Gustakh Dil 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 31st October 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Lajjo pleading to know what really happens to Nikhil to Ayesha who asks her to keep quiet. Indur with Barkha come and ask NN and Ayesha to come with them to the hospital. Lajjo wants to go but Indur stops her.
The friends of Nikhil are at the den and Ranjho is unhappy as their plan of celebrating divali and dinner are ruined. Shreya says Ishana mom is right that Nikhil and Ishana should not meet each other often as they will always be sad and unhappy. One of their friend says he can’t understand why Ishana ran away when she said they are friends and nothing remasins between them, Shreya tells him you guys will never understand only by telling that they are friends means that all their emotions, love are swayed back, for girls it is not like that.

asks why it is only Ishana and Nikhil what about Lajjo and her feelings she must be hurt.
Lajjo is cursing herself as to be a bad omen in Nikhil life with Gunja. the latter tells her being a science student she does believes in all these but she continues. Gunja gets a call from her friend and moves away.

Lajjo keeps on cursing herself for whatever happened to Nikhil but she still have faith in Shiva to protect Nikhil.
Ishana is crying looking at all the gifts Nikhil gifted her. Her mom arrives and sees her crying she packs everything. Ishana tries to stop her and says she wants to forget Nikhil but it is not that easy as packing the gifs but she’s helpless for not being able to forget Nikhil. Her mom says not to cry time is the solution which will heal her wounds.The same happened when Ishana dad dead, slowly she begins to live. She advice Ishana to think that Nikhil also is dead, Ishana says not to say so…
Lajjo is praying and Chaya annonces her that Nikhil is back She runs to him and asks how is he and how all these happened? Nikhil gives her a stern look but does not answer. Barkha asks Lajjo to go to her room and sheila to bring some soup for Nikhil.

Indur takes Nikhil to his room, Lajjo all helpless keeps on looking at Nikhil.Barkha says thanks God Nikhil did not receive any fracture he’s only hurt.The doc advised three days bed rest after which he’ll be fine. Barkha asks indur to call the nurse but Indur says it is too late, she’ll not come. Barkha says how will they manage? sheila offers to stay and take care of Nikhil.Barkha asks Nikhil to eat something but the latter says he’s not hungry… She says she needs to take her medicines so he must eat…
Lajjo is at the door watching all when Barkha sees her and asks Sheila to tell her to leave. Sheila gives an expressions and goes to Lajjo she tells why she’s always roaming when asked to stay in her room. Indur asks Nikhil what happened if he was driving rashly? Barkha says it is not the time to ask all these let him rest.
Barkha goes to Lajjo and pleads her stay in her room as there’s no circus going in Nikhil room that she needs to go and see. Lajjo wants to stay with Nikhil for the night but Barkha refuses…
Ayesha calls Sid and says she’s stuck at home due to some circumstances which suddenly cropped up. Sid says he doubt if she really loves him, Ayesha says of course she loves him and tells him about Nikhil accident he fakes to be also worried. He says sorry to Ayesha and asks when will they meet Ayesha says tomorrow.
Sid tells not to make him wait. They hang up and Sid thinks Ayesha with her family drama but he’ll have to be patient.

Lajjo is feeling uneasy and can’t sleep, she’s recollecting all her good time with Nikhil.
She decides to go to see Nikhil as everyone must be sleeping. She bumps into a vase but fortunately succeeds in catching in time.She sneaks in Nikhil room to see Sheila sleeping on the couch and slowly goes near Nikhil and touches his cheek.

Ishana is in Nikhil room and she says all these happened because of her. Nikhil it is her love which saved him. They hug and Ishana says she still and really loves him.
Lajjo with a tray is at the door and she has a shattered look.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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