Gustakh Dil 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 5th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil hearing positive praise for Lajjo from everyone in the village. The woman says Lajjo gave her medicines to my daughter. Anu comes to Nikhil and says till when will you wait here, goad have rest, I will inform you when Samrat comes. Nikhil says I won’t go anywhere. He says I would have known this some days before. Anu says we can do one thing, we should leave everything on Lord and pray to him. Nikhil says I can’t do that. He thinks about his brother’s death.

Lajjo’s mum comes to the temple to pray for Lajjo. The pandit gives her hope. Nikhil sees Lajjo and she does not respond. Doctor Kaka tries to revive her saying we have to fight. Nikhil tells him that Samrat got the medicines and he is bringing them. Ishaana thinks about Nikhil’s words and cries.

Her gang comes and asks what happened. Ishaana says Nikhil called me and said Lajjo is very serious. Rancho says you are crying as Lajjo is ill or that Nikhil went back to her. Ishaana says why do everyone feel I m so bad, why. Rancho says I m sorry.

Ishaana says I love Nikhil. Rancho says what does Lajjo have Nikhil has signed her divorce papers, and she is ill, will she survive or not. Ishaana says I don’t want her to die but to become well. I want Nikhil to be guilt free and come back to me. If anything happens to Lajjo, then Nikhil won’t be happy and she won’t go from our lives ever. Samrat comes with the medicines. Nikhil talks to him. Lajjo’s mum prays for Lajjo. Samrat tells them not to worry as Lajjo will be fine. Doctor Kaka says I have given her injection, lets see how she responds. You all can go home.

Lajjo’s mum says we won’t go. Doctor kaka says you too can get infected, leave. He says I don’t want the patients to increase, don’t worry about Lajjo, we will take care of her. Barkha is worried about Nikhil and Lajjo. Nani says I can’t believe this, you are worried about Lajjo. Nikhil talks to Samrat and Samrat tells him that Lajjo did not take care of herself because of her failed marriage. Lajjo’s mum is right, her reaction is right. Nikhil asks what should I do now. Samrat says I understand, if you want to be with Ishaana, you should be with Ishaana.

Nikhil says if my decision is right, why do I feel guilty. Samrat says because you are a good human being, you feel guilty about Lajjo’s illness. Nikhil says first my brother and now Lajjo. Samrat says Lajjo can get well, you can clear thing with her, there won’t be any guilty, as yourself did you do anything that have hurt Lajjo, a person can’t lie to himself. Lajjo’s mum is still saying its Nikhil’s mistake. Lajjo’s dad says Nikhil did a big favor by arranging the medicines.

Lajjo’s mum says Lajjo does not want to live because of Nikhil. Lajjo’s dad says we are equally important for Lajjo’s failed marriage, we got her married to Nikhil as we wanted to save our image in the village we wanted her marriage to be successful as we did not wish the news to spread. Lajjo has hidden it from us. We burdened Lajjo. She could not tell anything to us. Lajjo’s mum thinks about Lajjo and cries. Doctor kaka is treating Lajjo.

Nikhil is sitting near the lake. Lajjo’s mum comes to him and says Lajjo will never come back, she died. You have killed Lajjo. He imagines Kajri blaming him. Aditi comes to Ishaana. She says Nikhil will come in two days. Ishaana says I won’t do this course without Nikhil. Aditi says maybe Lajjo is really serious. Lajjo is Nikhil’s wife. Ishaana says so I allowed Nikhil to go, I want the closure. She thinks about Nikhil’s words. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo sitting there at the lake. Dhani comes to him and says Lajjo is fine and conscious, come fast to meet her. She says you have saved my sister. Nikhil cries and says I will come, you go.

Lajjo’s mum is with Lajjo. Doctor Kaka tells Lajjo that Nikhil has come. Lajjo says did he come but why, I told mum not to tell him. Doctor kaka says he is here and outside the clinic since night, he has saved you. Samrat calls Barkha. Barkha asks how is Lajjo. Samrat says she is out of danger. Barkha says thank God, when is Nikhil coming back. Samrat says I think he has to talk to Lajjo once. Barkha says he has London flight today. Samrat says Nikhil does not remember that. He ends the call. Barkha tells everyone that Lajjo is fine.

Nikhil comes to see Lajjo. Sakhi Saiyyan…………..plays……………….He says I m a foolfor not understanding you. She says why did you come here, go from here. He says why, can’t I come to see you. She says go. He says I won’t. She says this disease spreads, if anything happens then….. Bawra mann bawra……………plays………… They touch hands through the transparent sheet.

Nikhil brings smile on Lajjo’s face. Lajjo says if anyone sees you like this they will think Lajjo’s husband is crazy. Nikhil looks on as she regards him her husband.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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