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Gustakh Dil 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Barkha seeing the lady’s pic. Nupur cries. Inder comes there and Barkha walks to her room. Nupur says the pic fell by her by mistake. He nods fine. Nupur leaves. Inder sees the pic and keeps it back. Lajjo comes to Nikhil and asks what happened. He asks why do you take Nupur’s side. She says I can’t insult her. Jasmine calls Nikhil and says we gave to go to newspaper office for assignment, get ready, I will come. Nikhil says you don’t come. She asks why. He says I m busy. She insists. He says I will meet you outside after my work. He ends the call and says don’t know what will I do, if anyone comes, what will I say, meet Nupur, my step sister, dad made a joke of us.

She says if they are true friends, they will not joke and understand our situation. Nani and

Ranvi come to meet Barkha and Inder. Nani asks will he keep Nupur here. She asks him to take a decision. Ranvi says I m worried for Barkha. Inder says I m really sorry, I did not do this intentionally, if Barkha permits, can I keep Nupur here. Barkha says why my permission, Nupur is your daughter, do as you wish, I will feel hurt seeing her, and it will be peace if she is away.

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Ravi says think well, we did not address this problem, that girl says she is his daughter, what is the proof. Inder says I have that letter. Ranvi says its not a proof. Lets be practical and do her DNA test to clear the thing, if its positive, we can say she is your daughter. Nupur hears this and leaves. Inder thinks he knows she is his daughter, this will insult Nupur more. Saraswati lies to sleep and hears some sound. She goes out and sees Nupur going. She asks where is she going. Nupur says she is going far from family, don’t stop me. Saraswati says how can you go at night, where will you go and why.

Nupur says no one trusts me here, they think I m not dad’s daughter and want to do DNA test. Saraswati asks whats it. She says the test will show I m his daughter or not, they think I m thief to loot this house, what will I do staying here, I have to go, after mum went, I had this hope to stay in dad’s house with this family, but its breaking because of me. Lajjo comes there and hears Nupur. Saraswati stops Nupur. She asks her to think being in their state, she would also do what they are doing, they are angry and its justified. She says atleast stay here for your dad.

Its morning, Rina stops Saraswati from doing the work. Nupur comes there and Saraswati asks her is she fine and have faith in Lord. Nupur says yes. Rina asks is she going somewhere. Nupur says yes, on terrace. Rina says fine, we will make breakfast till then. Nupur leaves. Rina asks Saraswati not to be kind to Nupur, we don’t know who is she, she can loot the house too. Saraswati is shocked. Lajjo gives tea to Nikhil and says Nupur was leaving the house. Nikhil asks how do you know, and why was she leaving, as this is her dad’s house. She asks why is he being bitter. He says I don’t know to be sweet like you, and why did she not leave.

Lajjo says Saraswati stopped her and explained. I saw them talking. Nikhil says it would have been good if she went. She says where would a girl go at night. He says I don’t care, I don’t know why you show sympathy to her, whats your problem. She says I have sympathy so I m showing it, she had reason, I will tell if you want to know. He asks what. She tells about the DNA test matter. She says she felt bad, I know how it feels. He says I m sorry, I m not great, I get angry seeing her, I remember dad cheated mum and I can’t forget and accept it, stop saying this.

Lajjo thinks of him, and how he saved her in the village. She reminds him about the past and how Barkha has forgive him for Akash’s death. Lajjo explains him that everyone is annoyed in this house, can’t they forgive Nupur, she is his sister. She says Inder is ashamed and sad. Nikhil says I m glad, he deserves it. Lajjo says no, he is your dad, whatever his past was, he loved your mum and did not leave her, he always supported her. He thinks.

Nikhil meets Jasmine at her home. She asks is he disturbed, what happened, don’t you trust me, will you hide it from a friend. He says nothing. I will show the presentation. She says I know you are disturbed. She makes a drink for him and adds a tablet in it. She smiles and gives the drink to him. He drinks it and she looks at him. She says I drink beer when I m upset. He smiles and drinks it.

Jasmine hugs Nikhil and clicks pics. She sends it to Lajjo. Nikhil comes home drunk and Lajjo is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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