Inder. She thinks of his affair and Nani asking her to forgive Inder. Lajjo gets the pic and reads Jasmine’s message. She gets worried.

Nikhil comes home drunk. Lajjo holds him and asks did he drink wine. He says I did not wish to have beer, but Jasmine insisted and made me drink. He stumbles and says calm down, I m not drunk. She asks him to change. He says change? You have changed a lot, I know you have actually changed. She says she will get his clothes. Nikhil says he is fine, he said he did not drink wine. He gets annoyed and falls on the bed. Lajjo looks at him and is worried. She removes his socks and thinks Jasmine will take the worst way to make Nikhil make any mistake and she can use it. She thinks she won’t let Jasmine come between them, but how.

Lajjo tells Nikhil that she planned a holiday. He says Jasmine also planned it, and it won’t be good to cancel it at last moment. She gets upset.

Update Credit to: Amena

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