Gustakh Dil 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 29th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo seeing a diya and praising it. Gunjan is surprised to know that Lajjo knows how to make diyas. Lajjo says I will teach you, but you will have to come with me to my village. Gunjan agrees. Lajjo and Gunjan have a laugh. Nikhil’s friends come and are shocked to see Lajjo. They greet Gunjan happy diwali. Lajjo wishes all of them happy diwali and they wish her too. Lajjo asks how are you all. They say we all are fine, how are you. Lajjo says I m fine. She asks Bheja why did you not cut your hair till now. She says did you take my talk seriously and joke. Bheja says where will the birds go, so I kept such hair. Lajjo asks Cobra whats going on and jokes with him sharing the past memorable moments.

Lajjo says Cobra’s lines and everyone laughs. They

ask her don’t you miss your village. Lajjo says I miss them a lot. They say we miss that trip. They compliment Lajjo and Lajjo compliments them too. They ask about Nikhil. Lajjo says he is in his room. They say we brought the crackers for him. Lajjo says is these crackers. They talk friendly. Rishi comes and meets Nikhil’s friends. Ishaana is talking to Kunal. Kunal says I came to celebrate the quiet diwali with you. Ishaana says I m not alone, Nikhil is going to come here as he does not like crackers. Kunal is shocked. Ishaana says I know we are only friends, you came to remind me that, I remember this. Nikhil’s friends are burning the crackers. Lajjo sees them and laughs. Bheja and Cobra are afraid of burning the crackers and Lajjo says I will do it. She does it much to their surprise.

Everyone are happy and celebrating diwali. Nikhil sees them burning the crackers and smiles. Ishaana is at her home, afraid of the crackers. Ishaana’s mum says I m going while Ishaana does not hear anything. She says I don’t like diwali because of the noise pollution. She asks Ishaana to go and join her friends. She says I m leaving, you also go to your friends. Her mum leaves. Ishaana thinks of going. Nikhil sees Gunjan’s dupatta catching fire and is worried. He comes to her rescue and saves her. Lajjo makes Nikhil’s burn crackers. Ishaana calls her friends and come to know they are at Nikhil’s house.

Cobra says we are glad to see the crackers in Nikhil’s hand. They say we missed you a lot. Nikhil says you all carry on, my mood is off. Lajjo says why not, burn the crackers with us.

Lajjo asks Nikhil to burn the crackers. Gunjan says lets keep a bet on who will burn more crackers. Nikhil gets hurt and Lajjo takes care of him. Ishaana sees Nikhil with Lajjo burning crackers. She is shocked to see Lajjo close to Nikhil. Ishaana is hurt. Lajjo says sorry to Nikhil as he got his hand burnt because of her. Nikhil says its ok, its diwali’s mistake, not yours. Lajjo smiles and says oh so you are making fun of me. She says I should make fun of you as you don’t know how to burn crackers. He says I know.

Ishaana looks at them talking. Lajjo encourages Nikhil to show some tricks. He says no way, I just got burnt. Everyone see Ishaana. Nikhil also sees her and is shocked. Lajjo looks at her while Ishaana cries.

Nikhil tries to talk to Ishaana. He meets with an accident.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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