Gustakh Dil 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 24th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Barkha being surprised as Nikhil’s guests have liked Lajjo and even praised her. Lajjo offers them buttermilk. They like it too. They ask Lajjo about her village. Lajjo tells them about Somwarsa. She says we also have a mandir in our village. Barkha looks on. They talk to Lajjo and are happy listening to her talk. Nikhil asks Lajjo to control. Lajjo sees Barkha and Nani and says that’s all, nothing more. Nikhil’s Sir says we have less time now, but next time we will visit your village. They praise Lajjo saying she is positive and full of life. Barkha’s and Nani’s plan has spoiled. The guests thanks them for a lovely evening and wonderful food. They say Nikhil is lucky to have a beautiful wife like Lajjo. Barkha is shocked. Nikhil smiles.

They gift

Lajjo something. Lajjo says I can’t keep this. They say keep it thinking its our blessings. Nikhil asks Lajjo to accept it. Lajjo takes it and greets them touching their feet. Ayesha is talking to Sid and says we will celebrate every diwali together. Sid says yes. She says everyone might be waiting for me, I have to leave. Sid says bye. Ayesha leaves. Sid gets his friend’s call and says she said no. He tells them about his plan. He says it looks like I have to bear her for some more time. His intentions are bad for Ayesha abut Ayesha does not know Sid’s reality. Lajjo is happy in her room talking to herself in the mirror.

Nikhil sees her standing at the door. She says what are you seeing. Nikhil thanks her and says my Sir and his wife are very much impressed by you. She says that time you did not trust me. She says you brought the food order of French cuisine. Nikhil is happy and says you are great, you are not afraid of any one of us, not even my mum. She says yes, I made the food with so much love and hard work. She says if I made the French food, it would have been made bad. Nikhil smiles. She says it would have been our insult, right, so I thought to make the food in which I m perfect. So I made the food and the rest you know. She says I requested the Lord and see I passed. Nikhil says nothing can happen with you, one sec, he gives her a gift. Lajjo is happy. He says you deserve a gift for making such great food. Lajjo smiles.

She asks whats in this. He says its Apple pie, try it and see. She tastes it and says its nice, but not like my mum’s laddus. He says ok then try this. Lajjo says I like icecreams. Nikhil sees how she is licking the icecream cover and smiles. Lajjo sees Nikhil and smiles. The door bell rings and Lajjo runs to see whats is it. The plumber comes. Lajjo thinks when will her parents gifts come.

Nikhil asks Lajjo are you waiting for something. She says no one. She does not tell him abour her parents gifts. Barkha tells Nani I can’t believe this what Lajjo did. They were our guests but she served her Indian food. Nani says don’t get hyper. Barkha says I don’t know how they liked the food. Barkha is angry and says you were thinking Nikhil will be embarrassed, but he is proud of her and is happy with her. Nani says I like it. Barkha says stop it. Nani says tell me how many people will like her, very few, next time we will win. A parcel comes and Barkha receives it. She says its from Lajjo’s parents. Nani says nice, Gol bless them. Barkha says you are having fun right.

She asks Shaila to call Nikhil to come and see what his in laws have gifted them. Lajjo’s sister ask her mum that they have not gifted her many things. Her mum says we have to send the gifts to Lajjo’s house. She says it was important, they will have to do such things. She says if they eat our sweets, Lajjo will be proud of us. She says we will buy next time for you also. Lajjo’s sister says I can do anything for Lajjo. She says Lajjo might be happy there. Barkha reads the letter from Lajjo’s parents. Lajjo comes there and hears everything.

Barkha says it has sweets, clothes, pickles. Nani says gifts has feelings. Barkha says come on, don’t start again, why did they do this, whats the need to gift us. Who will wear such clothes in our house. Nani sees the sarees and does yak. Lajjo feels bad. Inder comes and asks whats all this. He says who has sent this. Barkha says it came fro Lajjo’s house as a diwali gift. She calls Lajjo to come and see what her parents has sent for her. Lajjo cries.

Inder says whats the need to be upset if they have sent anything, did they ask us anything. Nani taunts Lajjo saying why will they ask us if they got the locker’s key, she means Nikhil. Barkha asks Shaila to see all these things. Shaila says I don’t wear such clothes, I will give it to someone. Barkha gives the clothes to her servants. Lajjo is hurt. Barkha sees Lajjo and asks the maid to throw the sweets. Nani smiles. Lajjo comes downstairs and gets her parcel.

Nikhil asks Lajjo to open the door. Gunjan says maybe Lajjo slept. Nikhil says I can’t believe how can mum do this with her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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