Gustakh Dil 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 26th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with all the villagers asking the sarpanch to stop girl’s education. A man comes and supports Lajjo. He says when there was epidemic in the village, Lajjo did not think of herself and served everyone. He says she has helped them fight with the disease, she did not leave her husband else Nikhil would have not come here for helping her. He says we are going in old times, Lajjo is our daughter, she is our pride. Baba says about Lajjo’s marriage, I m responsible. I have forced a relation on her without thinking. He says Lajjo’s marriage broke and I should get punished for it.

She was always first in studies and she got scholarships. Such a good girl she is and everyone are talking against her, everyone should be ashamed as she have saved their families. I want everyone

gets a daughter like Lajjo. Anu looks at Lajjo. Lajjo cries. Baba says I want Lajjo to study. Everyone talk. The panchayat decides after hearing everyone that Lajjo will study further. Everyone are happy and clap for Lajjo. They smile seeing Lajjo. He says Lajjo has full right to study. Lajjo is happy and hugs her dad.

Adhiraj is at the tea stall. Ayesha comes and greets him. He says can’t you live without me. She says don’t overestimate yourself. They have a cute argument. Adhiraj have tea and says if you are getting late, you can go. He asks him do you have any articles. He asks why. She says maybe my uncle Samrat can help you and make your life good, he will recommend you. He says thanks but I will do everything on my own. She says if he likes it then…. He says I don’t use contacts, I does not want anyone’s support. She says you also have good contacts really? He says I don’t want to share anything personal with you.

She says I m helping you and you are showing me attitude, look at your big ego. She says you go to hell and leaves. Anu tells Lajjo that it’s the first time a woman won in the panchayat. Lajjo’s mum talks to her. Baba comes and everyone greets him. Baba says my trust on you won and I m happy that your parents always supported you. He says if you have a dad like him, any girl of this village would study. Baba brings books for Lajjo. Lajjo and everyone are happy. Lajjo’s dad says thanks for help. Baba says this is not help, but apology.

They have a talk. Lajjo’s parents leave. Baba asks Lajjo to go after having food and asks Anu to make Lajjo’s fav food. Samrat and Gunjan call Anu and talk to her. Nikhil sees Gunjan talking. Lajjo talks to Gunjan. Lajjo asks her to ask Nikhil will he talk to her. Gunjan tells Nikhil that Lajjo wants to talk to you. Gustakh Dil…………….plays……………..Nikhil thinks about her and that she loves him. Nikhil talks to her and asks how are you. She says I m fine and happy.

She asks how are you. He says answer me first, how is your health and are you taking your medicines on time. She says you know Doctor Kaka said now I don’t need any medicines. She says I m happy to know you and Ishaana are getting engaged. She says congrats, I m very happy for both of you. She says tell congrats to Ishaana from my side. She says be happy always, I have started studying, I go to college daily and I will work hard.

Lajjo cries and asks are you listening. He says I m in hurry and will talk to you later, all the best. He ends the call and throws the phone saying what does she think she is. Anu tells Lajjo that I m happy that you did not lose in life. You have faced all the problems well and moved on in life. Lajjo cries and hugs Anu. Lajjo says I m broken from within, I feel hurt, I knew he did not love me ever and loves Ishaana. Nikhil gets angry and talks to Gunjan and Samrat.

He says if Lajjo is going to college, its good for her, why is she telling me that she is happy. Samrat asks whats your problem, till when will she wait for you, why are you not happy, you are doing this engagement with your happiness. He says did I ask her to wait, I want her to be happy, but I m hurt as she was in hurry to move on away from me, we all were worried about divorce papers, she would have signed in minutes, and I m hurt here. Gunjan says Lajjo did not say this, whats going on in your mind, why are you angry.

She says what are you expecting from her, that she cry missing you when you go to London with Ishaana and enjoy. Does she not have a right to take her life’s decision, she is going to college, its good, whats wrong if she wants to marry someone. Nikhil is shocked.

Nikhil is angry and hits the punching bag. He sees Lajjo infront of her. She asks why are you putting out the anger for me on this bag.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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