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Gustakh Dil 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo thinking she has to leave fast before Gunjan and Rishi see her. She quickly cooks all the dishes and tells Anjali that she has to go. Anjali asks where is she going. Lajjo says I have to go to bank, are they your kids. Anjali says yes, Gunjan and Rishi. Anjali asks her to meet them. Lajjo says no, some other time. She leaves. Gunjan and Rishi eat the food and asks Anjali who made it, it looks like our Bhabhi Lajjo made this, she is Nikhil’s wife. Anjali is shocked. Gunjan says she is on Sonbarsa, what a coincidence, this food tastes like she made. Anjali thinks is it a coincidence. Barkha thinks about Sagar’s words and is happy. She hears music and dances.

Everyone come out and are shocked seeing her dance alone happily. They laugh. Inder asks why is she so happy.

He gets him and dances with him. She takes Nani too. The kids too joins her. Inder asks whats going on. Barkha says I m very happy, and ordered pizza for everyone. Nikhil comes and looks at her. She says hurry up, get to the table. Everyone sit to have food. Inder asks what are we celebrating. She says a huge win, I m very happy. He asks what. She says I went on auction and I won the bidding. Nani looks on.

Ayesha asks what did she bring. Barkha says let it come, you all will know. Nikhil says your choice is expensive. She says yes, I got it as I wanted it. Barkha thinks Lajjo challenged her, but now she lost. She is still happy in her room and Inder says I did not tell infront of kids, but I did not feel this happiness normal. She laughs and says I always look abnormal to you, worry about kids. She asks him to ask Nikhil about his job, salary promotion, foreign visits. He says yes, I thought, but he did not tell me anything, Nikhil has a clear heart, a honest man, he married Lajjo to keep her respect but he told her about Ishaan, he did not lie, that’s Nikhil, he won’t lie to us, but that job is weird.

Barkha says I m discussing this, don’t get angry, why can’t you just relax, don’t know what happened to Nikhil and Ayesha, see Ayesha, she does not know her mind, she don’t know what she is doing. Inder says don’t pressurize her. Barkha says who did, she agreed herself. She says we have seen Nikhil’s choice and don’t want the same with Ayesha.

Nikhil comes to Ayesha and asks about Adhiraj. He asks why did you agree for marriage, tell me I m your brother, Adhiraj is the same guy whom Gunjan teased you, if you love him, then don’t be scared of mum, society, all this is pointless. He asks her to get her love. Ayesha says no, nothing can happen now, I took the decision, I m getting married. Its morning, Lajjo is worried and talks to Rancho. She says I can’t go to teach Mili. Rancho asks why, did Sagar ask you not to come. She says no, he is a good man, he will give me the fees but I don’t want to be burden on him, he gave me show advance, what to do now. I want to return the advance.

Kabir comes to taunt Sagar and they have an argument. Sagar says your star Ratri did such a cheap thing, just get out of my house. Kabir taunts him and makes him feel like a loser. Kabir asks him to think about Trishna who has really worked hard. Sagar says you can’t create a star, as you are a fraud Kabir who knows just snatching. Kabir laughs and says I won, only victory matters to me. Ratri won. Sagars ays no, she did not won, Trishna did not lose. Sagar says its not a game, its my passion.

Sagar says I can’t use Trishna’s respect for my career. Mili comes and sees them arguing. Kabir looks at her. Sagar looks at them being tensed. Rancho shows some jobs to Lajjo in the paper. She encourages Lajjo not to fail in life. Lajjo says I will go back to my parents for few days and will come back, I will feel good. Kabir meets Mili and says how cute she is. Sagar asks Mili to go back to her room. Kabir says does your daughter know her mum loved me and not you. Sagar says quiet.

Kabir says fine, I won’t say anything. Kabir says I have a chocolate for you. Kabir says she is like Aarohi, she does not match to you, she is very cute. Sagar gets angry as Kabir touches Mili. Sagar says don’t you dare, Mili go back. Mili leaves. Kabir says relax, I was talking to her, you are afraid that I can take your daughter too. Sagar thinks if you know the truth Mili is your daughter, then you can do this too. Kabir says no, you are wrong, I just want I like, and I hate kids. He leaves. Nani comes to meet Lajjo and is shocked seeing her.

Nani gives Lajjo a breaking news about Ratri getting arrested in drug case charges years ago. Lajjo says we don’t have any proof.

Update Credit to: Amena

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