Gustakh Dil 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 31st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo talking to Putti’s mum asking her not to marry Putti to the old man who is already married and has two children. Putti’s mum says they did not ask anything, but want a mum for his children. Lajjo says even Nikhil was rich, but its not everything which a wife desires, the marriage which does not have love is meaningless. Putti’s mum says she will rule there. Lajjo says if the old man dies in 5 years, will you keep her as a widow. She asks Lajjo to leave.

Nikhil comes home and sees Lajjo around him laughing and talking to him. He smiles seeing her. She says you miss me a lot right, then how come I m here, he says I don’t miss you. She says if you are lying keep your hand on your heart. Music plays………. Nani comes and sees Nikhil. Nikhil talks with

Nani. Nani jokes and asks will you have coffee. Nikhil says yes, why not. Nani sees him upset and goes. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo. Mujhe aaj Jiski kami khal rahi hai………….plays…………. Nikhil keeps his hand on his heart and closes his eyes. Dil ne ki hai gustakhiyaan…………plays………… Its night, Lajjo is teaching her mum. Her mum writes her name in hindi. She writes wrong and Lajjo corrects her. Lajjo says I will teach your name to dad too. Lajjo says I m not studying to work. She says write everyone’s name till then I will study. Her mum smiles seeing Lajjo happy. She thinks if we show her the divorce papers, she will be sad. Lajjo asks what happened, keep writing.

Lajjo asks her to write her dad’s name and her mum is shy. Lajjo laughs and makes her write Ram Bachan. Lajjo teases her name. Her dad and hears her saying his name. He laughs. Her mum asks Lajjo not to get into Putti’s matter. She leaves. Lajjo thinks. Nikhil comes home and hears the engagement arrangements done. Everyone are happy about it. Nikhil starts missing Lajjo and sees Lajjo again. Dil ne ki hai gustakhiyaan……….. plays…………Nikhil smiles seeing her. Ayesha shakes him and says mum is calling you.

Nikhil sees everyone busy and happy. Ishaana is with her gang of friends. Cobra sings and everyone shuts their ears. He sings Subha hone na de………. Main tera hero……… They have fun. Nikhil comes and joins them. Ishaana sings pee loon………….She asks Nikhil why does he look upset, did he not like her song. He says I want to talk to you alone. She comes with him in a room and asks him what is the secret planning. Nikhil tells her that he wants to postpone the engagement. Ishaana is shocked. She aks what is the problem. Aditi comes and hears this.

Lajjo tells her mum that she has important work in dispensary and leaves. She tells her sister something and runs. Ishaana asks Nikhil what is it he wants to say. Nikhil says I told you I don’t want to do engagement now, it would be good if we postpone it. Ishaana cries and is shocked. She says fine but whats the reason. She says tell me the truth why are you hurt. Nikhil says please Ishaana, once Lajjo signs the divorce papers, after that….. She leaves his hand and looks at him. She says Lajjo Lajjo, its about Lajjo again.

She says even if we get married, Lajjo will always be between us, can’t you see she is between us, she is laughing seeing me, she won’t go anywhere, she will be with you. Nikhil says calm down, you are misunderstanding, its about us, not Lajjo. How can I get engaged with you as I m already married, I have to end my marriage first then start a new relation with you, give me some time, once I get free from this relationship, I will marry you. Ishaana scolds him.

Lajjo asks Bansi to help him in Putti’s case. Bansi says that old man is rich, what does I have to give it to Putti. Lajjo says give her love, she will be happy with you. Bansi says what about her parents, who will explain them, they want rich guy for her. Lajjo makes a plan. Lajji talks to the kids. Ishaana is upset. Aditi comes to her and asks what did Nikhil say. Ishaana says what you have heard, engagement will be postponed. She says it means its cancelled. She says I know that there won’t be any engagement and marriage now. She cries.

Aditi says he has made it a joke. She calls Barkha and scolds her informing her what Nikhil said. She says Nikhil have postponed the engagement, are you pretending as if you don’t know. Barkha says maybe the kids have a fight. Aditi says no, they are not kids. Barkha says Nikhil did not tell us anything. Aditi gets angry on Barkha and says till when will my daughter bear all this, you all are playing with her feeling. Barkha says please trust me, I will talk to him once. Aditi says fine, ask him, why does he change his decision always. The old man who wants to marry Putti comes in his car to Sonbarsa. Lajjo, Bansi and the kids are having a talk.

Lajjo meets the man who came to marry Putti.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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