Gustakh Dil 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 3rd October 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Nikhil siding with Lajjo. Barkha says Lajjo will not be going to stay in their house. Nikhil asks why? he does not know what really happened. ayesha raises her hand to slap Lajjo but Nikhil holds her hand saying that he knows Lajjo is not lying it is Sid who misbehaved with her. NN says she can’t believes that Nikhil is still paying heed to Lajjo words. Barkha says what is weird as always Nikhil never sees the importance of his own family. Ayesha says she does not wants to see Lajjo in this house anymore and runs upstairs.Nikhil asks lajjo to go to her room and Lajjo is shocked and keeps on looking at him. He says again to Lajjo please to leave for her room. He also asks the servant to keep Lajjo luggage in her room in front of everyone. Lajjo while going upstairs turns

and gives a helpless look to Nikhil.
Nikhil is all distraught in his room and having flashback of Ishana throwing all the gifts he gifted to her.

Gunja knocks at the door and enters Nikhil room. He says they all messed his life. He’s also a human being at the end. He says he thinks that he has lost Ishana(Good thinking). Nikhil says he understands Lajjo, but he does not understand what he shall do with her. Whatever happened the family dragged her in the matter they all only want to send her off.
Gunja says Lajjo is right and also courageous, because Sid is not the right guy the right life partner for Ayesha( who’s going to explain her). Nikhil asks Gunja how does she know that much about Sid. She says he always used to give her a disgusting, dirty look. Nikhil asks why didn’t she talk to him’ she’s his sister. Gunja says she’s not as courageous as Lajjo.
Indur is placating a crying Ayesha and says everything will be right he’s going with Sid parents. Barkha says how? This girl is still present in their house what are they going to tell Sid parents who’s Lajjo? She tells him to talk to Nikhil who’s siding with Lajjo. Indur says what’s happening in this house. Barkha says it is only the beginning was Nikhil less that he brought Lajjo. Since Lajjo is here the peace in the house gets ruined. Ayesha says her wedding has already been called off what more remained to get ruin.
Indur asks Barkha why did Lajjo slapped Sid? What may happened? It is only Sid and Lajjo know the reasons. Barkha says whatever may be the reason how dare her raised her hand on Sid:

Barkha tells Indur he always explained her about the values and culture of Sonbarsa and he used to say she took him away from his village today she’s happy to do so. She can’t understand why she always have to face something connected to this village. It is all because of his father(Nikhil dadaji) Indur gets angry and tells her it is their own matter why is she dragging his father in this. Indur says he will be going to talk with Nikhil.Barkha says Nikhil can’t see anything above Lajjo as if she has casted some black magic on him. Indur says “Black Magic”? now who’s talking like a villager Indur leaves and Ayesha continues to cry.

Ravi says wioth lots of difficulties he sets everything.He already cracked a deal with Sid father which he lost now because of Lajjo the stupid village girl. NN says it is ok not to get hyper after a few days she’ll be going to talk to her and everything will be normal. Ravi says after a few days nothing will be going to be normal because of this illiterate girl who refused to apologise to Sid. Barkha also is not able to handle her.she’s really courageous.Meera says this is true she’s extremely courageous to leave her to be groom and put the garland on the scooter. Meera says the point tp ponder is why Sid left his sangeet and goes upstairs in Lajjo room. Ravi tells Meera to keep her point of view for herself if she’s siding with Lajjo., Meera says she’s only worried for Ayesha if ever Sid is the culprit… Ravi asks her to leave. NN is in deep thought.(begin your investigation please)
Nikhil comes to see Lajjo who’s crying.He makes her sit on the bed and she tells him because of her, he got to face all kind of difficulties better he would have left her in Sombarsa but she did not lie. Nikhil says actually after pondering a lot he got to know that she’s right and saved Ayesha future.

Nikhil says hopefully his family also will understand and not to think about it. Next time to give him a call if any problem arise. Lajjo says she does not have his phone number he writes it for her and Lajjo asks if she can phone him at anytime he says yes. Nikhil before leaving asks her to wash her face before sleeping as her mascara is spoiled.Nikhil leaves and Lajjo keeps recollecting all the happenings and how Nikhil saved her.
Lajjo goes in Nikhil room, she closes the widow as there’s a strong wind blowing She goes to put the cover on NIkhil who’s asleep.She leaves and Nikhil is shown holding the picture of himself and Ishana while sleeping.

Lajjo goes to see Ayesha in her room and she screams( Is there any screaming award?) throwing the pillows on her and saying she does not want to see her face, NN and Barkha come to see what is happening and see Lajjo.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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