Gustakh Dil 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 26th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo’s mum thinking about Lajjo and her childhood. She thinks about Lajjo’s words. Hori chiraiiya angna me phir aaja re……… plays…………. Her sisters also wait for Lajjo. They come to know that Lajjo is in hospital. They have an argument about Lajjo. They cry and say nothing will happen to Lajjo, she is now ill but will get well tomorrow and come home. They sleep. Doctor Kaka is spreading knowledge about the disease and how to be precautious. Lajjo’s dad comes to see her and asks the nurse how is Lajjo.

Lajjo looks at him through the window and smiles. Lajjo is asked to take rest. The nurse asks Lajjo to have food as she has to take medicines. A young boy talks to Lajjo and smiles. He gets unwell and Lajjo takes care of him. Doctor kaka asks

Lajjo to take rest. Lajjo asks how is my mum. He says I have sent her home. She says is my dad still sitting outside, tell me to go home and I m fine. He says fine, I will tell him, now you rest. Lajjo looks at her dad and is sad.

Nikhil comes to Nani and Barkha and asks Chaya for food. They switch on the tv and see the news. The news covers about Sonbarsa’s epidemic disease. Ishaana calls Nikhil and they have a talk. Nikhil misses the news. Nikhil says I will come to you. He tells everyone that Ishaana is unwell and I m going to her. Nani and Barkha are happy. Nikhil comes to Ishaana. She says I m not having fever. She says I have wrist pain as you pulled me so hard. He says I saved you from the bike.

He cares for her hand. Gustakh dil…………..plays………… Ishaana looks at him and smiles. They have a good scene together. Ishaana thinks about her old moments about her and Nikhil. She says you went so far from me which was unexpected, but its true that no relation can be bound forcefully. He says we won’t need that way, you know it. I promise I will always be with you. Lajjo’s sister talks to her mum. Her mum says I will go to Baba and talk to him, the time is passing by, you make tea, I will come.

Lajjo’s mum comes to Anu and Baba and confronts them for not informing them about Lajjo. She says Lajjo is ill, you knew it that Nikhil’s family will not accept Lajjo, that Nikhil did not want to marry Lajjo, then why did you ruin my daughter’s life. Nikhil will marry again as he is a man, but what about Lajjo. She says Lajjo is in hospital. Baba hears this and is shocked. Her mum says Lajjo treated the patients and caught the infection. Baba talks to her about Lajjo and says I will inform Nikhil as he is her husband.

Nikhil reads about the epidemic disease in Sonbarsa and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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