Gustakh Dil 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 25th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo’s parents talking. Her mum cries and says Lajjo is ill. He says what, is she ill, what happened to her. She says Lajjo got fever and I m afraid that she got the same disease. She says now I will not listen to anyone, I will go and bring her, you take her to Nikhil and ask him to save her. He asks her to be calm and says go and bring Lajjo, talk to doctor kaka, we are her parents, we will take care of her, who is there in Delhi to take care of her, no one is there. He says Nikhil does not love Lajjo. Nikhil is with Ishaana and gets Cobra’s call.

Nikhil sees Ishaana bumping into a bike and thinks of his dream. He gets worried and shouts Ishaana. He saves Ishaana. He scolds her for not seeing the bike. She says it was only a bike, are you ok. Nikhil

says I m afraid of that dream. She says that was only a dream. He says I have an intuition that something bad is going to happen, I told you don’t go without me, I can’t let anything happen to you, I can’t live without you. Lajjo’s mum comes to take Lajjo from the hospital. Doctor Kaka stops her from going inside. He says Lajjo can’t come outside as she is ill. She is shocked.

She says I have to send her to Delhi to her in laws house. He says she has caught the infection. Lajjo gets up. Lajjo’s sisters talk whether Lajjo will come home or not with their mum. Their dad scolds her and says she will come, where will they go. Doctor Kaka says if Lajjo gets serious, she can’t survive, trust me now. Lajjo’s mum says a mum can’t catch the daughter’s disease. He says don’t take the risk, you have two more girls at home. Lajjo’s mum asks Lajjo to open the door. Lajjo reaches the door. Lajjo’s mum says I know you jumped into this fire intentionally, so that you also get the disease.

Lajjo cries. Her mum says I will call Nikhil and tell him everything. He is a rich man, he will show you to good doctor and save your life. Lajjo asks her to leave giving her oath. Ayesha breaks a doll and talks to Gunjan. Gunjan says this doll was given to me by Lajjo. Ayesha says I know you miss Lajjo a lot. Ayesha says I will bring a new one. Gunjan says will you be able to bring the memories. Ayesha says she was a nice girl but she has gone, just forget it. Gunjan says you won’t understand. Barkha comes and asks where is Inder.

She says I have to send the divorce papers to Lajjo. Ayesha asks did Nikhil sign. Barkha says yes. Gunjan says maybe Inder is with Samrat. Barkha says let me check and leaves. Doctor kaka pacifies Lajjo’s mum and says she is my responsibility now. Doctor Kaka talks to Lajjo and says you have only fever, you will be fine in two days and will run to treat the patients with me. Lajjo asks who is she. Doctor kaka says new nurse, the govt has send medicines and staff from city. The news channels are also covering this. He says people are sending help.

Nikhil and everyone see the news about epidemic disease.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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