Gustakh Dil 31st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sagar telling Kabir that Mili is his and Arohi’s daughter. Kabir laughs and says come on Sagar, bring anything new. He says you have turned all the story, you are working like villain, you are saying this line to save your life. Kabir says this is nonsense. Sagar says I have hidden this truth from the world, I would have not told you even today if you did not risk her life. He says I did not tell you the truth as I was afraid you will snatch Mili from me, like you have snatched Arohi from me. Kabir says this is nonsense. Sagar says just think why I took all the blame on myself, why did I not give this suicide note of Arohi to police, if you don’t believe me, you read it. Kabir reads it and is shocked. He looks at Sagar.

Sagar says it has written in it that Mili is

your and Arohi’s illegitimate child, so I took all the blame so that Mili does not suffer, she is your daughter, please save her. He folds his hands. Kabir is shocked. Nikhil hides from the goons. Ratri is happy seeing Lajjo. The final round has come. Lajjo gets ready for the fina round and thinks about Nikhil’s words. Nikhil hides and is very tensed. Lajjo gets a call from Singh and asks about Sagar. The call ends. Nikhil tries to run but the goons catch him at last. Nikhil runs again fooling them.

Anjali asks Lajjo to come. Lajjo thinks about the kidnapper’s words that she has to lose else she won’t be able to see Mili. Lajjo says come. Sagar calls Anjali and asks her to make him talk to Lajjo. Sagar talks to Lajjo and she asks where is he. Sagar says I know what you have to talk, Mili is safe, relax. Lajjo smiles. Sagar tells her everything how Kabir called his goons and said he will kill them if they hurt Mili, bring her back. Lajjo says really, thank Lord. Anjali is puzzled. Lajjo says how is Mili, make me talk to her. He says not now, focus and win now, for all of us. Lajjo cries happily.

Lajjo goes on the stage to win and says no one can stop me from winning now. Sagar waits to see Mili. Kabir says relax Sagar, nothing will happen to Mili. Sagar begs to him not to take Mili away, she is last sign of Arohi for me, she is my life. Kabir says you are her father, even I m her father and I did not know that she is my daughter, you kept it hidden from me since so many years, she is my and Arohi’s daughter. Sagar says yes, but I have done her upbringing, I m her world, how will I tell her, she can’t understand our relations, we both will break, please understand. Kabir cries and holds Sagar.

He says Sagar you are right father for Mili, as you have done all the duties of a father, you made me lose today, I always tried to fail you and you lost by your wish, you went on giving me, you gave me your life, happiness, career, and I brought it here thinking this is my victory. Mili is your daughter, I will not snatch her from you. Sagar is glad. Kabir says you know your friend, I don’t like kids. He leaves. Ratri dances on the song Kamli…………… Lajjo too comes on the stage. They dance in the Jugalbandi round.

Ratri dances modern dance and Lajjo dances the classical dance. Nikhil is still running from the goons. The goons catch him and aim a gun at him. Nikhil gets tensed. Lajjo dnaces in high speed while Ratri competes. Lajjo’s ghungroos break and her feet get hurt. The judge and everyone see it. Ratri smiles seeing her. The police comes there and the goons are shocked. They hide the guns. Nikhil runs to police and stops the jeep. He says they are after me. The goons act normal. Nikhil thinks about Khanna’s words that police is in Ranawat’s hands.

Nikhil asks the way and stays quiet. He leaves from there. Ratri loses her focus and stops dancing. Lajjo continues dancing with her feet hurt. Barkha is shocked. Lajjo smiles and all blood is shown on the floor. Everyone clap for Lajjo. Nikhil comes there and Lajjo smiles seeing him. She dances. He sits with the family and claps for her happily. Lajjo smiles.

Gunjan says lets go and meet Lajjo at backstage. Ayesha says yes, lets go. Barkha looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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