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Gustakh Dil 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mili getting kidnapped by the goon. Anita looks for Mili and gets tensed on not finding her. She asks many people and shouts Mili. The men tell about kids kidnapping. She thinks maybe Mili went home. Lajjo sees the guests coming for the competition. She waits for her family and is glad seeing them come. She hugs her parents. Her mum says she is looking so beautiful. They are happy and call her Trishna. Her sisters are happy too. Lajjo hugs them and shows her makeup items. Lajjo says I will do the makeup to you by my hands. The man comes and says your eye makeup is spoiled. Her dad says we will wait outside.

Her mum asks her to dance well. Her dad says come encouraging words and says I told everyone that you are my son and will make me proud. Lajjo cries. He asks her not

to worry even if she fails, but keep trying and be strong. She hugs them. They leave. Lajjo gets a card from Nikhil with a rose and smiles. Nikhil writes he can’t wait more, it’s a matter of few hours and then they will be together in same house. She says even I can’t wait, I will win for you, as your love and my parents’ blessings are with me. Anita comes to Singh and asks did Mili come home. He says no, but what happened.

Anita says Mili is lost. He says what and asks her to calm down. Anita says we should inform Sagar. Singh says he is at venue, its final, we can’t disturb him. She says but we have to inform him. he says its not connecting. She asks him to go and meet Sagar. He says fine, I will go. Nani asks Barkha to get ready fast. Barkha says Lajjo will lose. Nani says lets take this challenge, you will gift me diamond set if she wins. Nani defends Lajjo and asks Barkha not to fall so low. Barkha says I know Ratri is talented, Lajjo is a simple girl and can’t defeat Ratri.

Nikhil is angry and thinks how to get out of this trap. Gunjan comes to him and asks him to get well dressed, is he coming or not. She says we are very excited and don’t want to miss. He asks het to go and he will get ready. He says Lajjo, I m coming. Khanna calls Nikhil and asks him to come for the work, if anything good happens and the boss gets happy, then this will be the last deal. Nikhil says coming Sir, this is the last deal, then I will be out of this.

Everyone come for the event and take their seats. Lajjo’s parents see Barkha and think of old remarks on Lajjo. Inder and everyone greet them well. Lajjo is missing Nikhil and reading his words in the card, not to take tension and everyone wish to see her winning. She says I know you are hiding here, so you are sending me this messages and flowers. Sagar sees Singh’s message that Mili is lost. Kabir smiles. Sagar calls Singh to know. The show starts and the announcement is made to welcome the judge of the Jalwa competition, Shruti Ulfat. The goon calls Lajjo and asks her to withdraw from the competition, if she wants to see Mili fine. She is shocked knowing Mili is kidnapped. Lajjo thinks what to do, I have to tell this to Sagar, does he know about Mili’s kidnap. She looks for Sagar.

Barkha accepts Lajjo’s challenge and asks her to come home only if she wins.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I felt sad really the change of the story line with Nikhil and the diamond smuggling that would be another blow for Laajo plus the fact about the goons kidnapping Milli and the goons threatening Laajo not to participate in the dance . I wonder is Kabir behind it and who is behind the the smuggling can’t wait to see the end of the series.

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