Gustakh Dil 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 30th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil getting shocked seeing Ishaana. Ishaana leaves in anger. Nikhil’s friends stop him from going after Ishaana, but he goes after her. Nikhil tries to talk to Ishaana and clear her doubts about Lajjo. Shreya tells everyone that Nikhil went after Ishaana. Everyone are shocked. They think Ishaana may be upset with us, seeing Nikhil with us celebrating diwali, without her. Lajjo hears this. They say Nikhil promises he won’t burn crackers as Ishaana does not like it. Bheja says everything has changed, they are just friends, not into any relationship, so Ishaana should have not done like this. Lajjo hears everything and is shocked.

Lajjo’s parents brings Lajjo’s letter to Nikhi’s grandpa. They read the letter and are happy. She writes Nikhil takes

care of her a lot and he is very nice man. Nikhil’s grandpa praises Lajjo. They wish them happy diwali and leaves. Anuradha is worried. She tells that I feel that Lajjo has not written the complete truth, something is there which she is hiding from us. He says why will she tell us a lie. She says some lies are like that which women have to tell to keep her family happy.

Nikhil calls Ishaana but in vain. Lajjo is in her room thinking about Nikhil and Ishaana. She thinks what Nikhil’s friend told her. Gunjan comes to Lajjo. Lajjo asks her why did you not tell me about all this, I did not expect this from you. She asks Gunjan why did you do this. I would have not forced Nikhil to burn the crackers. Gunjan says I did not know Ishaana is going to come, I thought why to spoil everyone’s mood, so…. Lajjo says you also know this, Ishaana is not his friend, but something special to him. He loves her. Gunjan is shocked to know that Lajjo knows the truth. She asks how do you know about this. Lajjo says I know everything. Gunjan says sorry Lajjo, I did not tell you as I did not want to hurt you. She says trust me, I did not know she was going to come.

Lajjo cries. Lajjo says Ishaana. Gunjan looks at her and says Lajjo I know you are hurt. She says lets go to Nikhil’s room and see the crackers. Lajjo says no, you go, see I m fine, you go, I will come later. Gunjan says ok and leaves. Nikhil is driving the car calling Ishaana. he suddenly meets with an accident. He is badly injured. Nikhil is lying in a pool of blood thinking about Ishaana and their last diwali. The song Gustakh Dil…. plays……

Ishaana comes home crying. Her mum sees her and is worried. She asks her what happened. Ishaana says I went to meet Nikhil as I thought he will be alone as he promised he won’t celebrate diwali without me, but he… Her mum says what was the need to meet him. Ishaana is very much upset and cries. Her mum pacifies her. Barkha and everyone come home from the party. Barkha gets a call and comes to know about Nikhi;’s accident. She is shocked. She tells this to everyone and everyone are stunned. Lajjo hears this and is shocked too. inder asks whose call was it, is he in hospital. Barkha says yes. Inder says lets go. He asks Nani to relax.

Barkha is in a bad state knowing about the accident. Inder pacifies her and tries to talk to her. She says Nikhil…. She says I lost my one son, if anything happens to Nikhil then…. She asys why does this happen with me, why is Nikhil not listening to me. Inder says if he does not listen to you, so would this accident had not happened. She says we are not united because of Lajjo. Inder says stop blaming Lajjo for everything, how is she related with this accident. She says can’t you see, Nikhil thinks she is his wife and she thinks he is her husband, then why did he go from the house. Lajjo should have stopped him. Inder says stop it, don’t blame her. Barkha cries. inder says don’t worry, I promise you, nothing will happen to Nikhil.

Everyone are going to the hospital. Lajjo requests them to take her with them but they don’t.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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