Gustakh Dil 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts of with Saraswati asking Laajo why she has not slept, she asks if she is missing her husband. Laajo changes the topic and instead questions her mom about her reason for staying awake. Saraswati tells her that her father needed something, Laajo lies down on her lap to sleep. Her mom laughs and remembers what used to happen when she was newly married. Laajo sleeps of and a tear rolls down her eyes. Saraswati wipes it and is worried that her daughter is hiding something.

Ishaana is sitting in her room and thinks about the slap, she gets really angry and throws things from her dressing table. Aditi is standing there and confronts her and says that the slap should have been given by her. Aditi blames her upbringing that resulted in Ishana being very stubborn. Ishaana

tells her mom that it is her fault as she should not have taken the decision, she reminds her that she would always love Nikhil no matter what.

Shreya and Cobra are waiting outside a place for Kunal, they see him standing outside near his car with his head bleeding. Kunal tells them it was a small accident, he tells them that how Ishaana was just using him and the fact that despite all this he cant hate her. Ishaana tries calling Nikhil after several attempts he picks up her phone. She tells him that she is not married to Kunal and she only loves him. After more apologizing Nikhil feels happy.

The next morning, Laajo sees Kajri and asks her welfare. Kajri is surprised to see her and asks if she is here to stay forever. Laajo doesn’t answer and gets up to leave to see on aunt. Kajri stops her from going this way as there is a witch that eats up loved ones. Kajri says this is the reason that her husband never came due to the witch. Laajo takes her away from there and thinks to herself that both their fates are so similar but she wont be weak for her family.

Anuradha and Smaraat talk to each other about their childhood instances. He tells her to come to the city to see everyone but she refuses as she cant leave Baba. Samraat asks her about her husband and that its not to late, but she tells him she cant hurt Baba again and that its not in everyone’s destiny to be with their husband. Ishaana is rearranging Nikhil’s room and finds some photographs of Laajo and Nikhil and throws them in the dustbin. She meets Barkha who tells her that they are waiting for Samraat then the divorce will proceed.

Laajo is working around in the house when her mom comes and tells her to talk. Laajo says that now she will only do the housework, her mom says whats the point when she has to leave again. Samraat comes in the same time and asks laajo to be ready as they are leaving tomorrow. The episode ends with Laajo saying that she is not going anywhere.

Precap- Ishaana is telling Nikhil if he is missing Laajo so much then he should visit her, on the other hand Dhani and Lakhi are calling up Nikhil.

Update Credit to: Desigirl_21

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