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The Episode starts with Inder seeing Barkha angry seeing his daughter come his home. Barkha leaves. The girl says I did not wish to come here, as I know no one will like it. He says don’t worry, I will get water. He gives her water. She says what will I do now, where will I stay. He says stay here for tonight, then we will think tomorrow, I will show guest room, but Lajjo’s room is staying there, will you sleep here on sofa as I don’t want to disturb anyone. Sjhe says its ok, thanks. He says I will gte pillow and blanket. He leaves. He comes to the room and sees Barkha. He says he can’t do anything, if hostel caught fire, she is alone, there is no place where she can go, I thought to give her guest room, but Lajjo’s mum is there, so I asked her to sleep on sofa.

He takes the pillow

and blanket and leaves. Its morning, Gunjan comes in the hall and sees the girl. She asks who is she and what is she doing here, whats her name. The girl says Nupur. Gunjan asks is she Lajjo’s friend. Everyone come there. Nupur gets tensed. Lajjo says calm down Gunjan, she is tensed. Gunjan asks is she your friend. Lajjo says no. Gunjan says then who is she. Nikhil come sand says relax and greets everyone morning. She says I m asking her who is she and she is not telling anything. Barkha and Inder come there. Nikhil asks her to answer, are you mum’s guest.

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Lajjo says don’t be scared. Nikhil says please speak up, say something. Inder says relax, stop questioning Nupur. Nikhil says so you are Nupur. Barkha asks Inder to say who is she. Inder says Nupur is my daughter. Everyone is shocked. Nikhil says what do you mean, we won’t accept this, is her mum Barkha then? He sees Barkha upset and quiet and looks at Inder. Everyone look shocked. Nikhil says my father is having an extra marital affair and breaks down. Barkha goes to her room.

Inder thinks about Nikhil’s words and goes to Barkha. She says if you say Nupur is your daughter, will they hug her. Inder says the truth is Nupur is my daughter and I m her father, I did not hide this from her. She says yes, you became great, but remember this truth has ruined our lives. Lajjo talks to Nupur and asks her to understand everyone’s state, give them some tome. Nupur says yes, I know its my mistake. Lajjo says no, don’t think so, come with me. She talks to her well. Nupur says she does not know what to do, she came here being helpless after the hostel burnt. She says I did not stay alone and after mum’s death, I got alone. Lajjo says everything will be fine.

Ayesha and Adhiraj argue at home. She asks him to let her go office. He says no, go after breakfast, and makes her sit saying he will serve the food. She says I will be late. He makes her have food quickly and says you will go by taxi. She says no. He says yes, don’t worry about money, you are most imp. She says so cute, thanks. Saraswati brings food for Barkha. Barkha says she will have it later. Saraswati says you are in room since morning, I can understand your pain. Barkha says what will I explain to my children, im so embarrassed myself. Saraswati keeps the food tray and says don’t feel bad of my words, but every woman can understand this pain.

She says marriage is for seven births, and if a man breaks that promise, there is no meaning of that relation. Barkha cries and says this question is arising in my heart, whats the meaning of this relation now, I m hiding in this room, I tried to forget everything, but now this girl has come here, how will I forget seeing her. Saraswati pacifies her and says she will manage the girl, and asks Barkha not to come infront of Nupur. Nikhil tells Lajjo that he can’t believe dad can do this with mum. He says now I understand why was mum upset, I m sure she knew it, mum and I have many problems, the fact is she really loves dad, I can’t believe this.

She asks him to calm down and he argues. He says what did I get about dad’s illegitimate daughter, I can’t believe he got that girl here. She asks him to think about Inder and how helpless he is now. She defends Nupur saying its not her mistake. She says we should think about Barkha and Inder. He says that’s why I m so hurt. She says no one is thinking about Inder, its so tough for him to tell about his past to his wife. Nikhil says then what, would he lie all the life, I won’t regard this girl as my sister, that’s final.

Ayesha comes home and throws Nupur’s bag asking her to get out of their house. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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