Gustakh Dil 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 28th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Barkha and Ayesha coming to meet Nikhil. Ayesha asks him to wake up. Barkha says its so late. Ayesha asks him about sit down dinner or finger food. She says its yours and Ishaana’s farewell party. Nikhil says ask Ishaana and finalize everything. He says Ayesha, you go by public transport right, good news that its auto strike today. Barkha says alteast tell me the party theme, discuss about the party. Barkha gets a call and leaves asking Nikhil to come in the hall. Nikhil says keep it a simple party. Ayesha says you are going to London for one year, it should be special.

Nikhil reads the news about epidemic in Sonbarsa. He is shocked. He thinks he has seen that hospital and Lajjo works there. He thinks about Lajjo. Ayesha says what happened. Nikhil reacts

to the news that people are dying there. Ayesha says that village, it had to happen, people are not health conscious there. He says how can you casually react, its Lajjo and our village, how can you forget that Baba and Bua live there, Lajjo works there, if anything happens to her, did Samrat come back. He says I have to go to Sonbarsa. Ayesha says are you mad and goes o inform this to Barkha.

Nikhil calls Anu Bua. He talks about the epidemic. Anu thinks its good he got to know the news. Nikhil asks how are you and Baba. Anu says the village is caught by the epidemic. He says no one fears about death now. She says you don’t worry about us, Baba and I are fine. Nikhil says I read about dispensary and the less medicines, how is Lajjo, is she fine. Anu says what will you do knowing this, she did not die, she is alive. Nikhil asks how is she. Anu says Lajjo is much ill. Nikhil is shocked. Anu says Lajjo is serious. Anu cries.

Ayesha tells Barkha that Nikhil is going to Sonbarsa. Barkha says what. Nani says maybe you heard it wrong, he is going to London. Ayesha tells them about the news of epidemic in Sonbarsa. Ishaana comes. Ayesha says Nikhil is talking to Anu. Nani says he will not go to Sonbarsa. Nikhil says Nani, I m surely going, today and now. Barkha says not again. Nikhil says there are not even medical supply. Barkha says are you a doctor, you are going to London. Nikhil says Lajjo works in that hospital and she is ill, I m afraid how will she get well.

Ayesha says think about your career, try to understand. She asks Ishaana to explain Nikhil. Nikhil asks Ishaana should I be Lajjo or not. Ishaana says I think you should go. Nikhil says mum, I know I signed the divorce papers, but I m responsible for her. Nani says lets give her some money. Nikhil says money is not everything. Nikhil argues with everyone and says I should be with Lajjo at this time. Lajjo is ill and talks to Doctor Kaka. She says what will I do by living, there is no meaning in my life now.

Anu comes to talk to Lajjo. Doctor Kaka asks her to leave. Anu says I don’t care if I get ill, no one cares about me, there is no one in my life. But I need to talk to Lajjo. Anu tells Lajjo what will happen if she dies, you are valuable to us. Lajjo says don’t think I m wrong, I don’t have Nikhil in my life whom I love by my heart. He does not accept me as his wife. I did not get love from him. Lajjo says Barkha told me that I m not a match for their society.

Lajjo cries. Anu says you have to get well soon, you have to be fine for all of us, to prove that they are wrong. Lajjo hugs Anu and feels unwell. Anu calls Doctor Kaka. Barkha talks to Ishaana asking don’t you feel insulted seeing Nikhil meet Lajjo. Its not safe for him to go there, its epidemic there. Lajjo is a disease for him. Nikhil talks to Gunjan. Gunjan says Lajjo will be fine, her positivity will make her fine and fight with the disease. Ishaana comes to Nikhil and asks is it necessary to go. Nikhil says if I don’t go, I won’t be able to forgive myself ever. Ishaana thinks about Lajjo and Barkha’s words.

Lajjo is serious and Nikhil is coming to her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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