Gustakh Dil 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 28th March 2014 Written Update

The show starts with Lajjo burying all Nikhil gifts. Putti runs to her and asks what is she doing till late night she changes the conversation and asks Putti what is she doing at this time when he parents locked her. Kajri asks her to help her out of her problem as her parents are looking for a groom for her. Lajjo says awkwardly what can she do as Putti parents dragged her in front of the panchyat and if she goes against them Rambachan will suffer the sort. Putti asks Lajjo to help her and Lajjo says gives her some time to think upon.

Ishana is trying her bridal veil and her mom joins her, she says Ishana is looking too good. Ishana says she does not like the veil that much. Her mom tells her to get it change as there’s time. Ishana shows her a sari she bought for her and chose

by Nikhil. Her mom gets emotional.

Ishana asks her mom why is she crying?? She says that after a few days she will get engaged and will be leaving for London. She will stay alone as always. Ishana mom says that time passes very quickly as she still remember her childhood. Ishana tells her mom not to worry, she will always stay with her.

In Sonbarsa Lajjo is a bit worry and is not able to help saraswati properly. The latter asks Lajjo what is disturbing her if ever the Panchyat… Lajjo nods no and saraswati tells her to go inside to rest. Lajjo is sad and thinks about putti and how will she help her out. She thinks about her wedding how she was never accepted by her in laws. How stands for her against his parents. She thinks about all the gifts she buried and thinks these are her sole memories to live life. She thinks when it will be dawn.. She runs to fetch all her gifts and on finding it she’s happy laughing.She has flashback of Nikhil and says all the old memories belong to her only and no one can separate her from them. Nikhil also is sitting sadly and Chaya brings Lajjo anklet’s which he threw and Nikhil asks her to keep it on the table. He also has flashback of Lajjo wearing the anklet. Ishana is shown trying her veil and the screen split in three.

In sonbarsa the postman brings the divorce paper and Rambachan asks Dhani to read it.And very reluctantly she says it is lajjo divorce paper.

Saraswati decides to hide it from Lajjo as she thinks she has suffered too much though Rambachan tries his level best to make her understand.

In the dispensary Bansi tells lajjo to talk with putti parents, but Lajjo says that they will never pay heed to her. They both overhear two women talking about the alliance which Putti parents fixed for her and they get to know that putti parents fixed her alliance with a man who has two children and is the same age of Putti father. Lajjo decides that she will not allow Putti parents to go with this alliance.

PRECAP:Ishana asks Nikhil why is talking to himself and he says that he thinks they are rushing with the engagement Voice over says to watch the Mahaepisode on Monday to know why nikhil wants to stop the engagement.

Update Credit to: Alujna21

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