Gustakh Dil 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 25th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the villagers asking Lajjo’s dad to come for the panchayat meeting. He is shocked. The men say bring your daughter Lajjo also. He says why will I bring her, what did we do. They say it will be a meeting on Lajjo, as you have gone against the village. They leave. He is tensed. He lies to his wife and says its about something else. She says they called you because of Lajjo’s education, go and apologize to them. Lajjo says we will go there and see what they will tell me. She says I will not bear any unjustice now, no one can stop me from studying now.

Lajjo hugs her burnt books. Her mum comes to her and says you are so adamant, your books burnt and you are still studying. She says they tried to burn my dreams. She asks are you not fearing anything. Lajjo says

no. Lajjo tells her what woman can do. Nikhil misses Lajjo and sees phone. Gustakh Dil………….. plays………….. he thinks about Lajjo that he is trying to stop her at the bus stop and she leaves. He shouts Lajjo and wakes up. He sees the red rose in the vase and throws it in the dustbin. Lajjo and her mum continue having a talk.

Her mum says your name should have been Saraswati, how did you get so much brain and knowledge. Barkha tells Nani she is very upset as her beautician went on holiday and she has to rely on a new girl for the engagement. Nani asks is there anything else. Barkha says I want Lajjo’s sign on the divorce papers else I will be restless.

The panchayat meeting begins. Lajjo and her dad comes there to talk. Her dad says Lajjo wants to study further but the villagers does not want her to study and are troubling us, someone burnt her books yesterday. The men say he is lying. The men tell that because of Lajjo, Putti also went to the city. He says Lajjo left her husband and came back from her in laws house, but what about Putti, should she not marry and ruin her life. Putti’s mum talks against Lajjo and taunts her.

She says what about our daughters. Lajjo looks on. Rishi misses Lajjo and takes her mum talking how tasty food she used to make. Nikhil hears that and gets angry on him. He says I don’t want to hear her name in this house again. Gunjan says what happened to him. Rishi says is he hating Lajjo, why. Chaya says Nikhil has put the rose in the dustbin.

Lajjo starts talking and says everyone knows how I got married under what circumstances. She says Nikhil married me to save me from taunts, but when he took me to his home, I felt there is no place for me there. She says I don’t deserve him, so my marriage broke. She says I want to study to get respect, when its dark in our village, we glow diyas right, to get light. She says when a girl studies, the whole family studies. She says I will accept the panchayat decision.

Lajjo talks to Nikhil and says its good you are marrying Ishaana and I also got busy in my studies. Nikhil gets angry and throws the phone.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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