Gustakh Dil 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 4th October 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Indur talking with Nikhil He asks Nikhil why all these confident on Lajjo leaving his family. Nikhil says that he already said it clearly that Lajjo never lies not that she can’t but… It does not mean Sid also is saying the truth only because he belongs to a rich family.
Indur tells him to think about about Ayesha future, he says it is very good that the wedding has been called off as she deserves a better life partner rather than Sid. Indur goes in deep thought.

Lajjo is making tea and Gunja asks for whom she says for Nikhil. She’s sad to know that Nikhil left. She says she’s late. Gunja tells her that Nikhil drinks black tea. But she offers to drink the tea made for Nikhil( the cup is empty). Gunja says sorry not to support her as she knows Sid does

not deserves Ayesha.She says she did not show any courage so she’s sorry but she was sure Sid truth would have been exposed but unfortunately nothing of this sort happened.
Lajjo says whatever happened she does not need to feel the guilt for. Lajjo says she’s only feeling bad for Ayesha as her wedding has called off, as she has experienced the pain. She goes to talk to Ayesha who begins to scream inviting all others. Barkha asks Lajjo to leave not to get irritate. NN says why is she crying? Barkha tells Ayesha NN has a surprise for her and it is a spa treatment but Ayesha refuses all. Ayesha says Sid is not picking her call Barkha says that she does not need to call as they called off the wedding. There’s not only one guy but Ayesha wants to marry Sid only. NN says Ravi will go to talk to them. NN explains her that marriage should not be celebrated in the interest of one person only. Sid is showing that he’s not interested, and the most important is, if someone stepped in one’s life first he’s mean to be the right and perfect guy. It does not work that way. NN promotes the New Mallika Sherawat show.
NN says Ayesha will meet lots of people she has to choose the best. Ayesha says Sid is the best and her soulmate.

At Ishana place: Kunal is saying to IM( Ishana mom) that he does not understand Nikhil how could he did this to Ishana. IM says Ishana does not want to move in life. Ishana arrives and asks if they are talking about Nikhil.They just end their conversation.Kunal asks Ishana to come for dinner with him but she refuses saying she’s in no mood. He gets a call from Nikhil and goes to answer outside. He does not answer properly to Nikhil and hang up.
Lajjo is in deep thought how to explain to Ayesha. NN comes in her room and asks her being guilty she did not apologise to Sid. Lajjo says Sid is not the right guy all happened because of him.
Lajjo says it is good whatever happened. NN asks Lajjo to tell the truth as she’s blaming Sid the future SIL of this family. How can a guy like Sid gets attracted to such a girl like Lajjo it is unbelievable. Lajjo asks so she did everything? She tells NN she must be believing her to come to ask what happened?she tells NN Sid is not good for Ayesha as her mom always says that a person must be beautiful from inside rather than good looking.

Lajjo goes to Nikhil room and sees his room in a mess so she decides to arrange it and she recollects her trip with Nikhil to Sombarsa. She goes to talk with the fish and tells that she begins to love Nikhil.She’s extremely happy today.

Lajjo is shown wearing Nikhil shirt and she’s making her moustache with the help of a pen.She hears someone coming and hides. Nikhil enters his room but is lost in some thought…

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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