Gustakh Dil 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 30th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayesha being shocked to know that Lajjo left the house forever. Nikhil tells her this and gives her the letter. She reads the letter and says whatever is happening is fine, its good that you did not have to do anything, she left herself. She did what you should have done. She did this for you, so that you stay happy, now you are free to think about your life, you can make a new start. Are you not happy that she left. He says how can she go like this. He says I have taken good care of her then why did she go.

Ayesha says really? I know you did a lot for her, was that enough for a wife. Everyone are at the dinner table. They miss Lajjo. Gunjan says I wish Lajjo comes back soon. Nikhil tells everyone that Lajjo won’t come back, she has left forever. Everyone

are shocked. Nikhil says she is not coming back. Inder says what. Nikhil says she won’t come back, she has left us forever. Nikhil shows him the letter. Inder says Lajjo did not tell us about it. Nikhil says someone in the house should have known this. Barkha argues with him.

Inder talks in Lajjo’s favor. Barkah thinks about Lajjo that she told her that she is going forever. Nikhil asks Gunjan and Chaya. Ayesha says Lajjo went by her wish so that you and Ishaana can stay happy together. Barkha says she had to go one day, its good that she left caring about Nikhil. Aditi thinks about Ishaana and Kunal. Kunal comes to meet Ishaana. Ishaana says its good you came, I need your help. Aditi thinks whats going on in Ishaana’s mind.

She shows his her dresses and asks him what she should wear, she is really confused. He says wear anything, you look good in any dress. She takes Nikhil’s name. Kunal is annoyed and says I m Kunal, not Nikhil. He makes shopping plan with her as their engagement ring is not final till now. She says not today and makes excuses. Lajjo talks to her mum and sisters. She laughs with them.

Her mum does not know she has come here forever. Lajjo gets upset. They ask for gifts. Lajjo says I have not brought any, do you love me or gifts, can’t I come without any gift. Lajjo’s mum scolds her other daughters. Lajjo cries. Her mum pacifies her and says this is your house. She asks Lajjo to go and meet her friends as she will feel better. Nikhil meets Ishaana at Cemetery. He says I came to meet you as you come here often. They have a talk.

He tells her that Lajjo had left without telling him. He says everyone thinks its good she left, but I don’t know. Ishaana says do you think its right or wrong. He says I don’t know. Ishaana says whatever happened, proved that Lajjo does not fit in our society, can you tell me will you give her the rights of a wife, or introduce her as your wife to everyone. She says we should think about her and yourself. He says I don’t know how to react, I m angry on her and sad too that she left.

Nikhil hugs Ishaana saying no one is in between us now. Kunal sees them in the mirror and thinks he is mistaken. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil and talks to her mum. Her mum oils her hair. Her mum asks did you go with him anywhere. She says Nikhil might be missing you a lot. She says you are very lucky. Lajjo cries. Ayesha meets Adhiraj on the road. She falls and he tries to help her but she does not take his help. He helps her shouting on her. She says what are you doing, leave me.

He scolds her. He lifts Ayesha in his arms and takes her with him. Ishaana comes to meet Barkha to thank her. Barkha is happy. She says I don’t know how to say no to Kunal, my mum won’t understand, I m confused. Barkha says you can’t be confused, your love has won, you can’t let it go, you can always tell Kunal that your mind changed. Lajjo realizes that she is a guest in her village and is upset. She meets Kaka and Kaki. Adhiraj brings Ayesha home.

He says check her, it might be a fracture too. Gunjan talks to him and says why are you saying so. He says you should not trust me. Gunjan thanks him and he leaves. Ishaana calls Nikhil and says I m having heart ache. She says you have its treatment. She says we are not apart now after Lajjo left, its so good to be back. Lajjo is thinking about Nikhil. Mann Bawra…………… plays……………… Nikhil and Ishaana are shown having a long talk on phone.

Its morning, Lajjo hears her parents talking. They tell we will ask Samrat how does you live there. Her mum says we will find out everything from him. Lajjo wonders it will be a problem if Samrat tells anything to them, she has to stop them from meeting Samrat but how.

Barkha tells Inder that she is making Nikhil’s divorce papers. Inder is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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