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Gustakh Dil 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone looking at Lajjo being shocked as she has fallen. Sagar looks for Mili and says did she get kidnapped, no, I did not get any call from them. He thinks about Lajjo asking about Mili all of a sudden. He says did the kidnappers call Lajjo, or maybe they did not call me. He thinks who are they and tries to evaluate. He says is it for making Lajjo out of competition. He thinks about Kabir smiling. Sagar says Kabir…….. Sagar calls Singh and asks him about Kabir. Singh asks do you think Kabir did this. The girls gossip that Trishna fell and she won’t be able to make Ratri fail now. Barkha makes faces. Lajjo’s mum gets worried. Her mum says she will be fine, see she will win.

The announcement is made to declare the winner of the first round. Ratri is announced

the winner. Barkha smiles and claps for Ratri. Everyone else looks sad. Barkha thinks Kabir’s plan is working, great. Nani asks Gunjan to call Nikhil. Gunjan says I called him but no reply. Lajjo waits for Nikhil and sees his cards and roses. Nikhil is shown running into a gate with a bag and the goons following him. They shoot at him. Lajjo cries and Anjali asks what happened, how did she fall on stage, is everything ok. Lajjo thinks of kidnapper’s words to lose in the competition.

She thinks she can’t tell Anjali. Anjali asks her to relax as its first round. She says there are many rounds and I m sure you will win, now smile. Lajjo asks about Sagar. Anjali says he is a very busy man today. Sagar comes to Kabir’s home to find Mili. Anjali calls Sagar and asks him where is he. She says whats more important than this. She tells him that Lajjo lost the first round and he is shocked. He says fine, tell her not to worry.

Sagar gets Mili’s earring at Kabir’s home. Sagar says I m coming Mili, the kidnappers know how much Lajjo loves Mili and want to make Lajjo lose the competition. Kabir walks in and smiles seeing Sagar. Lajjo cries. Ratri comes there. Lajjo thinks to call Sagar and tell him everything, but if the goons know this then, they can harm Mili. Ratri keeps an eye on Lajjo and sees her ghungroos. She damages the ghungroos and says I m sorry Trishna, now you can’t win the competition, as you can’t dance.

Kabir talks to Sagar and asks why is he here, I m surprised seeing you here, as I felt you will e in competition. He says you should have told me you are coming, I would have given you a good welcome. He says Trishna lost is first round. Sagar asks him to give back Mili else he will kill him. Kabir gets angry and asks him to apologize. He says I don’t have Mili, but if I had, I would have not given you. Sagar holds his collar and slaps him. Kabir asks him to sit on his knee sand beg to him to get Mili.

Trishna is called on stage for the second round. Everyone clap. Anjali is with Lajjo and is tensed. The round is of Jugalbandi and they have to see who wins from two dancers. Ratri and Lajjo have to cpmpete in this round. Ratri comes to Lajjo and thinks what will she decide. Lajjo thinks to call Sagar but the call does not connect. Ratri asks Lajjo to think well and come, as she has to fail. She leaves. Sagra sits on his knees and begs Kabir to leave his daughter Mili. Kabir laughs and says this is our star maker Sagar Khurana, I love this.

He says Sagar’s life is in Mili. Sagar says you don’t know who is Mili. Kabir says I know she is your daughter. Sagar says no, she is your daughter Kabir, she is your and Arohi’s daughter. Kabir is shocked.

Nikhil is caught by the goons. Lajjo dances on the stage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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