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Gustakh Dil 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Laajo is in a dilemma , if she should inform SK about the phone call. Just then SK walks into her make up room. Laajo asks where is Milli and he says she is on the way. SK decides not to tell her that Milli is missing and wish her all the best for her performance.

Nikhil goes to a hotel for delivery. There he is surrounded by goons . For a moment he doubts if they are plain clothed policemen. They come to him and demand the briefcase and also information about his boss. They threaten him with a gun. Nikhil manage to create a scene and attract attention and get out of the hotel. The goons follow him.

Laajo is thinking about the phone call when Barkha comes to meet her. She tells Laajo that she never promised to accept her if she proves herself. Laajo herself has taken the challenge. But now, she makes a promise that if Laajo wins she will take her home and if she lose then Laajo has to go away from Nikhil’s life. Laajo’s confusion increase. Should she risk Milli’s life to get Nikhil ?

The competition starts and Raatri performs to ‘Ye raat’ . Barkha is all excited and cheer her. Trishna name is announced next and she is lost in thought as to what to do…

Laajo comes on stage and perform to ‘Le Ja’ song. She is very tensed and dance mechanically. Her parents are overwhelmed to see their daughter on stage. Bharadwaj family is very happy and cheer for her except Barkha. Towards the end of the performance she falls down and again both the kidnappers and Barkha’s words ring in her mind.

Precap : Laajo looks at the card and rose and wonder where Nikhil is. Nikhil is chased by the goons and as he enters a gate they shoot.

Update Credit to: ak75

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