Gustakh Dil 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 25th October 2013 Written Update
The show starts with Lajjo very upset and in tears, going to her room. She’s holding her parcel tightly and enters her room. She lies crying on the bed thinking why her mom sent all these. She recollects how NN and others were taunting her upon the gifts and some few good times of her’s and Saraswati before her marriage.
Nikhil knocks at the door calling for Lajjo but she does not open. Gunja arrives and tells Nikhil Lajjo must be sleeping, Nikhil says no she’s hurt. Gunja says Chaya told her what happened to Lajjo when she was back from tuition. Nikhil says how come Barkha behaved like that with her. He begins to leave and Gunjan asks if ever he’s going to talk with Barkha, and it will make no difference. Nikhil tells Gunja to try to talk with Lajjo and to cheer

her up.

Nikhil enters his room also upset and notices a packet for him on the table. He opens it and reads the cards lying in and removes all the crackers and says he has completely forgot that tomorrow is divali. He has flashback of his previous divali festival and the all the hustles -bustles going at his place among all his cousins, how he asked his headphone from Gunja who was not agreeing to miss the fun a sinle minute to go and give him his headphone.
Nikhil goes to Ishana who was lighting the lamp in her room. He enters steadily and put the headphone on Ishana head slowly. The latter turned to see Nikhil and Ishana began to talk loudly saying she did not understand the festival of divali why all these noise..Nikhil said, well after-all this is the meaning of divali “noise- festivity everywhere”
A romance begins between Nikhil and Ishana, Nikhil said for him Divali means Ishana, her beautiful face and smile and lights means her sparkling eyes, and he can see that their future is bright and he needs no colour as she’s standing with him. They wished each other happy divali and Nikhil said he liked crackers. Nikhil returns to the reality and is sad.
The next morning Lajjo comes in her room and thinks why can she stay sad as this is a great day to celebrate. She changes her mood gives a big smile and goes to fill her part.
Gunja is very reluctant she enters Lajjo room wishing her for Divali and Lajjo also hugs her wishing her the same.
Gunja tells her that last night she and Nikhil came to see and cheer her but may be she was already asleep.
Lajjo says why did they tell everything to Nikhyil and tells Gunja that she and Nikhil must not worry for her as she’s very happy.
Gunja takes Lajjo to see the Rangoli and Lajjo asks who’s making it? Gunja says…Usha.
Chayya informs Gunja is not coming and Gunja is shocked to hear that Usha is not coming as she’s unwell. Gunja asks rishi to suggests some ideas but Rishi only shrug off, Gunja says better not to talk with Rishi. She asks Chaya to call someone, Chaya says she’ll try but is not sure.. Lajjo holds Chaya hand and stops her. Lajjo says she’ll make the rangoli. Gunja asks if she’s sure to manage. She says yes her mom used to beat her with the rolling pin asking her to learn the techniques of making rangoli and she’ll try it… Gunja tells her if she makes any mistake? Lajjo says she can asks her whatever she wants but something she can give to her. Gunja asks her what does she likes the most? She thinks of Nikhil but says her hair which her mom and friends praised a lots. Gunja says if ever she makes any mistake she’s going to cut her hair like Barkha’s cut.Lajjo thinks of it and screams NO!!!

Barkha, ayesha and NN coming back home and Barkha steps on the rangoli made by Lajjo, She screams Rangoli…

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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