Gustakh Dil 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 28th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo asking Gunjan to teach her dance. Gunjan agrees. Ishaana is thinking about her last diwali and Nikhil’s words. She is angry on Kunal and scolds him. Kunal says I did not tell your mum by prupose, I was really concerned about you, I was upset to see you with Nikhil. He apologizes to Ishaana. He says you are looking beautiful and wishes her happy diwali. Gunjan likes Lajjo’s rangoli and says I can’t believe this. Lajjo says it means I won the bet. Gunjan says yes, you won, it means I will teach you dance. Gunjan says I will go and bring something and leaves. Lajjo gets emotional.

Barkha and Nani come home and Barkha by mistake spoils Lajjo’s rangoli. Lajjo says my rangoli. Barkha calls Shaila and asks where is Usha, why is Lajjo making rangoli.

Lajjo says my mum says if the family member makes rangoli, its auspicious. She tells them about the importance of rangoli. Barkha thanks her. Nani says chill, let her make the rangoli. Barkha says whats wrong with you mom. Nani says try to understand, its her first diwali with Nikhil and we know how much Nikhil loved diwali, so go ahead, let her make.

Ayesha sees the rangoli and tries to spoil it, but Lajjo stops her. Ayesha leaves. Ayesha asks Barkha why she permitted Lajjo to make the rangoli. Nanoi explains them and says did you see the excitement in her eyes. She plans something bad. She says it will be good if her heart breaks. Barkha says explain me. Nani says Lajjo is in love with Nikhil. Barkha laughs and says what, are you serious. Nani says yes, she saved Nikhil and lied to you by taking the blame on herself, so she definitely has feelings for Nikhil, she is an indian mentality girl who won’t leave her husband at any cost and it might be a problem for us. Barkha says whats the connection with rangoli. Nani says its linked to her feelings, think when she comes to know that Nikhil does not celebrate diwali, she will be heart broken.

When she comes to know why Nikhil does not celebrate, she will be shocked. Ayesha says now I understand. Nani says she will be broken and the colours will fade away from her life. Nikhil thinks about his last diwali with Ishaana. Lajjo comes and greets him happy diwali. She says you did not wish me till now. She asks him why are you not telling me. He wishes her happy diwali and asks her to sit. He asks whats this. She says its a gift from my side. She says I made this earthen pot by my hands and says its importance.

They have a talk. Nikhil praises her and she thanks him. She asks him to pray. He says I don’t have faith in Lord. She says I know, but pray for my sake, maybe something good will happen with me if you do so. He gets up and prays. She says give me a one rupee coin. He says take this, ten rupee coin. She says this won’t do it. He gives her one rupee. She makes him smile. Nikhil smiles. He says happy now.

She asks him to pray closing the eyes. They have a sweet scene together. Lajjo meets Gunjan and says lets go for the puja. Gunjan asks whose. Lajjo says ganesh’s and Laxmi’s. Gunjan says here we don’t do the puja in the house, we are going in the party. Lajjo is surprised and says ok, I will do the puja. Gunjan says you know how to do it, Lajjo says how can I not know. She takes Gunjan with her. Lajjo does the puja by singing a devotional song. Inder joins them. Barkha, Nani and Ayesha are shocked to see all this. Lajjo gives the aarti to everyone.

Ayesha says I don’t believe in all this and leaves. Barkha gets angry and calls out Shaila. She tells Shaili we are going in the party. Ayesha says we are celebrating diwali ate someone else’s house. Rishi comes with the crackers. Gunjan says we are not interested in cards party. Barkha scolds them. Inder says its really ok, let them stay at home. Inder asks them to come soon as he would be waiting in the car. Barkha asks Shaila to take care of the house. Nikhil comes. Nani says I think you should celebrate diwali with your wife as if you do so, you will be always be together with her. Barkha talks to Nikhil and he says he won’t celebrate diwali. Lajjo is puzzled. Nikhil leaves. Lajjo looks on. Everyone leaves for the party.

Ishaana comes to Nikhil’s house and sees him celebrating Diwali with Lajjo by burning crackers.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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