Gustakh Dil 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 6th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anu telling Samrat that Lajjo has changed after shewent d satyed in their house for six months. She is not the same cheerful Lajjo now. Baba thinks of talking to Nikhil about Lajjo. Ayesha waits for Adhiraj and thinks of asking the tea stall man. She changes her mind and says who cares. Nikhil comes to Lajjo with corn and asks her to have it. He takes care of Lajjo and asks he not to get emotional. He says whenever you miss me, I will come, infact I will never leave you. He says its time for medicines now.

Lajjo thinks about Nikhil. Jabse tere naino ne. ……. Plays…………..She thinks what am I thinking, he is not mine and he does not love me, I don’t have any right on him. Nikhil thinks and calls Ishaana. He says thank God I came here, its very bad situation

here. He shares his experience at the village. He says Lajjo was very serious, now she is fine after Samrat brought the medicines. She was smiling seeing me. She asked me to leave saying I would also get the infection. I m sad seeing her like this. Her face is yellow, she changed. She is not the Lajjo we know. Ishaana says don’t worry, she will be fine soon. Ishaana cries. Nikhil thanks her for giving him permission to come here and understanding him.

He says I know you are hurt that I could come there, but I will come in 3-4 days, once Lajjo gets completely fine. Bas tumhe dekhti hoon………. Gustakh dil ………. plays………Gunjan talks to Chaya and Ayesha and asks Ayesha to have food. Ayesha thinks about Adhiraj. Lajjo meets her sisters and have a talk. Nikhil comes to Baba. Baba says he wants to talk to him, come and sit. Nikhil talks to him about Lajjo and says no one at home knew she was leaving our house. Baba asks about the reason for her reason. Nikhil thinks he had scolded Lajjo a day before.

Lajjo’s sisters ask Lajjo why did you leave Nikhil and come here, mum said you are ill because of him. Lajjo says no, its nothing like that, I was treating the patients so I became ill, Nikhil is a very nice human being. Nikhil tells Baba that his marriage with Lajjo was a very big mistake. I love Ishaana, not Lajjo. Baba is shocked and asks the truth is you married Lajjo, it was your decision, why are you breaking this relation now. Nikhil says it was a mistake, I did not know the meaning of marriage when I got married. I made a mistake and I regret about it.

Nikhil says this marriage does not matter, I took the decision, I love Ishaana and I will marry her, please don’t expect sacrifice from me, we won’t be happy then. Lajjo’s sisters come home and her mum beats them. Lajjo’s mum is happy and says I will make Khichdi for Lajjo. Her husband says Baba told he will talk to Nikhil. She says we can’t force Nikhil, even Barkha does not accept Lajjo, she said that Nikhil loves someone else. Lajjo talks to Doctor Kaka about her fight with the illness. He says why did you hide the illness from me, see what happened, Nikhil came running hearing about you.

He says Nikhil helped us a lot, he arranged medicines for all the patients. He says now you are fine. Nikhil wants to meet you, will you meet him. Lajjo agrees. Nikhil comes to Lajjo. He gives her anklet to her. She says its mine but only one. He says Gunjan did this, sorry. Lajjo asks what will I do with one anklet. Nikhil makes her laugh by acting like a woman wearing the anklet. Lajjo laughs and thinks about her old words. She says give me my anklet back. He says I won’t. She says if anyone see you, they will say Lajjo’s husband has become nuts. Hare ek pal……….bawra………….plays………… Nikhil looks at her.

Lajjo’s sisters punctures the tyres of Nikhil’s jeep so that he can not go back from Sonbarsa.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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