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Gustakh Dil 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil being shocked seeing plice is at home and everyone looking at home. The inspector asks him to show his briefcase as they suspect him to be diamond smuggler. Nikhil says no, I m just a salesman. They check his bag and everyone looks on. They get the diamonds and Nikhil is caught. Samrat and Barkha scold him for doing this. The inspector says you are under arrest. They arrest Nikhil and he asks them to help him, but Samrat refuses as he has made the mistake. Its Nikhil’s bad dream and he gets up shouting. He gets worried and drinks water. He thinks what to do, he is trapped in this, how to come out of this.

He thinks he did not do this intentionally, so now he will quit this job. Nethra comes to meet Lajjo. Nethra apologizes to her and says it was my big mistake

to pull you back. Lajjo says I know everything what you did with me. Lajjo forgives her. Nethra says you are very nice. All the best. Lajjo says all the best to you too, I m glad. Lajjo wears the headset and listens music. Nani and everyone are playing at home. Lajjo comes there with some hot snacks and Nikhil is happy seeing her.

Barkha too treats her well as she is a star now. Lajjo is happy and Nikhil teases her to come and sit by her side. It’s a very good scene. Lajjo wakes up from her imagination as Mili moves her. Mili asks what was she smiling closing her eyes. Lajjo says as I m very happy, as the day has come, for which I was waiting. Sagar asks Mili not to disturb Lajjo and takes her. Lajjo says the day has come when I will be in dance finale and I will be with Nikhil, I can’t wait anymore. She says but will Barkha accept me as bahu.

Someone keeps an eye ok Lajjo and hides. Lajjo asks Mili to play but not much. Nikhil thinks of Khanna’s words and thinks what to do now. A man is keeping an eye on him. Khanna comes to meet Ranawat. Khanna says there is a problem, Nikhil is going against us, he knows everything now. Ranawat gets angry. Khanna tells about Katiyal that he threatened he will kill Nikhil if we do business in his area. Ranawat laughs and asks why is he worried, Katiyal won’t dare to touch any of us. He says if he wants to kill Nikhil, let him, we will get someone else. Khanna is shocked.

Ranawat says till Nikhil did not know, he worked well, but he won’t do well now. His hands will shake. Mili asks Ahuja to take her to see Lajjo. Ahuja asks her to play till Lajjo gets ready, its more time, go and play. A man says that girl is infront of me, don’t worry, your work will be done. Ahuja gets busy in other work, and the man kidnaps Mili by fooling her. Lajjo is getting ready by the makeup artist. She says Nikhil will come and see me perform for the first time. She is very excited and he is unable to do the makeup. Mili is in big problem.

Barkha warns Lajjo for withdrawing from competition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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