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Gustakh Dil 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil and Lajjo talking about Nupur. He says we have to tell Ayesha before she comes to know by someone else. Ayesha comes home angrily and throws Nupur’s bag asking her to get out right now. Inder and Barkha look on shocked. Ayesha scolds Nupur and says only I m Inder’s daughter, not you. Nupur cries. Lajjo says try to understand her why did she come here at night. Ayesha says now she can go, why is she not going, she has a motive, did she come to take my place and take rights, listen, no one can take my place. Ayesha looks at Inder and cries. She sees Barkha upset.

Saraswati pacifies Nupur and says everything will be fine. She looks at Barkha. Ayesha thinks about talking to Inder about Barkha. Lajjo talks to her. Ayesha says he was a perfect father, perfect husband

and perfect human being, he was my hero. She cries saying she can’t believe this. She says when I asked him, he did not tell me. She says that girl, she can’t stay in this house, why did she come here. Lajjo calms her down and says we will solve it, try to understand. She says she came here as her hostel caught fire at night, and she came here being helpless, she knew that no one will accept her here, and she still came here.

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She says where would she go, she did not have any option, I can understand you are angry and annoyed by this, but this is not the time, Barkha is more angry, think about her, who is her support. She says a daughter’s support means a lot to her. Ayesha says yes Lajjo you are right, but I don’t know how to face her, what to tell her. Lajjo says you have to face her. Inder comes to Ayesha. Lajjo leaves. Ayesha says my Papa is the best Papa in the whole world, you are my hero. She asks how can he do this, you cheated mum. Inder says its not so simple.

He says yes, I made a mistake, a big one. He says I told your mum the truth and not hidden anything, its so many years after marriage, and it’s the one mistake I did. He says he loves Barkha a lot and he has never made the love less. He defends himself and says if Barkha does not forgive him ever, he won’t have any complaint, but I worry that will my children forgive him, will Nikhil and she forgive him. Ayesha says no Papa, I can’t forgive you, I m sorry. She leaves. Lajjo talks to Nikhil and cheers them by saying Barkha is in room, and they can have oily food. She serves them food and Nupur sees everyone upset.

Nupur calls dad…. Inder asks her to have food. No one calls her for dinner. Nupur says I m not hungry. Inder takes her to the dinner table and this annoys Nikhil and Gunjan. They leave. Lajjo says its fine, I will send their food to room, what will you have. Nupur looks at Lajjo. Adhiraj talks to Ayesha and defends Nupur. He explains her that its not Nupur’s mistake, I understand her, its her parents mistake, I can know it well, that a child has to bear punishment for the father’s mistake, parents don’t realize this. She says she can understand what he is saying, and says Barkha’s failed face is making her sad.

She says she can’t see Barkha like this, no woman can bear her husband cheating on her, and why should she, as she leaves everything behind to stay with her husband. She says if he cheats her, then she will kill him and that girl. He says I love his life, relax. She beats him and he smiles. He hugs her. Nupur’s bag items are fallen. Lajjo helps her in arranging. Barkha comes there and gets a pic turned upside down. She reads Love you mom…. Nupur. Nupur sees Barkha with the pic and is shocked. She thinks its mum’s pic….. Barkha turns the pic and sees the lady. Barkha is shocked seeing her. Nupur cries.

Ravi says lets have a DNA test and find out is Nupur really Inder’s daughter. Nupur is leaving home and Saraswati stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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