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Gustakh Dil 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Barkha coming to meet Lajjo and praising Trishna to be a winner. Sagar says yes, she is a winner, we are backing out of the competition for personal reasons. She asks what, I came here in good mood, to support you and we will plan for next, whats wrong with you, look at her, poor thing, she has a dream, she has taken up a challenge, why are you deciding for her. Sagar says we are moving off from competition, but not life. Barkha says I heard her interview, she is ruling everyone’s heart, she is good, and Sagar your decision can affect her. Sagar says it’s a competition for her, she has many other priorities in her life. Barkha asks what.

Barkha asks Lajjo what is her priorities, why husband? Maybe he can’t let you become a star. She taunts Lajjo. Lajjo says my priorities

is my husband, love, family. Sagar looks on. Barkha says you can lose husband and stardom both, if you slip from the stairs then……….Lajjo says yes, I fell, to reach my destination, stairs are not always required, my way is tough, but I have strength to walk. Barkha says what can I say now Sagar, you still have time to choose a new girl. Sagar says never, its my decision, I can’t replace Trishna, but I appreciate your concern. She says I just wanted to help, fine I will leave, sad day and sad news. She leaves.

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Nikhil looks at Lajjo’s anklet and misses her. Ayesha comes to talk to him. She says whenever I come to you, you are lost in Lajjo’s thoughts, you are working and settled, why don’t you bring Lajjo back. She says you love her so much, then why are you living apart. She sounds sad and Nikhil notices her. She wipes her tears and says I m ok. He asks her to tell him what is she hiding. She says nothing, but bring Lajjo back here soon. She leaves.

Lajjo lights the diya at home and cries, how her life came back to point 0. Rancho encourages her. Shreya asks her not to give up. What is about pics, Nikhil trusts you and he won’t believe this. Lajjo says if Nikhil sees those pice, first trust will break then our relation. She says Nikhil does not know I m in Delhi, what will I explain him, I will show everyone’s trust, I can’t take this risk. Rancho says when you saw Nikhil and Ratri’s pics, did you not trust him. Lajjo says but I doubted him, I felt I lost him, I was broken, Barkha came to show me the pics then I knew she did this.

Nikhil comes to the tea stall and meets Adhiraj by chance. Adhiraj says we met before. Nikhil laughs and says small world. Nikhil says he got the job. Adhiraj says lets have tea. Nikhil says my treat. Nikhil sees the same book with him which he saw with Ayesha. Adhiraj says the one who feels love pain read s the book. Nikhil says then why did Ayesha do with it. Adhiraj asks Ayesha Bharajwaaj? Nikhil says yes, she is my sister. Adhiraj says what? He says Nikhil Bharadwaaj, strange coincidence, I met Ayesha here for the first time. Nikhil says what, that’s a surprise, this place is not her type, how do you know her.

Adhiraj says I felt I know her well, but I was wrong, I did not know her well and now I feel she does not want to know me. He asks him to give his message to Ayesha, that return my book. Nikhil smiles. Lajjo sees Anjali upset and helps her in cooking. Lajjo apologizes to her. Anjali says Sagar disappointed me, ot you. Lajjo cooks the food and asks Anjali not to break friendship with Sagar. Anjali says my children are curious to meet Trishna. Lajjo goes on.

Rishi and Gunjan come to meet Anjali. Anjali asks about Samrat. Gunjan says he did not come. Rishi asks about Trishna. Gunjan says show me her pic. Anjali says did you come to find out Trishna. Lajjo sees them and is shocked. Rishi asks for food. Lajjo says Rishi and Gunjan are Anjali’s kids, now I m gone, Lord save me, if they see me, then……………

Nani comes to meet Lajjo and she is shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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