Gustakh Dil 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 4th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with people taking Nikhil outside. Nikhil asks Doctor Kaka how is Lajjo. Doctor Kaka says she does not have feeling to live, she gave the medicines to others. She needs more injections. We have many patients, we don’t know who will survive. Nikhil says call an ambulance, I will take her to Delhi. Lajjo’s mum says no, you don’t have any relation with my daughter. Anu says let her go, she will be fine. Lajjo’s mum says how can I let her go, Lajjo gave me her oath. Doctor kaka says we don’t have medicines here. Lajjo’s dad says let her go, Lajjo can become well. She scolds Nikhil and says I don’t trust you.

She says I gave my daughter to you and what did you do. She blames Nikhil for all this saying Lajjo does not want to live because of you. Nikhil cries.

She says Lajjo died the day she came back to this village and you have killed her. Barkha has a get together with her friends. Her friend asks about Nikhil. Barkha tells her about Nikhil going to the village. He is doing social service. Her friend says I m so proud of him. Inder feels bad and asks Barkha what will happen if he goes to London. He says will he go away from Lajjo. He says this is fate which took Nikhil to Lajjo.

Nikhil talks to Doctor Kaka and offers help. Doctor kaka says we need medicines from outside, we don’t have money to buy it and we don’t have time. Nikhil says give me the names, I will bring it for everyone here, you will have it till tomorrow morning. Nikhil calls Samrat and asks him to arrange the medicines for the villagers. Samrat says I know a dealer but…. Nikhil says but what. Samrat says I don’t know the shop is open or not, it will be morning till I send the medicines. Nikhil says I should have asked them about medicines before coming here else…. Samrat asks what else. Nikhil cries.

Ishaana calls Nikhil and he says Lajjo is serious, she can’t die, she can’t leave us. Ishaana says take care of her, make her well. Nikhil says thanks for understanding me. Lajjo’s dad thinks about Barkha’s words. Nikhil tells him that Lajjo left his house by her wish, I did not send her here. Lajjo’s dad says I know. He says Lajjo can never be a burden on anyone, she will never show her pain, she did not tell us anything. Ishaana thinks about Lajjo and says I wanted Lajjo to go from Nikhil’s life, very far that she can never come back, but not like this. I did not wish her to die.

She cries thinking about Lajjo. She says I don’t want such Nikhil. Nikhil tells Doctor kaka that medicines will come till morning. Lajjo’s mum asks Doctor kaka is Lajjo fine. She looks at Lajjo and thinks of her moments. She sings a Lori for her and cries. She thinks about the time when Lajjo was born. Gunjan and Samrat talk to Inder and Barkha. Samrat says I bought all the medicines and brought cash also. Barkha says I will also give some cash. Inder says look after Baba and Anu, take care of them. If you need more medicines, call me.

Samrat thinks about Anu’s words. Lajjo looks so dull and ill. Nikhil thinks about her old moments how cheerful was she and cries. Lajjo talks in sleep asking her mum not to worry. Doctor Kaka asks her mum to come out and let Lajjo sleep. Nikhil looks at some husband and wife and thinks about Lajjo. Lajjo’s sisters meet Nikhil and asks him how is Lajjo now. She asks will my sister also die like everyone are dying in village. They cry. Nikhil pacifies them and asks them to be strong. They ask him why did you send my sister back, don’t you love her. We heard our parents talking, that you have send Lajjo here for lifetime, did she do any mistake, we apologize from her side, please forgive her, she is not bad, she is very nice.

Lajjo’s mum again blames Nikhil and gets angry on him. Inder sees Barkha tensed and she tells him if anything happens to Lajjo, if she dies, things will get complicated. Inder says so you are worried about complications. He says whats wrong with you. She says I m not a typical Indian saas, I feel she is not good for Nikhil. I wanted her to go from Nikhil’s life. Inder says Nikhil won’t be able to live like this.

Lajjo gets unwell. Kaisa ye tere fasana…………. Plays…………. Nikhil looks at her. Doctor Kaka treats her and thanks the Lord that she is responding to them. Nikhil cries and asks Bua will Lajjo become fine. Anu says you have to keep strength. She asks him to have food. Nikhil says no, give food to Lajjo’s parents. Anu says they won’t eat. Nikhil says make them eat, I m fine. Lajjo’s mum says we are fine, we won’t die if we don’t eat for four days. She asks her husband to ask Nikhil why he did this. Nikhil thinks about his dream and is scared. Lajjo’s parents cry.

Dhani comes running to Nikhil. Nikhil asks what happened. She says Lajjo….. Nikhil gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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