Gustakh Dil 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 30th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Lajjo giving the stained dupatta to Ayesha and A getting super upset and starting to scream! Ayesha almost faints in shock and Barkha and nani come to the office. Ayesha tells them that Lajjo stained it and both are super upset too! Nani also starts getting hysterical. B shouts at L and tells her to go to her room. Both Ayesha and Nani keep getting more and more hysterical. B gets mad at them and shouts at them to calm down and leaves.

It is the evening and the guests are there for the ceremony. Sid and his parents arrive and everyone greets them. They ask where Ayesha is and nani says she is getting ready. Sid excuses himself to go get her. Upstairs, Ayesha is getting ready and asks Gunja for her necklace. But Sid arrives and puts her necklace on her. Ayesha

asks why he came to her and he says he wanted to be the first to see her all dressed up. Ayesha seems to enjoy the attention and asks for her dupatta. Sid brings L’s stained one and Ayesha tells him to get the other once since it matches. Sid says this one looks better and A insists to have the white one. Ayesha asks how am I looking. Sid says that the outfit is looking bland and replaces the white dupatta with the stained one. Just then Gunja arrives and tells them to come down, but Ayesha asks for 5 more minutes.

In L’s room, she is looking at the saree that Rambachan brought for Barkha and thinking about how much it must have cost. She thinks that it was great that he didn’t meet them. Just then Gunja arrives and L tells her that she is looking beautiful [which she is]! G asks L that if she is feeling bad and says that she hated how B and A shouted at her. Lajjo says it doesn’t matter. Gunja says that she hates that L is locked in her room. Lajjo says she doesn’t mind because I am scared of the ‘full english’ people like that. Gunja says she brought a book for her. Lajjo tells Gunja to go down as the bride’s sister is a bit part of the ceremony. G wants to hang out with her, but L pushes her out and then looks sad.

In the party, nani asks B about the dupatta and B says she ordered a similar one. Ayesha and Sid arrive and everyone turns to look at them. B and nani are not happy to see the colored dupatta. They ask Ayesha about it and she tells them that Sid liked this one better and forced her, so she had to. Just then, Inder takes Ayesha away to meet her in-laws. B gets up on stage and asks for everyone’s attention and says that Sid and Ayesha have prepared a performance for the Sangeet Ceremony. Sid and Ayesha head to the stage.

They dance on a instrumental song in a ballroom dance fashion. Nikhil is shown looking around for Ishana presumably because he thinks back to when Ayesha told him that she was inviting her. Nikhil watches them and thinks of his time with Ishana. The dance ends and everyone claps. Lajjo is seen sitting in her room and trying to read, but is bored. She thinks that she should go peek! She goes out of her room.
Nikhil’s friends arrive and congratulate Ayesha and Sid and then greet Nikhil. Lajjo is seen walking out of her room stealthily. His friends ask why he looks upset and ask him to dance and he declines. Ultimately he starts dancing with one of his friends and Lajjo is watching happily. Just then, Sid notices her looking! However Lajjo is lost in a day dream in which she is dancing with Nikhil in a s*xy red asymmetrical dress on ‘Pyaar ki yeh ek kahaani suno’. They are doing a latin ballroom dance in her daydream! Dream Lakhil dance pretty well and do some s*xy lifts too! [definitely watch if you can!]. Just then Shayla sees her and asks her to go inside her room and that Barkha will be very upset if she sees her. Lajjo leaves hesistantly. Sid creepily watches her leaving the entire time [and nowone realizes where the groom’s attention is :/].

At the party, Ishana arrives with a bouquet and makes a beeline for Ayesha. Nikhil and his friends notice and Nikhil tries to get to her, but gets stopped by a guest. Ishana tells Ayesha that she only came for her and will be leaving soon. Just then a random Aunty comes to talk to Ishana and tells her she is looking gorgeous. She asks why she is so late to her to-be sister-in-law’s sangeet. Ishana looks sad and doesn’t say anything. They lady further asks her when Ishana and Nikhil are getting married and that it is their number next! She further says that they look like they are made for each other and what a great couple they are. Ishana looks uncomfortable and Barkha arrives to save the day! She takes the random aunt to meet Ayesha’s in-laws. Ishana is super uncomfortable and excuses herself and leaves! Nikhil sees her leave and follow her.

Sid on the other hand excuses himself and stars to creep up the stairs to Lajjo. Lajjo is shown attempting to do a ballroom dance in her room. Sid continues to creep up, while looking to see if anyone noticed [no one has obviously].

Precap: Sid is in Lajjo’s room and grabs her hand. When she asks him to leave it, he refuses and asks what she’ll do about it. Lajjo slaps him! Sid looks pissed and Ayesha opens the door right after the slap!

Update Credit to: Persephone

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